Time  Nick         Message
17:54 russ         chris you still on the phone?
17:54 chris        yep
02:16 osmoze       hello all
07:47 owen         Good day #koha
07:47 paul         good morning owen
07:48 owen         Hi paul, how are you?
07:48 kados        hi guys
07:48 paul         hi kados.
07:48 kados        yay! :-)
07:48 kados        how was the time off? :-)
07:48 owen         busy busy busy
07:48 kados        (anyone else having trouble getting to bugs.koha.org?)
07:50 owen         Working for me, if slowly
07:50 kados        k ... must be my internet
07:50 owen         kados: are you in your new offices?
07:50 owen         Read something about you moving in the log
07:50 kados        I'm piggybacking on the frognet backbone this morning
07:50 kados        yea, we're all moved in
07:50 kados        and every muscle on my body is sore :-)
07:50 owen         Three floors up?
07:50 kados        yep
07:52 hdl          hi everyone
07:53 kados        hey hdl
07:59 owen         kados: what's on the agenda for today?
08:03 kados        well ... I'm playing catch up for the next hour or so, email and such
08:03 kados        didn't get much done this weekend :-)
08:04 paul         kados & owen : I installed koha 2.2.6RC to one of my library yesterday, and they think having opacnav AFTER the menus would be better than BEFORE. do you have an opinion ?
08:05 kados        is there any way to make it an option? because I have about 10 libraries or so that already use this feature
08:05 paul         a new systempref would be too much I think. I'll tell her we have decided to put it before.
08:06 paul         she won't be too upset by this limit I bet.
08:06 paul         (http://catalogue.iptheologie.fr/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl)
08:24 owen         paul: opacnav after which menus?
08:30 paul         owen : after the main menus, on left (home/adv search/authorities headings...)
08:31 owen         paul: isn't that a template issue specific to the CSS templates?
08:32 paul         nope : iirc, yours are before the menus too.
08:32 paul         and as we want to have only 1 set of template at the end, i don't want to add a difference where there is none for instance !
08:48 thd          paul: are you there?
08:49 paul         yep
08:58 thd          paul: I just wanted to ask that you include the one line fix for bulkmarcimport.pl which I committed last week to the 2.2.6 release
08:59 paul         if you committed it in rel_22, then it's included
08:59 thd          yes I did
08:59 thd          or rel_2_2
09:00 thd          kados: are you awake
09:01 thd          ?
09:01 paul         (he was here 45mn ago, so no, he's not sleeping)
09:40 speedyfs     hi
09:40 dewey        bonjour, speedyfs
09:40 speedyfs     anyone on?
09:41 speedyfs     bonjour
09:41 speedyfs     i have a ?
09:41 speedyfs     the opac page for koha is giving me an internal error and im not sure from what
09:42 paul         hi speedyfs. did you checked your logs ?
09:42 paul         they are on / usr/local/koha/logs iirc and if you don't have changed your koha path
09:42 speedyfs     no yet..going to
09:46 speedyfs     ok it says that html template new() cannot open included file .../koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/default/en/opac-main.mtpl
09:46 speedyfs     tmpl
09:47 speedyfs     then it says thtmlLLTemplate ::_init_template('html::Template=hash called at /usr/share/perl5/HTML/Template.pm line 1205
09:48 paul         there is a problem in you etc/koha.conf file I bet. the intrahtdocs is probably wrong
09:48 speedyfs     so i guess this all means that the templas arrent working
09:48 paul         which version did you install ?
09:48 speedyfs     liblime
09:48 paul         ah, then beep kados ;-)
09:48 speedyfs     cause the other one doesnt work with msql 5
09:48 paul         you mean a version with zebra ?
09:48 speedyfs     ?
09:49 speedyfs     i went to liblime.com?
09:49 speedyfs     yeah with the zebra
09:50 paul         mmm... on liblime.com, the download link point to official releases (nongnu.org)
09:50 speedyfs     i spoke to someone and they said that liblime works wiht mysql 5
09:50 speedyfs     hmm...
09:51 speedyfs     i dunno
09:51 paul         so I dunno either ;-)
09:51 speedyfs     im doing this to get z3950 working
09:51 speedyfs     should i just downgrade to mysql4?
09:51 paul         kados was around 1:30 hour later, so he could wait for him coming back.
09:52 speedyfs     ok
09:52 speedyfs     hmm,
09:52 speedyfs     how do i beep?
09:54 speedyfs     oh and for some reason when i install it
09:54 kados        speedyfs: what's your question?
09:54 speedyfs     hi
09:54 dewey        hey, speedyfs
09:54 speedyfs     i am getting errors on my templates
09:54 speedyfs     i was told that because i have mysql 5 i had to use liblime koha
09:54 kados        what version of KOha, running on what platform with what dependencies installed?
09:54 kados        who told you that?
