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04:06 toins Salut hdl
04:06 hdl   salut toins et paul
04:11 toins hdl: comment ca va bien ?
04:11 hdl   La réponse est contenue dans la question... :D
04:11 toins cool !
04:12 hdl   Et toi ?
04:15 paul  hello hdl
04:19 toins ca va aussi....
07:54 kados paul: are you around?
07:54 paul  yep
07:54 kados paul: it seems that in rel_2_2 there is a new collum in serial, publisheddate ...
07:54 paul  'morning kados
07:54 kados paul: morning :-)
07:54 kados publisheddate does not seem to be added with updatedatabase and isn't in koha.mysql
07:55 paul  hdl, didn't you add this publisheddate column recently ?
07:55 paul  (& didn't you forget to updatedatabase) ?
07:56 hdl   I forgot to add this to updatedatabase.
07:56 hdl   Will correct this.
07:56 kados thanks!
07:57 kados paul: you did some recent commits to rel_2_2 related to bugs in acquisitions ... did you happen to update the bug reports?
07:57 kados I can test to see what is fixed if not
07:57 paul  i'm working on rel_2_2 today, but did not reach bugs.koha.org yet
07:57 kados ok
07:58 kados paul: http://wiki.liblime.com/doku.php?id=koha226bugs may be useful to you
07:58 kados paul: as it has some details provided by a librarian
08:00 kados one interesting thing mentioned there is 13 digit ISBN compatibility
08:01 kados I suspect not
08:02 paul  & you're right
08:02 paul  although it's not so complex to add
08:02 paul  we "just" need to :
08:02 paul  - change isbn size
08:02 kados the problem being that MARC21 uses two different fields, one for 'old isbn' one for 'new isbn' :(
08:02 paul  - modify diplayIsbn to extend it
08:02 paul  wow, bad news...
08:02 kados yea :(
08:03 kados is it the same field in UNIMARC?
08:03 paul  I don't think it's the same for unimarc
08:03 kados lucky you :-)
08:03 paul  (i mean, i think we have only 1 subfield)
08:03 paul  (but not completly sure)
08:04 kados it begins in Jan 2007
08:04 kados AFAIK
08:04 kados though already some 13 digit records exist
08:13 kados hdl: I see updatedatabase commit ... is it ready? :-)
08:13 hdl   should be.
08:13 hdl   tell me.
08:15 kados I get conflict when I update
08:15 kados <<<<<<< updatedatabase
08:15 kados                subclass tinyint(1) default '0',
08:15 kados                itemcallno tinyint(1) default '0',
08:15 kados =======
08:15 kados                subclass tinyint(1) default '0',
08:15 kados                itemcallnumber tinyint(1) default '0',
08:15 kados >>>>>>>
08:15 kados which is correct?
08:17 hdl   Maybe a problem of spaces ??
08:17 kados no ...
08:17 kados itemcallno vs itemcallnumber
08:19 hdl   I have always called itemcallnumber as such.
08:21 hdl   kados paul : I hope we can get larger  branchcode columns (say at least 8 but maybe 16 characters.)
08:27 kados hdl: get an error:
08:27 kados Adding publisheddate field to serial table...
08:27 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 2 at updater/updatedatabase line 1618.
08:27 kados **Error : DBI::st=HASH(0x8421100)->errstr
08:29 hdl   delete what is behind date.
08:29 kados NULL default ?
08:30 hdl   yes
08:30 hdl   NULL
08:31 hdl   It could/should be the receiveddate.
08:31 kados ok, it seems to have worked, thanks hdl, I committed the change
08:32 hdl   So did I.
08:32 kados question ...
08:32 kados previously there was just one field for the barcode and it was the same as the notes field, right?
08:33 kados what will happen to previously assigned barcodes in notes using the new scheme?
08:33 kados are they moved to the barcode field?
08:34 kados (in fact, all I see still in serial db is 'notes' column ... no 'barcode' or 'callnumber'
08:34 kados is it something else missing? or does it know to use notes somehow?
08:39 kados I also wonder if 'callnumber' is really 'itemcallnumber'
08:39 kados (as labeled in NPL template ...)
08:39 hdl   kados : what are you talking about ?
