Time  Nick       Message
14:49 owen       dewey: what's new?
14:49 dewey      owen: i haven't a clue
02:06 ToinS      hi all
02:08 osmoze     hi  all
02:09 btoumi     hi all
03:20 btoumi     chris are u around?
04:00 thd        paul: are you there?
06:17 GrahamDoel would anyone be able to point me in the right direction when it comes to connecting to a z39.5 server?
07:19 owen-away  Strait, are you available?
10:03 thd        Is paul here?
10:15 ToinS      thd: no....
11:45 slef       Sorry. Your message could not be delivered to:
11:45 slef       Steven J. Tonnesen (Mailbox has been deleted. Try re-entering the address.)
11:46 slef       [ENDS] Can someone unsub his address from the koha list, please?
11:48 owen       I sent chris email about it a few hours ago