Time  Nick     Message
12:44 kados    dewey: 007 is Physical Description Fixed Field  (R)
12:44 dewey    OK, kados.
12:45 kados    007
12:45 kados    007?
12:45 dewey    rumour has it 007 is Physical Description Fixed Field  (R)
12:45 kados    nice
13:59 tumer    kados are you around?
13:59 kados    tumer: sure am
13:59 kados    tumer: probably will be for the next 12 hours or so till I completely crash :-)
13:59 tumer    i have recommited them resorts now
13:59 kados    sweet
14:00 kados    sorry i didn't commit my stuff
14:00 kados    which resorts too
14:00 kados    I'm thinking about a creating a new attribute set
14:00 kados    for MARC21
14:00 kados    used for indexing fixed fields and other special Koha fields
14:01 kados    for now I'm just adding on to bib1
14:01 tumer    i noticed you develoeed a few more entry_points I'll wait to see them
14:02 kados    yep, when I'm done I'll commit
14:02 kados    (soon as everything's working) :-)
14:02 tumer    somebody will have to write pqf.properties for that
14:03 tumer    by the way CQL does work even with resort
14:03 tumer    but I modified resorting to be a sort after search
14:07 kados    bbiab
14:32 kados    tumer: looking at your code now
14:32 kados    ok, cool, I'll merge it with mine and re-commit
14:33 tumer    i know you will oppose the new resort code but it was the quickest way around
14:33 kados    owen: search is gonna break for a few minutes :-)
14:33 owen     Okay
14:36 tumer    owen:sorry I removed the <Display for NPL> parts on this opac-results.tmpl i did not realise you are also using it
14:36 owen     No problem. It needed to be taken out
14:43 paul     hello world.
14:43 tumer    hi paul
14:44 kados    hey guys
14:44 kados    guess we have a meeting today eh?
14:44 kados    not sure I'll have time to preside
14:44 chris    hi all
14:44 ToinS    hi all
14:45 chris    i have tech meeting for work in 45 mins, so i will have to leave in about 25
14:45 kados    and zebra config files
14:46 kados    so do we have anything so important to talk about that we should stop working?
14:46 ToinS    hehe
14:46 paul     yes, we have to speak of 2 things :
14:47 paul     - the name of the next stable release + a future 1st ZOOM release
14:47 paul     - what ToinS will work on in 2 weeks.
14:47 chris    right
14:48 kados    sure
14:48 kados    1. name of next stable release
14:48 kados    my opinion is to have:
14:48 kados    rel_2_2 => 2.2.6
14:48 kados    dev_week => 2.3/4
14:48 kados    head => 3.0
14:49 chris    i quite like that idea too
14:49 tumer    so do i
14:49 chris    assuming at some point we go
14:49 chris    head -> rel_3_0 => 3.0 releases
14:49 paul     I like it too, although I think we will have a lot of work to synch 3 cvs branches
14:49 kados    yep
14:50 chris    yep, once 3.0 is released .. should be back to 2 branches again rel_3_0 and head
14:50 kados    yep
14:50 kados    I'm fine with that ...
14:50 paul     what kind of timeline should we expect ?
14:51 kados    now that I've got zebra working, I'm less worried about zebra-based koha
14:51 kados    well ...
14:51 paul     I vote for 2.2.6 next week, 2.4 in july/august and 3.0 at the end of the year.
14:51 tumer    so do we merge dev_week with rel2_2
14:51 kados    i have clients that need 2.4 within a month or so ...
14:51 kados    paul: I agree with your timeline
14:51 chris    me too
14:51 paul     it's very important for me to be able to announce 3.0 for the end of the year.
14:52 kados    ok
14:52 paul     because it will have many new features that are highly waited !
14:52 kados    sure, I understand
14:52 chris    getting a 2.4 out, with zoom allows us the time to do 3.0 right
14:52 kados    but keep in mind that it's also very important for me that 3.0 be done right
14:52 paul     like holidays, news, letters, late returns management...
14:52 kados    no shoddy code allowed :-)
14:52 paul     shoddy ?
14:52 kados    shoddy = badly written
14:53 kados    I will be auditing features at some point
14:53 kados    for rel_3_0
14:53 kados    so if you have a feature you want included, make sure it's cleanly written ;-)
14:53 paul     mmm... badly written from which pov ?
14:54 paul     because it can be :
14:54 paul     - functionnaly deficient
14:54 paul     - poor perl
14:54 paul     - poor SQL
14:54 paul     (or even the 3 :-( )
14:54 kados    functionality / features aren't my primary concern
14:54 kados    because we can assume that libraries sponsored that
14:54 paul     kados: ++
14:55 kados    mainly it's poor perl and poor SQL that makes mainteannce a nightmare
14:55 chris    the thing that we need to be careful of
14:55 chris    is when we change the way something works
14:55 kados    ryan and I have been tearing our hair out the last few weeks
14:55 kados    :-)
14:55 chris    is that we do that with a system preference
14:55 kados    yep
14:55 paul     yep too
14:55 chris    for eg, the changes in circulation
14:56 chris    i think bob emailed about and arnaud answered, ill follow that up today
14:56 kados    good example
14:56 chris    saying i think we should have a system preference for that
14:56 kados    definitely
14:56 kados    me too :-)
14:56 chris    :)
14:57 kados    ok ... so we all set on versioning questions for now?
