Time  Nick        Message
17:19 kados       hey Burgundavia forgive the fact that the zoomsearch is down
17:19 kados       Burgundavia: I'm working on an auto-update process :-)
17:19 Burgundavia kados: no worries. I have been working on something else (an edubuntu case study)
17:19 kados       sweet
17:19 Burgundavia figured you might like that as well
17:20 Burgundavia http://ubuntu.ca/Edubuntu-casestudy.png
17:20 kados       cool
17:21 kados       Burgundavia: we could really use some design ideas for how to lay out the OPAC
17:21 Burgundavia I have a half finished email, I just need to create a mockup, because I realized talking about what I think is good is kind of useless
17:23 kados       Burgundavia: feel free to submit HTML :-)
17:23 kados       Burgundavia: well ...
17:23 Burgundavia heh
17:23 kados       XHTML and CSS :-)
17:23 kados       seriously
17:23 Burgundavia my brother is the HTML guru in the family
17:23 kados       nice
17:23 kados       well mockups are welcome too
17:23 Burgundavia luckily he is just as involved in Ubuntu as I am
17:23 kados       :-)
17:23 kados       excellent
17:23 Burgundavia he also works for a library
17:23 kados       cool
18:37 Burgundavia kados: it occurs to me that the koha website doesn't mention where which library conferences you can see Koha at
18:39 kados       Burgundavia: yea, we're bad about updating it
18:39 kados       Burgundavia: usually the liblime.com site does
18:49 Burgundavia well, the koha website does a copyright notice fo 2005, even if it does have more recent news on it
18:55 chris       luckily since its based in nz, that makes utterly no difference, there is intrinsic copyright here, whether its asserted or not
18:56 kados       yea
18:56 kados       same in the US
18:57 chris       ppl just get in the habit of sticking dates on things I guess :)
18:57 kados       have you guys seen the hungarian translation of Koha?
18:57 kados       http://wipoopac.liblime.com/
18:58 chris       cool
18:58 kados       it's committed to rel_2_2
18:58 kados       I was hoping to have the  UN languages in the OPAC demo
18:58 kados       before 2.2.6 was released
18:59 chris       the finnish translation is nearly done afaik
18:59 kados       but WIPO's been dragging their feet getting the translation done
18:59 kados       excellent
19:02 kados       chris: btw: I completely scripted the upgrade process from rel_2_2 to dev-week
19:02 kados       chris: testing the script right now
19:02 kados       chris: it takes probably 20 hours or so with NPL's data :-)
19:02 kados       also, I discovered circulation isn't working in dev-week
19:03 kados       ie, it's not updating zebra
19:03 kados       haven't figured out why yet
19:03 chris       sorted the utf8 worries
19:03 chris       ?
19:03 chris       cool about the scripting, once you commit the script ill give it a whirl
19:03 kados       to figure that out I'd have to run the script on WIPO's data
19:04 kados       but I know the cause of the probs
19:04 chris       excellent thats 90% of the way to fixig them
19:04 kados       there are several levels of encoding in mysql
19:04 kados       if the server things the data is one encoding
19:04 kados       and you convert it to another
19:04 kados       so if you've got utf-8 data
19:05 kados       in a latin1 db
19:05 chris       right
19:05 chris       you get the double conversion
19:05 kados       it messes things up
19:05 kados       so what you have to do
19:05 kados       is convert the table to type blob
19:05 kados       or binary
19:05 chris       ahh of course
19:05 kados       then, change the table encoding
19:05 kados       then change it back to varchar
19:05 kados       so it doesn't do any conversions
19:05 chris       makes sense
19:05 kados       that's written into the script
19:06 chris       so for new koha installs its ok, we just set the tables up right
19:06 kados       but to be sure if it works I'll have to test it on data with known encodings
19:06 kados       yea
19:06 chris       and for old ones we do this
19:06 chris       cool
19:06 kados       yep
19:06 kados       hopefully
19:06 kados       there's one more tricky bit
19:06 kados       which is DBD
19:06 kados       hopefully it's doing the right thing
19:06 chris       right
19:06 kados       but we could be in for a suprise
19:06 kados       if it can't communicate in utf-8
19:06 kados       without having the utf8 flag set
19:06 kados       but at least we know about that :-)
19:07 chris       yep
19:07 kados       so we can fix it if we need to :-)
19:07 kados       http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=encodingscratchpad
19:07 kados       I'm keeping that up to date with things I find
19:07 kados       :-)
19:07 chris       :)
19:09 kados       this bit in mysql:
19:09 kados       character_set_connection
19:09 kados       hopefully DBD does the right thing when that's set
19:11 kados       http://www.codecomments.com/archive237-2006-4-786695.html
19:12 kados       DBD::mysql will just pass
19:12 kados       everything through unaltered. So if you use UTF-8 as connection charset,
19:12 kados       you have to encode('utf-8', ...) all queries and parameters, unless you
19:12 kados       are sure that they are either plain ASCII or already have the UTF-8 bit
19:12 kados       set. And you will get raw UTF-8 strings back, which you have to decode()
19:12 kados       explicitely.
19:12 kados       However, I notice that on Debian Sarge (on which I did my testing),
19:12 kados       libdbd-mysql-perl depends on libmysqlclient12. So there may be a problem
19:12 kados       with mixing releases (The server is 4.1, but libmysqlclient12 belongs to
19:12 kados       4.0, which doesn't know about UTF-8).
19:12 kados       yikes
19:13 chris       hmmm so probably best to get the dbd from cpan
19:13 kados       I think that post is from the maintainer
19:19 kados       http://www.zackvision.com/weblog/2005/11/mt-unicode-mysql.html
19:19 kados       MySQL has nice UTF-8 data which it passes along to MT’s Perl functions. Why is the data still not marked with the UTF-8 flag? Movable Type uses the Perl modules DBI and DBD::mysql to access the MySQL database. And guess what? They don’t have any Unicode support. In fact, forget marking the UTF-8 flag properly, according to this, DBD::mysql doesn’t even preserve UTF-8  flag when it’s already there.
19:19 kados       that's the movable type guy
19:20 kados       scary
19:20 kados       here's a patch though: http://lists.mysql.com/perl/3563
19:26 kados       CGI seems to have the same prob :(