Time  Nick   Message
17:44 thd    kados: are you there?
18:03 kados  thd: marginally
18:07 thd    kados: I wanted to request a change in the wiki configuration file to improve navigation.
18:08 thd    kados: I see some possibilities for improving editing so I will add them all with a link to the documentation in an email message.
18:09 thd    kados: the important navigation change gives a name space hierarchy in breadcrumbs instead of a mere page history.
18:11 thd    kados: pierrick was going to add this.  It seems you can have the trace history as well if that is also useful.
04:26 Strait hmm, i think i assigned a bug to a wrong person on bugzilla
04:26 Strait and it doesn't seem to be possible to change it
07:38 kados  thd: added most of your wiki requests
08:01 thd    kados: which ones were a problem?
09:25 kados  thd: I emailed you
09:26 thd    kados: I saw.
09:26 thd    kados: have you looked at the koha.org CSS adaptation I sent?
09:30 thd    kados: I am still working on improving the CSS for the logo in multiple browsers.
09:34 thd    kados: are you still there?
09:36 thd    kados: are you awake or conscious?