14:57 chris    the change assumes that if you return a book at a library other than its homebranch, you want it back at its homebranch and sets up a transfer for it
14:57 paul     so, we are at point 2 it seems : ToinS 1st goal
14:57 chris    which is cool, if thats the behaviour u expect
14:57 kados    chris: NPL wants this if i understand correctly ...
14:57 paul     it seems it will be code cleaning and code cleaning and maybe a little bit code cleaning.
14:57 kados    hehe
14:57 ToinS    hehe
14:57 kados    a good plan I think
14:57 paul     I hate coca cola !
14:57 paul     (ads from them on TV just now)
14:58 kados    :-)
14:58 chris    code cleaning is great
14:58 kados    yep, also a good way to get familiar with the project
14:58 paul     yep.
14:58 kados    ToinS: feel free to ask us questions
14:58 kados    ToinS: on the list or on IRC
14:58 ToinS    ok kados
14:58 kados    any time of day :-)
14:58 chris    or in cvs commits too
14:58 paul     so, 15 days investigating Koha organisation & 1,5 month cleaning code
14:58 ToinS    ok ok!
14:58 paul     in 2 months he should do a good job
14:59 kados    excellent
14:59 chris    :-)
14:59 kados    anything else to discuss?
14:59 paul     kados: & chris repeat this 10 times to ToinS, because he is 2meters far from me, and rarely ask me questions...
14:59 chris    and its good timing, because he can watch the world cup too :)
14:59 kados    hehe
14:59 paul     he must learn that "1 knowing is better than 10 searching"
15:00 paul     (french proverb)
15:00 kados    yep ...
15:00 kados    no sense wasting valuable time searching when you could just ask :-)
15:00 chris    just on a positive note
15:00 ToinS    i've noted
15:00 kados    :-)
15:01 ToinS    :-)
15:01 chris    in the last 24 hours, ive seen commits from paul, tumer, pierrick, bruno, mason, bob, me, joshua, paul, and i think arnaud too
15:01 tumer    kados:did you ask chris about contex.pm and xml
15:01 chris    its great to see lots of ppl working
15:01 paul     chris: right, & I was very happy to see so many commits !
15:02 chris    hehe
15:02 kados    tumer: no ... I got it working
15:02 kados    tumer: no more hardcoded stuff
15:02 kados    tumer: it just started working one day :-)
15:02 tumer    :-d
15:02 chris    he asked me
15:02 chris    and then it worked
15:02 chris    im magic :-)
15:02 kados    yea :-)
15:02 kados    hehe
15:03 chris    ok, im off to eat breakfast with the katipo tech team
15:03 kados    ciao
15:03 tumer    bye
15:03 kados    many thanks to the katipo team
15:03 chris    be back in an hour or 2
15:03 kados    sweet
15:03 chris    theyve caught the committing bug
15:03 kados    nice
15:03 chris    so expect commits to come much more often
15:03 paul     chris
15:04 paul     a last question
15:04 chris    we still have all the templates to go thru and commit the changes to prog, plus serials
15:04 paul     could you explain on koha-devel how branches categories work ?
15:04 chris    over the next couple of days
15:04 chris    ahh yes
15:04 chris    will do paul
15:04 paul     because i'm not able to explain to SAN
15:04 chris    ill email when i get back from meeting
15:05 paul     so the meeting is done ?
15:05 paul     wow, I told my wife that we will end late !
15:07 kados    paul: now's your chance to work late :-)
15:07 paul     great !
15:07 ToinS    hehe
15:07 paul     bye bye everybody
15:07 kados    bye paul
15:07 tumer    bon soir paul
15:07 ToinS    bye paul
15:08 ToinS    tumer: s/bon soir/bonsoir/ ;-)
15:08 tumer    thanks Toins
15:09 paul     however, bon soir is "good evening".
15:09 paul     but it became bonsoir (in 1 word) some centuries ago.
15:11 tumer    bon nuit then
15:11 tumer    is that bonnuit as well ?
15:11 ToinS    no
15:11 ToinS    bonne nuit
15:12 tumer    well i give up
15:13 kados    tumer: can you set your editor to use 4-character tabs?
15:13 tumer    it does not have that facility
15:14 kados    bummer
15:14 tumer    i'll try and find another editor
15:14 kados    since we're working on the same code
15:14 kados    it might be nice to agree on a format
15:14 kados    I propose:
15:14 kados    if {
15:15 kados        my $something;
15:15 kados    }
15:15 kados    so every block is indented one tab
15:15 kados    blocks within blocks also
15:15 kados    makes it easier to see where the logic is
15:15 tumer    once i ca find some editor with tabs i fully agree
15:16 tumer    even for me i use spaces to try t compensate that but its difficult
15:18 tumer    kados: it seems i was cut off after: it makes it easier...
