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11:00 toins  kados, i'm not surprise by this result because in _new_Zconn there is : my $host = $context->{'listen'}->{$server}->{'content'};
11:00 toins  and $server is equal to 'biblios'
11:00 toins  and in koha.xml there isn't <server id="biblios"> ...
11:01 kados  your koha.xml is different than mine then ;-)
11:01 toins  when i change 'biblios' to 'biblioserver'
11:01 toins  $host = tcp:@:9900
11:01 toins  and it impossible to connect to 'tcp:@:9900'
11:01 kados  why?
11:02 kados  your koha.xml should have these sections:
11:02 kados  <listen id="biblioserver" >tcp:@:9900</listen>
11:02 toins  because when $Zconn->connect($host, 0);
11:02 kados  <!-- BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORDS -->
11:02 kados  <server id="biblioserver"  listenref="biblioserver">
11:02 kados      <directory>/koha/zebradb/biblios</directory>
11:02 kados      <config>/koha/etc/zebra-biblios.cfg</config>
11:02 kados      <cql2rpn>/koha/etc/pqf.properties</cql2rpn>
11:02 kados  </server>
11:02 kados  <serverinfo id="biblioserver">
11:02 kados          <ccl2rpn>/koha/etc/ccl.properties</ccl2rpn>
11:02 kados          <user>kohaadmin</user>
11:02 kados          <password>K0h4R0ck$</password>
11:03 kados  </serverinfo>
11:03 toins  $host must be like this => localhost:9900/biblios (for example)
11:03 toins  i have this yes...
11:03 kados  the host is not the problem
11:04 kados  are you sure ccl2rpn exists?
11:04 kados  the file is in the right place?
11:05 kados  and check permissions on the file
11:05 toins  ok
11:05 kados  make sure the user running zebra can read it
11:10 toins  all seem good :-/
11:47 tumer  kados: with IE at zoomopac.liblime.com opac-detail.pl or opac-MARCdetail.pl you have "home" and "your library" buttons apperaing on top of title and blocking it
11:47 tumer  while in search they are correctly on the left
11:47 kados  tumer: interesting
11:47 kados  tumer: could you file a bug for that?
11:48 kados  tumer: I'm sure Owen will take care of it asap
11:48 tumer  i thought you could do it now thats why
11:48 tumer  k
11:48 kados  :-)
11:49 owen   That makes me mad... I know I had that fixed once. I wonder what changed...
11:49 tumer  owen do you still need a bug report?
11:49 owen   No, I'll take care of it
11:49 tumer  it was not there a couple of days ago
11:50 tumer  kados:did you read me about GSM?
11:50 kados  tumer: no
11:50 kados  GSM?
11:51 tumer  i have signed contract with main GSM operator KOHA will be on wap + SMS reserves,renews etc . very soon
11:51 kados  hehe
11:51 kados  that's very coo!
11:51 kados  cool even
11:51 tumer  Mobile phone text messaging
11:52 kados  wow, very slick
11:52 toins  wow !
11:52 tumer  you can mention it in koha.org if you like
11:53 kados  tumer: I would like to ... ping me again when you go live with it
11:53 tumer  k
11:53 kados  tumer: and I'll definitely do a news item on it
13:03 cm     kados, are you in?
13:08 hdl    kados ?
13:08 dewey  i think kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
13:09 hdl    is there a pb with cvs ?
13:09 cm     no.  I was just wondering which version of AuthoritiesMarc.pm should be in dev_week.
13:10 cm     I remembered last week he had problems committing one to dev_week, and it was committing to head instead.
13:11 cm     I keep having to roll back to 1.28, because the one in dev_week, produces errors for me.
13:44 kados  cm: I think hdl is working on that
13:45 cm     ah, good.
19:17 qiqo   hi
19:17 dewey  niihau, qiqo
19:17 qiqo   how are you dewey
19:18 qiqo   just wana ask a couple of questions..