08:40 kados /cgi-bin/koha/bull/statecollection.pl
08:40 kados Next Expected Issue:
08:40 kados now has:
08:40 kados Notes, Callnumber, Barcode
08:40 kados but I don't see any fields in db except 'notes'
08:40 kados in the serial table
08:41 hdl   Yes barcodes and callnumber are added directly to the biblio for the issue.
08:42 kados ahh ...ok
08:42 hdl   (quite dirty hack. No real link between an issue number and a serial line. But mainly works)
08:42 kados but previously it did not work this way, correct?
08:42 hdl   No.
08:42 kados previously it stored a barcode in notes?
08:42 hdl   previously, there was no barcode.
08:43 kados ok
08:43 hdl   there was no item information.
08:43 kados and is 'callnumber' really 'itemcallnumber'?
08:43 kados if so I will change the label in NPL templates
08:44 hdl   yes. It is stored in items.itemcallnumber fields
08:44 kados ok, I will update the template then
08:45 hdl   And volume information (N°2000 year 2010) is stored into items.note field.
08:45 kados hmmm
08:46 kados what about previously stored information?
08:46 kados ie, when upgrading does it still work OK?
08:50 kados hmmm ... maybe another bug
08:50 kados subscription-detail.pl does not show Librarian identity:, Cost:, Budget:
08:51 kados I also see some strange warns:
08:51 kados we're gonna execute math at /home/koha/production/koha/intranet/modules/C4/SearchMarc.pm line 296., referer: https://koha.nbbc.edu/cgi-bin/koha/bull/statecollection.pl
08:52 kados 8, On Order at /home/koha/production/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/bull/statecollection.pl line 112., referer: https://koha.nbbc.edu/cgi-bin/koha/bull/statecollection.pl?subscriptionid=8
08:52 kados 6, At Bindery at /home/koha/production/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/bull/statecollection.pl line 112., referer: https://koha.nbbc.edu/cgi-bin/koha/bull/statecollection.pl?subscriptionid=8
08:52 kados etc
08:55 paul  kados: #1110 fixed
08:55 paul  http://i8.bureau.paulpoulain.com/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/basket.pl?basket=15 (login test/test)
08:56 kados paul: great!, thanks, I'll test
08:56 paul  warning, default templates only, as usual for me
08:56 kados ok, no prob
09:02 kados paul: booksellerid is removed in tmplate?
09:03 paul  yep, replaced by booksellername, which is more interesting info
09:03 kados but it's just 'name' in template
09:03 kados should it be booksellername?
09:05 paul  it could, and it would be better, from a coding pov
09:05 paul  & I hope toins has fixed that kind of problems in Head...
09:05 kados yep
09:12 kados bug 1112 is still a prob: can't receive an order
09:12 kados though maybe I must update the template
09:13 paul  for me it works
09:13 paul  iirc
09:13 kados did you experience the bug previously?
09:13 paul  yep
09:14 paul  & i've fixed many problems around the new parcel system last week
09:14 kados ok
09:17 paul  kados: show range of each budget on the page, that is, the starting date and end date so the ACQ person knows when the budget started and when it is ending (on page http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/acqui-home.pl)
09:17 paul  is commited
09:18 kados thanks!
09:18 paul  I think the other ones described for acquisitions on koha226bugs page are either :
09:19 paul  - fixed in rel_2_2, default templates
09:19 paul  nothing else ;-)
09:19 kados hehe
09:19 kados ok, I'll test
09:19 kados and update npl templates
09:20 kados thanks!
09:22 kados paul: is there a way to delete a supplier?
09:22 paul  not that I know.
09:22 paul  but you can "inactivate" it
09:23 kados ok
09:46 kados paul: http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/basket.pl?supplierid=1
09:46 kados Basket number, open on still not displaying
09:47 paul  remind me the login ?
09:47 paul  ok, gotcha
09:47 paul  hehe...
09:47 paul  don't login with kohaadmin...
09:47 paul  but with a TRUE librarian login
09:47 kados ahh, ok
09:48 kados that makes sense
09:48 paul  because the kohaadmin is librarian 0, and has no name in the table ;-)
09:48 paul  + you'll have to create at least an order line in the basket to get the basket header filled
09:48 paul  (see my comment on bugzilla about orders & basket)
09:49 paul  'morning owen
09:49 owen  'morning all
09:49 kados morning owen
09:50 kados paul: maybe it shouldn't display unless there is a value?