15:18 kados    owen: do you know of a good editor for windows?
15:19 owen     I've struggled with that question repeatedly.
15:19 owen     Lots of folks swear by jedit
15:20 owen     HTML-Kit is another free one (though not open source, I think)
15:22 kados    tumer: just commited a merged opac-zoomsearch.pl
15:22 kados    owen: do you want to merge tumer's changes into your template?
15:22 owen     Sure
15:22 kados    give me a minute or two more
15:22 tumer    k
15:22 kados    well ... maybe its' the template, can't be sure
15:23 kados    ahh ...
15:23 kados    HTML::Template::param() : attempt to set parameter 'searchdesc' with a scalar - parameter is not a TMPL_VAR! at opac-zoomsearch.pl line 64
15:23 kados    musta missed that one ...
15:25 kados    huh ... I don't get it
15:25 kados    tumer: any clues?
15:25 kados    does that just mean it's not in the templates?
15:25 tumer    searchdesc was an array ow is not
15:25 kados    ahh
15:26 kados    in fact, it's not even in the templates
15:26 tumer    it line 17 of zoosearch
15:27 tumer    it has to be my $searchdesc
15:27 kados    I've got:
15:27 kados    my $searchdesc;
15:28 tumer    line 42 and line 66
15:28 kados    then got:
15:28 kados        $searchdesc=$cql_query.$pqf_query;
15:28 kados        $template->param(searchdesc => $searchdesc );
15:28 kados    and that's it
15:28 tumer    all ok
15:28 tumer    whats in template?
15:29 kados    ahh ...
15:29 kados    it's a loop
15:29 kados    so I just delete it and replae with yours
15:29 kados    owen: take note :-)
15:30 tumer    well there were other changes on that template as well
15:30 kados    actually ... owen I'm going to just merge them with cvs
15:31 kados    owen: no conflicts
15:31 kados    we're in business
15:32 kados    http://zoomopac.liblime.com
15:32 kados    tumer: thanks ...
15:32 kados    tumer: so at this point ...
15:32 kados    tumer: I'll be adding a bunch of new features
15:33 kados    tumer: to the results screen
15:33 kados    tumer: and will commit tonight when I'm done
15:33 owen     kados: looks like I just lost my permissions again
15:34 kados    owen: yea ... on purpose :-)
15:34 kados    owen: sec
15:34 kados    owen: k, go ahead
15:34 kados    owen: I merged opac-results.tmpl
15:34 kados    owen: appears to be working
15:35 kados    resort isnt' tho
15:35 kados    probably my fault
15:36 kados    tumer: can you briefly tell me how your resort works?
15:37 kados    tumer: you use ZEbra to cache the query?
15:37 tumer    zebra supposed to cahce it itsel
15:37 tumer    i just do a sort after search on resorts
15:38 kados    ahh ... i see
15:38 tumer    but the code for resort both in templates and code is changed
15:38 kados    yep
15:39 kados    I like your way
15:39 kados    but ...
15:39 tumer    i use "1=4 i< 1=30 >" and aplly teh sort to results->sort
15:39 tumer    go ahead
15:39 kados    it's still important to store the original query seprately on the results page
15:39 kados    because you need it for a 'search within results'
15:39 kados    I'm gonna rewrite it :-)
15:40 kados    tumer: thanks for getting the results integrated
15:40 tumer    origionl query is aleyas stored
15:40 kados    (separate from sort_as?)
15:40 tumer    yes
15:40 kados    ok
15:41 tumer    variable forminputs keeps the origional query
15:42 kados    got it
15:42 tumer    we have a reorder_query variable that keeps the new sort
15:43 tumer    so you can ask for any variable any time
15:44 tumer    but you may have brilliant iadeas like this search module so go ahead and change it
15:46 tumer    i just looked at your page no author names?
15:50 kados    owen: what was the variable you needed for tabs?
15:51 owen     search_type is what it was in opac-catalogue-home.pl (see line 243, for instance)
15:53 kados    ok
15:53 kados    I was calling that search_form
15:55 kados    query_form actually
15:56 kados    owen: ok ... it's available now
15:56 kados    owen: knock yourself out :-)
15:56 kados    owen: want a default value for it?
15:56 kados    owen: cql maybe?
15:56 owen     yeah, that'd be good
15:57 kados    k
15:57 kados    k, it should work now
15:57 kados    owen: anything else I haven't made available to you that you need?
15:58 owen     Not yet
15:58 kados    cool
15:58 tumer    kados:so are you committing these shall i wait?
16:00 owen     kados: where in the script is that default getting set?
16:00 ToinS    bye all
16:05 kados    owen: top line
16:05 kados    my $query_form = $query->param('query_form') | "cql"; # which query form was submitted
16:06 owen     Okay, that's  not really what I need.
16:06 kados    ok, what do you need?
