Time  Nick    Message
03:23 osmoze  hello
04:30 hdl     tumer around ?
05:15 osmoze  who have configured a printer under koha ?
05:15 hdl     HLT ;)
05:27 tumer   hdl:looking for me?
06:32 chris   hmm missed osmoze ... hlt, kapiti and rangitikei all have printers set up in koha, hlt is all unix, rangitikei is windows machines using samba and cups, and kapiti is a mix of windows and linux
06:39 chris   http://blog.katipo.co.nz/?p=17
08:15 hdl     kados around ?
08:17 kados   hdl: briefly ... about to head to the gym
08:17 hdl     yes : Got a problem with rel3 Context.pm Zconn.
08:17 kados   k ... what's the prob?
08:18 hdl     Because it doesnot use parameter to get the right connection.
08:18 hdl     whatever parameter you ask for afeter 1st connection.
08:18 kados   here's what I have:
08:18 hdl     It sends you back current connection
08:18 kados   sub Zconn {
08:18 kados       my $self=shift;
08:18 kados       my $server=shift;
08:18 kados       my $async=shift;
08:18 kados       my $auth=shift;
08:18 kados       my $piggyback=shift;    my $syntax=shift;
08:19 kados   second one is the 'server'
08:19 hdl     Yes it is a parameter.
08:19 kados   so "biblioserver" for biblios and "authorityserver" for authorities
08:20 hdl     But when you search for existing Zconn and find one, you return the 1st connexion whatever it is...
08:20 hdl     :D
08:20 kados   ahh
08:20 kados   right ... because the $context-> global object
08:20 hdl     So you cannot connect to authorities then to biblios....
08:20 kados   hmmm
08:20 hdl     I suggest
08:20 hdl     Zconn could be a ref to a hash.
08:21 hdl     and when asking $server
08:21 hdl     returns the connection of the right server.
08:22 hdl     Zconn could INTERNALLY be a ref to a hash.
08:22 kados   but that would mean it would connect to every server every time
08:22 kados   what if I have 10 servers defined?
08:22 kados   (the Zconn is also used for federated searches remember)
08:22 hdl     No : it would store connexions into a 10 entries hash.
08:24 hdl     In Context vars, Zconn would be a ref
08:25 hdl     Zconn->{biblioserver} would contain connection to "biblios (whatever its name)" database
08:25 hdl     ....
08:25 hdl     Is it clear ?
08:26 kados   sec ... phone call
08:26 hdl     Sorry.
08:29 hdl     kados : It perfectly works.
08:29 hdl     I commit my solution.
08:29 hdl     You will be able to see.
08:30 kados   ok ... thx
08:30 hdl     The problem would be for multpile connexions to the same zebra server.
08:30 hdl     can this happen ?
10:23 kados   hey cm, how goes it?
10:24 kados   cm: just so you know, NPL has seen a drastic increase in speed at the circ desk ... transactions running under a second
10:24 cm      hey there.  it goes.  :)  I have our opac up at http://catalog.ccfls.org.  It should look familiar.  ;)
10:24 cm      very cool about the transaction speed.
10:24 kados   nice
10:25 kados   cm: looks like your MARC records are in pretty bad shape
10:25 kados   cm: is that what they looked like out of your current system?
10:26 cm      mmm, yes.  what is so bad about them?
10:26 kados   you're missing leaders and fixed fields for one
10:26 cm      ah, wonderful.
10:26 kados   those are _very_ important in Koha
10:26 kados   all of the subtype limits rely on proper values ...
10:27 kados   as do some of the sort by options
10:28 kados   cm: do you have a data dump from your old system handy?
10:28 kados   (before Kyle runs it through his merge routine?)
10:28 cm      sure, I can dig one up.  I can post it on our web server so you can download it easily.
10:29 kados   cool, let me know where
10:29 cm      ok, give me a few.
10:29 cm      minutes, that is.  :)
10:29 kados   :-)
10:35 cm      okay, here:  http://www.ccfls.org/marc/
10:36 cm      there are two.  mplcurrent.mrc is before I run it through marc2xml & xml2marc.  mplcurrentout.mrc is after.
10:37 kados   cm: just so we're clear ... mplcurrent.mrc is what you get directly from your old ILS ... before Kyle imports into Koha 2.2 and merges the records?
10:39 kados   cm: those records have leaders, and 008 fields ...
10:39 kados   cm: so maybe your framework is the problem
10:40 kados   cm: do you have framework entries for 000 (leader) and 008?
10:41 kados   cm: also ... from your old system, were your itemtypes at the record level or item level?
10:41 kados   I see a 961 field
10:42 kados   961    _tJBOC
10:42 cm      it's what I get after tweaking them with marcedit, but I don't touch 000 or 008.  I'll check my framework.  i'll check record.abs too.
10:42 cm      961t is our item type.
10:42 kados   it wouldn't be in record.abs
10:42 kados   that's just for the index
10:43 kados   ahh ... you tweak them in marcedit?
10:43 kados   (btw: unless I'm mistaken, marcedit can natively export to UTF-8)
10:43 kados   what do they look like befre marcedit gets ahold of them?
10:44 cm      yes, but i had problems with marcedit's utf8 exporter.  iirc, it was crashy.
10:44 kados   ahh ... actually, that makes me feel better :-)
10:44 cm      I'll see if I can find a pre-marcedit copy and upload it.
10:44 kados   our marc8 export routines crash sometimes too :-)
10:44 cm      :)
10:45 cm      000 & 008 seem to be missing from my framework.  that would explain it!
10:45 kados   yep :-)
10:45 kados   you'll want to add those
10:45 kados   in fact ... i suspect your framework is missing quite a lot
10:45 kados   what I'd do is grab the latest marc21 framework from rel_2_2
10:45 kados   it's a sql file
10:46 kados   and just edit that sql file with the changes
10:46 kados   that way you have a back up of your framework that you can rely on
10:46 kados   (and besides, I have heard reports that the framework editor is buggy ... we don't use it at LibLime)
10:46 cm      ok.
10:47 kados   by the way ... kudos on getting the system up and running ... no easy feat!
10:47 cm      yeah, no kidding!
10:47 kados   :-)
10:49 kados   ok ... I'll be back soon
10:59 alaurin kados : i've got a problem with zebra indexation ....,
10:59 alaurin i've got this message