09:55 speedyfs     2.2.5
09:55 paul         (speedyfs : "beeping" here just means writing the nick of the person you want to speak to : most of us uses a software that warn us specifically when our nick is typed)
09:55 speedyfs     oh ok
09:55 kados        the liblime version has some enhancements, but mysql 5.0 support is not one of them
09:56 kados        perhaps if we get sponsorship for this we could do it, but so far it's low priority
09:56 kados        we run mysql 4.1
09:56 speedyfs     ok...
09:56 speedyfs     it was mhelman
09:56 speedyfs     so...
09:57 speedyfs     i should put mysql 4 on there
09:57 kados        not 4.0 though ... make sure 4.1
09:57 speedyfs     ok
09:57 kados        4.1 is the first version to truly support utf-8
09:57 speedyfs     mysql 4.1
09:57 speedyfs     ok
09:57 speedyfs     currently my template page is have a problem
09:57 speedyfs     www.scienceleadership.org:8000
09:59 kados        did you check the apache logs?
10:01 speedyfs     i checked the opac-error-logs
10:06 speedyfs     i am thinking if i delete everything now and reinstall with mysql 4.1 evertynig should work correct?
10:07 speedyfs     kados: if i uninstall koha and install it using mysql 4.1 it should work out of box
10:07 speedyfs     correct?
10:09 speedyfs     in the apache error log it says that /var/www/favicon.ico does not exist
10:10 paul         it's not really a bug : your webbrowser is searching for a favicon (to display on top-left of your window), and can't find one.
10:11 osmoze|amd64 just create an empty file on /var/www/favicon.ico and you will not have anymore message
10:13 speedyfs     ok
10:13 speedyfs     that message is gone now
10:14 speedyfs     but my ? was that if i get mysql 4.1 on my server and install koha all over again i shouldnt get the internal server error anymore
10:14 speedyfs     does that sound right to you all
10:15 speedyfs     oh and i misread what mhelman said about mysql 5
10:15 speedyfs     my bad
10:51 hdl          tumer ?
10:51 dewey        tumer is, like, here for a few seconds ;-)
10:53 thd          owen: are you there?
10:53 owen         Yes
10:54 thd          owen: I wanted to ask why you use a 'pixilated' rather than a percent of screen width value for the left column in the NPL templates
10:55 owen         In which version?
10:55 thd          owen: the version being used for your current efforts on Zoom OPAC
10:56 speedyfs     HEY Kados, paul thanks for your help :) its working now
10:57 owen         thd: because using percentages broke the layout at larger screen sizes
10:57 paul         your welcome
10:58 thd          owen: how did they break the layout.  Did everything not expand proportionately?
10:58 owen         Are you having problems with the fixed width?
11:00 thd          owen: no, except that I think once code exists for putting the facets from all the results instead of just that page you are liable to see a problem.
11:04 owen         thd: Won't we just be talking about a longer rather than a wider list?
11:05 thd          owen: I suspect a small fixed width constrains coding imagination of how the facets are used as well.  I am not referring to my infomaniac conceptions but just common sense notions for finding other records with the facet exclusively.
11:06 thd          owen: much longer instead of wider if subjects also have subdivisions appearing.
11:06 thd          owen: if it is wider there would be less wrapping.
11:07 thd          owen: this is not a significant issue for NPL which has very few subdivided subjects and a very small portion of non-fiction in the collection.
11:10 thd          owen: there are many ways to address the issue including a facets tab which gives facets plenty of room.  I just wanted to know what your thought was about fixing pixel sizes.
11:11 thd          owen: where do the library navigation links which had occupied the left column go now?
11:11 thd          owen: I mean where do the links that preceded facets go now?
11:13 owen         If opacnav is enabled, those links will appear above the facets
11:14 thd          owen: many libraries have a very long list of opacnav type links
11:14 thd          owen: not current Koha libraries but libraries in the world
11:15 owen         We could remove opacnav from the search results screen altogether
11:16 paul_away    bye #koha & see you tomorrow
11:16 thd          owen: I just wonder whether the brief results really need so much screen space, particularly at high resolutions
11:17 thd          bye paul_away
11:18 thd          owen: does JavaScript allow automatic detection of screen resolution?
11:18 thd          or browser window size?
11:19 owen         More current browsers can use javascript to detect the width of the browser window
11:21 thd          owen: I was thinking, that if browser window width were found to be high enough opacnav could be an additional leftmost column
11:22 thd          owen: does JavaScript allow changing stylesheets based on some variable?
11:22 owen         Javascript can manipulate the styles of elements on the page. It can't swap whole stylesheets.
11:25 thd          owen: Do you mean that JavaScript could redraw the page and change the classes for various elements to different ones used by the same stylesheet?
11:25 owen         Yes
11:26 thd          owen: ok, thanks, I will think about that a little