16:06 owen     I need something like we had in the old script:
16:06 owen     	my $search_type = $query->param('search_type');
16:06 owen     	if ((!$search_type) || ($search_type eq 'cql'))  {
16:06 owen     		$template->param(cql_search => 1);
16:06 owen     	} elsif ($search_type eq 'precise') {
16:06 owen     		$template->param(precise_search => 1);
16:06 owen     	} elsif ($search_type eq 'keyword') {
16:06 owen     		$template->param(keyword_search => 1);
16:06 owen     	} elsif ($search_type eq 'loose') {
16:06 owen     		$template->param(loose_search => 1);
16:06 owen     	}
16:06 owen     so that I can say <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="cql" -->
16:07 kados    gotcha
16:07 owen     ...because I can't say <!-- TMPL_IF queryform = "cql" -->
16:07 kados    right
16:07 kados    ok, no prob
16:07 kados    just a sec
16:10 kados    you want them named 'cql_search' or just cql?
16:10 owen     doesn't matter
16:12 kados    ok ... done
16:13 kados    cql_search
16:13 kados    advanced_search
16:13 kados    power_search
16:13 kados    proximity_search
16:15 kados    owen: btw ... feel free to add a link on every search point to a help pop-up
16:15 kados    help.pl
16:15 kados    I'll enable it eventually
16:15 kados    (eventually being sometime in the next 12 hours :-)
16:16 tumer    goodnight all
16:16 kados    night tumer
16:26 owen     kados: Under the advanced search, the 'format' options we could customize with our own itemtype groupings?
16:26 kados    correct
16:26 kados    under power search too
16:27 kados    owen: I've got them as:
16:27 kados    ta = regular print
16:27 kados            tb = large print
16:27 kados            vf = vhs
16:27 kados            vd = video disk
16:27 kados            sd = sound disk - book on CD or music CD
16:27 kados            ss = sound cassette
16:27 kados            co = CD-ROM
16:27 kados    (ignore the two letter code)
16:27 kados    go ahead and throw those inputs in there with blank values
16:28 kados    I'll populate the values when I've got the index updated
16:28 owen     hunh?
16:28 owen     inputs with blank values?
16:28 kados    just put in:
16:28 kados    <input value="">Video Disk</input?
16:28 kados    > even
16:29 kados    does that make sense?
16:29 kados    then ... I'll come along tonight
16:29 kados    and turn that int:
16:29 kados    <input value="@attr 1=8003 vd">Video Disk</input>
16:29 kados    or whatever it is
16:30 kados    (it'll actually be much more complicated than that
16:30 owen     Are we forced by the leader values to accept books on CD and music CDs lumped together?
16:30 kados    no
16:30 kados    in fact, they distinguish
16:30 kados    put what you want in the inputs
16:30 owen      /whew/
16:30 kados    I'll figure out how to make it work :-)
16:31 owen     We never /wanted/ to call DVDs 'video discs,' it was just a kludge to get them to show up next to videos in the format list
16:31 kados    right
16:31 kados    well you can go:
16:31 kados    Videodisk (DVD)
16:31 kados    like worldcat does
16:32 kados    we're not tied to a specific order anymore
16:32 kados    at least not for the formats
16:44 owen     kados: I don't know how much time I'll have this evening, but I'll try to check in
16:44 kados    don't sweat it
16:45 kados    thanks for working on it today
16:45 kados    we've made excellent progress
16:45 kados    I think I can get it at least in a beta phase by tomorrow morning
16:45 kados    I'm actually gonna take dinner in a minute or so
16:45 kados    owen: anything you need before I do?
16:46 owen     No, I'm about to take off too
16:46 kados    cool
16:46 kados    have a good evening
16:46 kados    thanks again
16:46 owen     Likewise
17:15 chris    back
19:00 kados    chris: seen this lately:
19:00 dewey    I haven't seen 'this', kados
19:00 kados    http://zoomopac.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-zoomsearch.pl?query_form=power
19:00 kados    still got a ways to go
19:00 kados    ie, not everything works yet :-)
19:00 kados    but we're getting there
19:01 kados    in fact, the db is currently re-indexing
19:01 kados    so it's completely broken now :-)
19:01 kados    15 minutes
19:02 chris    :-)
19:03 kados    now that I understand it, zebra totally rocks
19:03 kados    :-)
19:04 kados    and I'm actually kinda liking MARC21 at the moment
19:04 kados    strange as that may seem :-)
19:04 chris    oh i dont mind it
19:04 chris    its fine for what its desinged for
19:04 chris    just dont make people have to see it
19:04 chris    :-)
19:04 kados    right :-)
19:06 chris    for a data transport/storage layer its fine
19:06 chris    you dont want to search it
19:06 chris    you want to search a representation of it .. which is what zebra gives us
19:06 kados    yep
19:07 chris    yeah i think that zebra gives the opportunity to do a lot of really cool things
19:07 chris    and if we get 2.4 out
19:08 kados    yep
19:08 chris    that will give us time to get 3.0 right
19:08 kados    yea
19:08 chris    :-)
19:08 kados    i think I'll have the beta of the search working tonight
19:08 chris    zebra stores its indexes as files right?
