Time  Nick   Message
07:51 owen   Hi kados
07:51 kados  morning owen
07:37 kados  hdl either
07:37 kados  right
07:37 btoumi i think he isn't aroud
07:37 kados  paul: the new search API is committed
07:36 kados  ahh ... toins isn't here
07:36 kados  toins: logging in to IRC as root could be dangerous ;-)
07:36 kados  hi btoumi
07:23 btoumi hi kados:
07:02 kados  toins: did you see my commit ?
07:02 kados  morning all
03:09 root   hi all
02:07 btoumi hi all
02:07 osmoze hello
15:03 kados  owen: but probably
15:02 kados  owen: I haven't decided yet
15:02 owen   kados: Will the finalization of dev_week in the intranet mean that the search.marc templates will be replaced?
14:48 owen   Okay, so I'll leave it in
14:48 kados  IIRC
14:48 kados  this is what SAN developed
14:48 kados  owen: I haven't merged in the 'reserve a specific item' code yet, but on HEAD, as I understand it, it's possible to pick
14:27 owen   Is there any situation where a librarian would be able to pick from a list of choices to reserve on this screen? As far as I know it's a holdover from Koha 1.x.
14:27 owen   If you've got a moment: http://zoomkoha.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/request.pl?bib=169695
13:02 kados  owen: cleaning up the OPAC search getting ready to commit
13:02 kados  owen: I'm here
13:01 dewey  kados was last seen on #koha 2 hours, 44 minutes and 51 seconds ago, saying: there are some new functions in Koha.pm too [Tue Sep 19 03:16:57 2006]
13:01 owen   dewey: seen kados?