09:51 kados paul: otherwise it looks like a bug?
09:51 paul  a tmpl_if could be usefull in the template, you're right
09:51 paul  with something like "add an order line to create the basket" if the basket # don't exist
09:52 kados right
09:52 kados I also still get a js error when adding a new biblio via acqui/newbiblio.pl
09:53 kados and basketno= is blank
09:53 kados hmmm ...
09:53 kados Error: f.elements[currency] has no properties
09:53 kados Source File: http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/newbiblio.pl?booksellerid=1&basketno=
09:53 kados Line: 147
09:54 kados it's 'f.elements[currency] has no properties
09:54 kados I suppose it's a requirement to have a currency defined?
09:54 kados there is one ...
09:54 kados US DOLLARS
09:55 kados paul: so 1108 still a problem maybe ... I'll test with default
09:56 kados paul: same error with default
09:56 paul  could you create a 2nd one ? maybe the bug disappear in this case
09:56 paul  I have >1 currencies on most of my libraries
09:57 kados hmmm
09:57 kados I see no way to search on supplier in default templates on acqui-home.pl
09:57 kados ahh ... nevermind
09:59 kados paul: same error with two currencies defined
09:59 kados paul: http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/newbiblio.pl?booksellerid=1&basketno=
10:14 kados owen: the receiveorder.pl screen in rel_2_2 NPL tempaltes looks a bit strange
10:14 kados owen: http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/recieveorder.pl?supplierid=1
10:14 kados owen: I'm not sure it's completely in synch with default
10:15 owen  I'll check it out
10:16 kados paul: what is 'parcel code'?
10:16 paul  kados is beeping hdl ...
10:16 kados owen: I tried receiving something and I still get the same prob as before ...  0 bibliographic record(s) received, Received by: and Date are blank
10:16 hdl   is he ???
10:17 kados hdl: http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/recieveorder.pl?supplierid=1
10:19 hdl   can be the number on the order or the number on the parcel. Any code that could ease the search afterwards, if need be.
10:21 kados hdl: is it optional?
10:22 kados hdl: if you try to receive an order at the above koha install you will see the problems ...
10:24 hdl   Should be.
10:25 hdl   Did you pass all the hidden value to the scripts ?
10:25 kados hdl: I will test in default templates
10:26 kados hdl: still get '0 biblio received'
10:26 kados though in default, there is an 'invoice number' filled
10:28 kados hdl: so it's still broken ...
10:28 kados bug 1112 I mean
10:30 hdl   On My engine, it works ??? Paul : what about yours ?
10:31 paul  it works too.
10:31 kados hdl: can you try it at http://koha.smfpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/recieveorder.pl?supplierid=1?
10:31 paul  did you pass a updatedatabase recently kados ?
10:31 kados I will try this
10:31 paul  because iirc, I changed something
10:31 paul  that could be important
10:31 kados updating now
10:32 kados (db is quite large, so it may take some time)
10:52 kados paul: updatedatabase done, still same prob
10:53 kados paul: with default templates
10:53 paul  strange...
10:53 paul  i don't have time to investigate now, but it worked.
10:54 kados I will try with a new order
10:55 kados still no luck
10:55 kados it's quite strange
10:56 kados if I receive from pending orders it seems to work
10:57 hdl   kados : You cannot receive sthg you have not ordered.
10:57 kados but the list of received items doesn't display more than one for that 'invoice number'
10:57 kados hdl: yes, I understand that
10:58 thd   Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 689414 bytes) in /var/www/wiki.koha.org/dokuwiki/inc/common.php on line 577
10:58 kados hehe
10:59 kados thd: you shoudl edit the page in smaller chunks
10:59 thd   kados: would you raise the memory size in php.ini ?
10:59 kados thd: nope ...
10:59 kados thd: edit in smaller chunks please
10:59 thd   kados: I made some global changes
11:00 kados thd: you'll have to add them one at a time
11:00 thd   kados: there is a problem for editing separate segments
11:02 thd   kados: If I make segments at a lower level than heading 3 then they are not separately editable
11:04 thd   kados: can that be adjusted in a system preference or should I mark all lower section levels as heading level 3 for editing purposes?
11:22 hdl   see you tonight