19:09 kados    well ... yes, they are files
19:09 kados    but you can't really tell what they're for I think
19:09 chris    ah right
19:09 kados    everything is stored as binary
19:09 chris    cos i was thinking
19:09 chris    you could have a cron job watching them, and cvs committing any time they change
19:10 chris    but if they are binary that wont work
19:10 chris    was a 3am idea, so is probably daft :)
19:11 kados    heh
19:12 kados    well what we have
19:12 kados    is just as good i think
19:12 kados    we can just save the xml records
19:12 kados    in a directory
19:12 chris    yeah true
19:12 chris    and rebuild
19:12 kados    the index isn't a big deal
19:12 kados    you can rebuild it in 15 minutes
19:13 kados    and with shadow registers
19:13 kados    you can run the db at the same time
19:13 chris    yep
19:13 kados    a commit takes under a minute
19:13 chris    sounds good
19:13 kados    with 150k records
19:13 chris    sweet
19:13 kados    so worse case scenerio
19:13 kados    you're down 60 seconds :-)
19:13 chris    :)
19:14 kados    the speed is just crazy fast
19:14 chris    another crackpot idea i had
19:14 kados    yea?
19:14 chris    was you could have multiple zebra
19:14 chris    on different machines
19:14 chris    an update does them all
19:14 chris    a search round robins
19:15 kados    yea, that'd be good for super large collections
19:15 kados    but honestly
19:15 kados    our bottleneck here at this point is web traffic and cgi
19:15 chris    yep
19:15 chris    which is cool
19:15 kados    zebra is really fast
19:15 kados    and it doesn't get slower the more records you add
19:15 kados    because of the structure of the index
19:15 chris    sweet
19:16 kados    npl has a language search now :-)
19:16 chris    sweet
19:16 kados    oh ... btw ...
19:16 kados    any ideas on this
19:16 kados    I've got a form like this:
19:16 kados    <form>
19:16 kados    <input name="query1">
19:16 kados    <input name="op1"?
19:17 kados    > even
19:17 kados    <input name="query1">
19:17 kados    <input name="op2">
19:17 kados    query2 I mean :-)
19:17 chris    right
19:17 kados    so ...
19:17 kados    op2 should only be used if query1 and query2 are used
19:17 chris    right
19:18 kados    I'm stumped
19:18 chris    how to do it in that specific case, or in a generalised way?
19:18 kados    in a generalized way
19:18 kados    well let me back up
19:19 kados    here's how i catch those inputs
19:19 kados    my @attributes = ("query","op")
19:19 kados    then ...
19:19 kados    foreach (1..10) {
19:20 kados    $query = $query->param('query$i');
19:20 kados    $op = $qpery->param(op$i);
19:20 kados    }
19:20 chris    k
19:20 kados    well ... slightly more complicated than that actually
19:20 chris    :)
19:20 kados    in fact, I really need a better way to handle the RPN query
19:21 kados    it's a prefix notation
19:21 kados    so 4+5
19:21 kados    looks like
19:21 kados    + 4 5
19:21 chris    bnf
19:21 chris    thats called
19:21 kados    cool
19:21 kados    it gets fairly complex
19:21 kados    because each operand can be a whole query
19:21 kados    so you can have really complex structures
19:21 chris    well a subset of it
19:21 chris    right
19:22 kados    any ideas?
19:22 kados    i was looking at what Mike Taylor did in Net::Z3950::SimpleServer
19:22 kados    which is to have 'augmented classes'
19:22 kados    you basically override a render method on a bunch of classes
19:23 kados    and walkk the tree
19:23 chris    yeah
19:23 kados    but I don't quite grok how to build that
19:23 chris    ur having to build a compiler :)
19:23 kados    hehe
19:23 kados    cool :-)
19:24 kados    I hear there's some way called FIFO
19:24 kados    first in first out
19:24 chris    yep
19:24 kados    but don't quite understand how that works
19:24 kados    (well, haven't properly googled it either :-))
19:24 kados    but I'm going to have to replace my current scheme
19:24 kados    it has one flaw
19:25 kados    which is that when you put in a query in the second, third, etc
19:25 kados    it adds the operator
19:25 kados    which makes it invalid RPN
19:25 kados    (if there is no first term)
19:25 chris    right
19:25 kados    sorry if that doesn't make sense :-)
19:25 chris    no it does
19:26 chris    there are 2 approaches to this
19:26 kados    k
19:26 chris    1 force the form to send compliant data before we parse
19:26 chris    ie if you get something that has 2 and 3 filled but not one, force the user to fill in 1
19:26 kados    difficult to do in html ... imposible I think
19:26 chris    no do it in the script
19:27 chris    but before you try to parse it into rpn
19:27 kados    yea, that wont' work
19:27 kados    because sometimes I'm gonna want to just search for everything in spanish
19:27 chris    the other approach is to build a parser that tries to correct users mistakes
19:27 kados    which is not the first query
19:27 kados    hmmm
19:28 kados    like 'count the number of operands'
19:28 kados    count the number of operators
19:28 kados    make operators = operands - 1
19:28 chris    yep
19:28 kados    ok
19:28 kados    easy enough
19:28 kados    only time it would ever mess up
19:28 chris    one way
19:28 chris    is
19:28 kados    is with @or i think
19:29 chris    for (my $i=0;$i<11;$i++){
19:29 chris    actually
19:29 chris    for (my $i=1;$i<11;$i++){
19:29 chris    in this case
19:29 kados    right
19:29 chris    hmm lemme think ok, here goes
19:30 kados    the way I do it now
19:30 kados    is to run through them twice
19:30 kados    once for the operator
19:30 kados    s
19:30 kados    once for the queries
19:30 kados    so instead of putting them into scalars
19:30 kados    I'll just push them into arrays
19:31 kados    that'll make it a piece of cake
19:31 chris    yep
19:31 kados    so the question is, which one to drop :-)
19:31 chris    you could construct an thing
19:31 chris    a thing
19:31 kados    you've got @and, @or, @not
19:31 kados    ahh ...
