Time  Nick  Message
10:31 kados hehe
10:31 owen  I slept in too! For me, 6:30AM counts as sleeping in ;)
10:30 owen  Hi kados
10:30 kados mornin owen
18:15 hdl   kados around ?
13:49 kados to match the opac one
13:49 kados maybe advsearch.tmpl would be better
13:48 kados so I'll copy over the script from the opac and get it ready
13:47 owen  Agreed
13:47 kados I guess catalogue is where the templates should go
13:46 kados koha/koha-tmpl/.../adv-search.tmpl and results.tmpl
13:46 kados koha/search.pl
13:46 kados i suggest we use the namespaces:
13:46 kados so shall we implement the new search in the Intranet?
13:45 kados anyway ...
13:45 kados and if someone needs something changed I just edit the sql file directly
13:45 owen  Sounds sensible.
13:44 owen  I guess that's true... I always thought there was a problem with the NPL templates (at least the problem I saw)
13:43 kados kinda like borrower categories :-)
13:43 kados so noone's even bothered to bug report it :-)
13:43 kados it's like completely broken :-)
13:43 kados that's just it
13:43 kados yep
13:43 owen  The frameworks editor always broke sp spectacularly for me it scares me.
13:42 kados thomas and I have brought it up a few times
13:42 owen  Just curious... I just didn't remember hearing about it.
13:40 kados probably not
13:40 owen  kados: Is there a bug for it?
13:11 kados hdl: looks like someone finally noticed the new bug I mentioned in creation of frameworks