Time  Nick   Message
15:58 kados  chris: can you do record grouping for MARC version of Koha in 2.2?
15:58 chris  yes
15:58 chris  well mostly
15:58 kados  I'm pretty sure you lose something in the process
15:59 chris  probably
15:59 kados  looking forward we need to allow:
15:59 chris  nothing thats more important than being able to provide useful search results to your borrowers though
15:59 kados  circulation rules at both record and copy level
15:59 kados  hehe
16:00 kados  this has been the contention with MARC from the get go
16:00 kados  you can't do grouping and still have valid MARC
16:00 kados  though ...
16:00 chris  i dont buy that
16:00 kados  thd and I discussed doing it as a meta record
16:00 chris  i just think you cant in our implementation
16:00 kados  right
16:01 thd    kados: you can
16:01 chris  ill show gavin how it works with kapiti, hlt and rdl .. and he can see if thats workable for his library
16:02 thd    kados: tumer has it working already with the CVS version of Zebra
16:02 chris  it wont be useful for a library that plays round in marc
16:03 chris  actually it might
16:03 chris  kapiti do a bit
16:04 thd    kados: XPath support for indexing meta-records is only available in CVS Zebra currently
16:04 kados  right
16:05 thd    kados: what I quoted from Marc in my Zebra list question was something ID could build if you gave them money
16:05 thd    kados: I had not understood exactly what not out of the box meant
16:05 kados  :-)
16:06 thd    kados: they do have something that seems satisfactory for XPath in CVS
16:09 thd    kados: out-of-the-box in the release version is too slow
16:11 thd    kados: The release version requires XPath: enabled in an *.abs file.  tumer is not even using *.abs in the new CVS XPath indexing method
16:13 kados  I'm very excited about that
16:13 kados  but right now I need to finish up 2.4 :-)
16:14 kados  so I can't afford to get distracted at the moment :-)
16:15 thd    kados: I am distracting myself building a Zebra CVS Debian distribution
16:15 kados  thd: ID just released one
16:15 kados  thd: check your mail (zebralist)
16:15 thd    today?
16:15 kados  about ten minutes ago
16:15 thd    :)
03:16 Strait hi all
03:22 chris  hi strait
03:26 Strait do you guys want version 2.2.5 bugreports to bugzilla?
03:28 chris  yep, as long as you check they havent been reported and fixed already (for 2.2.6)
03:30 Strait what about bugs in npl templates?
03:30 Strait same address?
03:30 chris  yep
03:30 chris  bugs.koha.org
03:31 chris  if you really wanted to, you could get the rel_2_2 branch from cvs out, and check they arent fixed in there already
03:31 Strait ok :)
03:32 Strait i'll do that with my own koha installation when i get home
03:33 chris  cool
03:33 Strait right not i'm doing a test installation of koha for the library of an orthodox monastery, so i wouldn't like to use cvs versions here
03:33 Strait not=now
03:33 chris  yep, fair enough
05:56 kados  Strait: actually, at this point, rel_2_2 is a lot more stable than 2.2.5
07:43 Strait kados: really?
07:43 dewey  really are quite different
07:53 kados  morning owen
07:53 kados  Strait: really :-)
07:56 owen   Hi kados, how's it going?
07:56 kados  not bad
07:57 kados  pulled an all nighter :-)
07:57 kados  well ... I did get a bit of sleep
07:57 kados  I've nearly got the whole new search API paramaterized
07:57 owen   Did you get my message yesterday about my NPL email?
07:58 kados  been building data objects to store search behaviors
07:58 kados  yea, that's really weird
07:58 kados  still a problem this morning?
07:58 owen   I haven't gotten any email since yesterday morning...not even spam
07:58 owen   Lauren and Ken both tried emailing me and got bounces
07:58 owen   As did I when I tried it from another account
07:59 kados  I wonder if you've reached some kind of quota
08:00 kados  hmmm
08:00 kados  did you change some procmail settings for yourself?
08:01 owen   No
08:01 owen   It's not the kind of thing I'd do while drunk and not remember, I think.
08:01 kados  :-)
08:02 kados  well the reason I ask is that error looks to be a procmail error
08:02 kados  it also says it can't write to your inbox
08:03 kados  well ... you've got a 49M inbox
08:03 kados  I wonder if the quota is set to 50M
08:04 kados  hmmm doesn't look like it
08:05 kados  owen: do you save old messages to a mbox file somewhere on alma?
08:05 kados  or do you archive them in some other way?
08:06 owen   I do save old messages elsewhere on alma