19:32 kados    it's aleays going to be the first one
19:32 kados    always
19:32 chris    yep
19:32 kados    cool
19:32 kados    so that's a since
19:32 kados    sinch even :-0
19:32 kados    my new macbook has a slightly different keyboard
19:32 kados    still getting used to it
19:32 kados    btw ... triple booting :-)
19:32 chris    :)
19:32 kados    got debian installed last night
19:32 kados    etch
19:32 kados    and winxp too
19:33 chris    cool
19:33 kados    if only there was some way to have them all running at the same time
19:33 chris    good for testing
19:33 kados    definitely
19:33 kados    cool, thanks for brainstorming with me
19:33 chris    np
19:34 kados    index is rebuilt
19:34 kados    if you want to give some searches a shot
19:34 kados    just keep in mind that limitation
19:34 kados    in the power search, I put an 'a' in the first search box
19:34 kados    which catches it
19:34 chris    ah ok
19:36 chris    sweet
19:36 kados    maori :-)
19:37 kados    hehe
19:37 kados    is the title 'maori'?
19:37 chris    legends of aotearoa
19:37 kados    ahh
19:37 kados    well you can try out the exact title search
19:37 kados    it's in the advanced tab
19:37 kados    one-word titles even work
19:38 chris    ill give that bash
19:38 kados    like 'cell'
19:38 kados    :-)
19:38 chris    if i can spell
19:39 chris    sweet got it
19:40 chris    so i guess the next thing to try
19:40 chris    is making the stemming work?
19:40 chris    eg
19:40 chris    http://zoomopac.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-zoomsearch.pl?query_form=advanced&op=get_results&search_point1=%40attr+1%3D4&query1=legend+of+aotearoa&search_point2=%40attr+1%3D4&query2=&op2=%40and&search_point3=%40attr+1%3D1003&query3=&op3=%40and&search_point4=%40attr+1%3D21&query4=&op4=%40and&search_point5=%40attr+4%3D6+%40attr+1%3D1016&query5=&op5=%40and&op6=%40and&query6=&op7=%40and&query7=&op8=%40and&query8=&op9=%40and&query9=&op10=%40and&query10=&sort_b
19:40 chris    hmm big url
19:40 chris    title search (not exact)
19:40 kados    stemming doesn't work
19:40 chris    on legend of aotearoa (ie i left the s off)
19:40 kados    but ...
19:41 kados    truncation does
19:41 kados    so if you set truncation to right-truncated
19:41 kados    it'll find it
19:41 chris    ahh sweet
19:41 chris    that will work
19:41 kados    what i want to sponsor
19:41 kados    is stemming and phonetics
19:41 kados    it's simple really
19:41 chris    yeah thatd rock
19:41 kados    you implement them as indexes
19:41 chris    so currently
19:41 kados    simple I htink
19:41 chris    if i went
19:41 chris    legend's
19:41 chris    it wouldnt find legends eh?
19:42 kados    ' is equiv to a space
19:42 kados    and if you did it as a fuzzy search
19:42 kados    it would allow that one error
19:42 chris    sweet
19:42 chris    cos that would rule
19:42 kados    yep :-)
19:42 chris    so many ppl leave ' out
19:42 chris    or add them
19:42 kados    part of the learning process
19:42 kados    is what the defaults should be
19:42 chris    yeah
19:42 kados    you can also specify 'process # in term'
19:42 chris    i wonder if we could have different sets of defaults
19:42 kados    and then you could go:
19:43 chris    that you can choose at install?
19:43 kados    legend#s
19:43 kados    well
19:43 kados    in fact ...
19:43 kados    we are going to need to store everything in the db
19:43 kados    right now
19:44 kados    you basically put the @attr 1=X 2=X, etc.