19:18 qiqo   im having problems installing koha and i get this message: DBI connect('Koha:','kohaadmin',...) failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (111) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Context.pm line411
19:19 qiqo   this is 2.2.6
19:29 kados  hi qiqo
19:29 kados  looks like maybe your mysql user doesn't have permissions or maybe mysql isn't running
19:31 qiqo   i think its running
19:31 qiqo   its in memory
19:32 kados  try connecting to mysql using the username and password in koha.conf
19:32 qiqo   yup it connects using mysqcc
19:34 qiqo   il try to upgrade to 4.1
19:34 qiqo   im using 4.0
19:34 kados  hang on
19:35 kados  first off, you should be using 4.1
19:35 qiqo   ahh ok
19:35 kados  I think I told you before, 4.0 doesn't properly handle the charsets
19:35 kados  also
19:35 kados  there are differences in the way that the password field are handled between mysql versions
19:35 kados  not sure if 4.0-4.1 is a prob
19:35 kados  chris: do you know offhand?
19:37 qiqo   so 2.2.6 is not compatible with 5.0?
19:37 kados  correct
19:37 kados  mysql 5.0 changed a lot of things
19:38 kados  and there's not really any incentive for us to modify Koha
19:38 kados  by incentive I mean: noone is interested in sponsoring this change
19:38 qiqo   uhuh
19:41 qiqo   its a sad thing that people from libraries would prefer the expensive ILS rather than funding opensource projects
19:41 qiqo   a rich university here acquired millenium ils.. for almost a million dollars
19:42 qiqo   yeah.,
19:43 kados  millenium is garbage
19:43 qiqo   haha as ive thought
19:43 qiqo   then theyd have to pay for each module
19:43 qiqo   silly people
19:44 chris  one thing to check qiqo
19:44 chris  is mysql listening on
19:44 qiqo   yeah?
19:44 chris  ie on the network
19:44 qiqo   how do i check,
19:44 qiqo   i think so,,
19:44 chris  rather than just a socket
19:44 chris  telnet 3306
19:45 chris  also check your /etc/my.cnf file
19:45 chris  or /etc/mysql/my.cnf
19:45 chris  look for skip-networking
19:45 qiqo   Connected to
19:45 chris  if thats there, it will only be listening on a socket
19:45 qiqo   so ill comment that out?
19:45 kados  which should be OK
19:46 kados  not all of my koha servers have networking enabled chris
19:46 chris  well u are trying to connect to it over the network
19:46 kados  not if it's, that's non-routable
19:46 chris  yes but you probably dont try to connect to them on
19:46 chris  thats still a network socket
19:46 kados  right
19:46 chris  not a unix socket
19:47 qiqo   errm
19:47 chris  but now i have to get back to work, busy as hell over here :)
19:47 qiqo   theres no skip network thing
19:47 qiqo   there is bind
19:47 qiqo   i can connect thru mysqlcc
19:51 qiqo   i think the upgrade fixed the problem
19:53 qiqo   ei brb take a showe
20:01 qiqo   guys why is the background white?
03:04 hdl    hi
03:06 thd    good morning hdl
03:07 thd    hdl: I have an encoding question from BNF records
03:07 btoumi hi all
03:08 paul   hello world
03:08 thd    hdl: BNF records have strange characters enclosing non-filing article characters
03:09 toins  hello world
03:10 thd    hdl: I have them as c288 and c289 but they do not map to any likely non-asian character
03:11 hdl    thd: should be either [] or <>.
03:11 thd    hdl: why do they not map correctly?
03:12 hdl    thd: why are there wars ? :D I don't know.
03:12 thd    hdl: do you know which of [ ] or < > is preferred?
03:13 thd    hdl: that is which are preferred by AFNOR cataloguing rules
03:14 thd    ?
03:15 hdl    thd: a third :
03:15 hdl    |
03:16 hdl    Look at 331 field... Intermarc.
03:16 hdl    (Extract from BNF catalogue)
03:17 hdl    But I don't have any other clue to answer your question.
03:17 hdl    I know though taht some librarians LOVE <> for non filling characters.
03:24 osmoze hi
03:24 dewey  hey, osmoze