19:44 kados    right in the html
19:44 kados    but eventually
19:44 chris    ahh right
19:44 kados    (in 3.0)
19:44 kados    we are going to want to have a tmpl var
19:44 chris    yeah
19:44 kados    once I'm done with this
19:44 kados    I'll propose a table structure for it
19:44 kados    I've already been working on some ideas
19:44 chris    sweet
19:44 kados    the idea is
19:45 kados    once you get your indexes built
19:45 kados    you can basically don any query
19:45 kados    anyway ... back to coding :-)
19:45 kados    I've got a demo tomorrow :-)
19:45 chris    good luck :)
20:16 kados    hehe
20:17 kados    it works :-)
20:17 kados    now you can just do a search on all the spanish books
20:17 kados    or french
20:17 kados    etc.
20:22 chris    sweet
23:04 kados    chris: got a sec?
23:04 kados    I go:
23:04 kados            $zoom_query_obj = new ZOOM::Query::CQL2RPN($query,$zconn);
23:04 kados            use Data::Dumper;
23:04 kados            warn "CQL STUFF:";
23:04 kados            warn Dumper($zoom_query_obj);
23:04 kados    and I get:
23:04 kados    $VAR1 = bless( {
23:04 kados                     '_query' => bless( do{\(my $o = 150526776)}, 'ZOOM_query' )
23:04 kados                   }, 'ZOOM::Query::CQL2RPN' );
23:04 chris    wk
23:04 chris    -w
23:05 kados    does that look like cacheing or something?
23:05 kados    (I'd like to be able to derive the RPN from the CQL
23:05 chris    hmm i cant tell
23:06 kados    so I can pass on the RPN to the results page for reordering, etc.)
23:06 chris    right
23:06 kados    btw ... with advanced search the reordering works really nicely
23:06 chris    cool
23:07 kados    hmmm
23:07 chris    is $o always the same
23:08 chris    if you do that twice
23:08 chris    is the $o= the same?
23:08 kados    no
23:08 kados    it changes every time
23:08 kados    but ti's not incremental
23:08 chris    twice in the same script i mean
23:08 kados    ahh ... lemme check
23:09 chris    it looks like a timestamp to me
23:09 kados    in that case it's the same
23:09 chris    ok
23:09 chris    what if you go sleep 5 between the calls
23:09 kados    hehe
23:09 kados    ok
23:09 chris    does it increase by 5?
23:10 kados    still identical
23:10 chris    right
23:10 chris    so it looks like it caches
23:10 kados    but where ...
23:10 chris    but only while the script is running
23:10 kados    in yaz?
23:10 kados    or in zebra?
23:10 chris    which makes sense
23:10 chris    not zebra
23:11 kados    so it transforms the CQL to RPN
23:11 kados    and stores it somewhere
23:11 kados    how do I get it out?
23:11 chris    good question
23:11 chris    can you make zebra give it to you?
23:12 kados    dunno
23:12 kados    I'm reading the ZOOM docs
23:12 kados    don't see anything on it
23:13 chris    zebra does the transform right? using the pqf.properties file?
23:15 chris    it outputs it into the log
23:15 kados    yea
23:15 kados    the log?
23:15 chris    so i wonder if there is some way to query for it
23:15 kados    I'm not sure it's zebra doing the transform
23:15 chris    ie if you watch the output of the zebrasvr you can see the rpn
23:16 kados    right
23:16 chris    i think it must be
23:16 chris    because net::z3950 doesnt know about the pqf.properties
23:16 kados    well ... actually ... :-)
23:16 kados    you have to tell it about pqf if you use the CQL2RPN
23:17 chris    ahh
23:17 chris    so in that case it must convert it
23:17 chris    or the c libraries do
23:17 chris    im guessing the c it wraps does
23:17 kados    ZOOM::Query::CQL2RPN
23:17 kados        Implements CQL by compiling it on the client-side into a Z39.50 Type-1 (RPN) query, and sending that.
23:18 chris    cool so if its in the perl thats easy
23:18 chris    but i suspect its in the c
23:18 kados    yea, prolly
23:18 kados    not a big deal
23:18 kados    it only affects the CQL
23:18 kados    I can concern myself with that later
23:18 chris    right
23:18 kados    bigger fish to fry ...
23:18 kados    :-)
23:19 kados    or in my case, bigger tofu to fry :-)
23:22 chris    :)
23:29 kados    chris: is there a way to send an array of variables through in CGI?
23:29 kados    can I have more than one value with the same name?
23:29 kados    and pick it up as an array?
23:29 chris    yes
23:29 chris    easy peasy
23:30 chris    my @array=$input->param('variablename');
23:30 kados    ahh, sweet
23:30 kados    thx
23:30 chris    wanna send someone free koha cds?
23:30 chris    :-)
23:31 chris    thats what the foundation could do :)
23:31 kados    yep
23:31 kados    next week even :-)
23:31 chris    id offer to send john one, but itd cost a lot from nz :-)
23:31 kados    heh
23:31 kados    I need to catch up on list email
23:32 kados    hopefully after tomorrow's demo I'll have a few hours
23:32 chris    :-)
23:32 chris    someone else might offer
02:01 Comete   bonjour à tous !
02:01 Comete   hi all
02:01 paul     hello Comete & osmoze
02:01 Comete   hi paul and osmoze
02:01 osmoze   hello too :)
02:01 Comete   paul: a little bug http://o5.bureau.paulpoulain.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-MARCdetail.pl?bib=2932
02:02 Comete   paul: the display is bad here
02:08 Comete   hi pierrick
02:08 pierrick hi Comete
02:21 chris    evening all
02:21 chris    or morning :-)
02:23 chris    what time is your demo?
02:23 paul     hello kados & chris
02:23 chris    will you have a chance to sleep before it?
02:24 chris    heya paul
02:25 kados    it's at 9:00am
02:25 kados    it's 3:30 right now
02:25 kados    so I'll probably get a few hours of sleep
02:25 kados    I'm cleaning up the results set currently
02:25 kados    and reindexing
02:25 kados    :-)
02:25 chris    :)
02:27 ToinS    hi all
02:27 chris    hi toins
02:29 ToinS    hi chris
02:32 pierrick hi all :-)
02:33 chris    hi pierrick, thanks for fixing that sql
02:33 pierrick fixing? I only reformatted things :-) Do you like the presentation?
02:33 chris    yes, much easier to read
02:34 paul     although I think listing each field on a single line will make too long queries
02:34 paul     (hi pierrick)
02:34 chris    i was converting things to capitalised SQL words as I was going yesterday
02:34 chris    but then it got towards the end of the day
02:34 chris    and i just started committing madly :-)
02:35 pierrick paul, many lines is less important than readibility IMO
02:35 pierrick paul, think of the result of a "grep" for example
02:35 paul     yes, but I think that 15 lines just for a SQL query is not the best for readability
02:36 pierrick paul, how long should a line in a SQL query be?
02:37 kados    has everyone seen Koha 2.3 (or what will be 2.3 very soon): http://zoomopac.liblime.com/
02:37 kados    (the search anyway)
02:37 paul     kados: yes, I saw. quite impressive...
02:38 paul     I don't understand every term in "power search". So i'm not a power user ;-)
02:38 kados    hehe
02:38 kados    there is a new 'resort by' feature
02:38 chris    :)
02:38 kados    it works for the non-simple searches only right now
02:38 kados    simple search will work soon ...
02:39 pierrick kados, I like the design of zoomopac :-)
02:40 kados    and I think if you put multiple terms in a non-simple search box, you need to enclose them in quotes still
02:40 chris    i like the speed :-)
02:40 kados    though obviously that will be fixed
02:40 kados    I like the speed and the nice search feature
02:40 kados    for istance, you can find all the french books in NPL's catalog
02:40 kados    something previously impossible
02:41 kados    hmmm
02:42 chris    no books on koha
02:42 kados    hehe
03:24 Icez     .
03:28 Icerz    hellol
03:28 chris    hi
03:28 dewey    hola, chris
03:29 Icerz    anyone here from new zealand
03:29 chris    i am
03:29 Icez     .
03:29 Icerz    .
03:31 paul     ... /me suspect icexxx to be a bot...
03:32 Icez     really
03:32 Icez     nah i'm normal just like you
03:32 paul     so what means winamp... ?
03:33 paul     & sorry if you are not a bot, because your 1st message was quite strange ;-)
03:33 Icez     it's a script
03:34 chris    so what brings you to #koha?
03:37 Icez     nm aye
03:37 Icez     just looking on the net for irc servers (NZ)
03:37 chris    ahh well this is for the discussion of the koha project
03:37 chris    www.koha.org
03:37 chris    so wont be interesting unless you are interested in that
03:39 Icez     you delevope software?
03:39 chris    yes
03:39 chris    for use in libraries
03:40 Icez     cool
03:49 chris    paul: http://www.bigballofwax.co.nz/cgi-bin/blosxom/2006/06/08#cvs-stats
03:50 paul     mine are better : http://bureau.paulpoulain.com/cvslog/
03:50 paul     ;-)
03:50 chris    that using statcvs ?
03:51 paul     nope, it uses cvschangelogbuilder
03:51 paul     (link at end of page)
03:51 paul     in fact, they are quite differents things.
03:51 chris    ahh
03:52 paul     mine show cvs history while your show cvs weekly activity
03:52 chris    yep, all right if i link to yours from my blog?
03:52 paul     of course.
03:53 paul     who commits as sushi ?
03:53 chris    mason, from katipo
03:56 chris    icez: would you be able to turn that part of your script off please?
03:56 chris    pierrick, you are plg on savannah?
03:57 pierrick I am
03:57 pierrick Pierrick Le Gall
03:59 chris    of course, silly me :)
04:28 tumer    morning all
04:28 chris    hi tumer
04:28 paul     hi tumer
04:29 tumer    hi all
04:30 tumer    in october i have 80 university library directors coming for a meeting. All very interested in koha
04:31 paul     mmm... sounds very interesting.
04:31 chris    wow
04:31 tumer    i have to get this zoom perfercted and guess what kados is now 'our man' for zoom
04:31 chris    thats a lot of directors
04:31 paul     if you need someone to come to speak, don't hesitate to ask, i'm sure someone will volunteer to come to cyprus ;-)
04:31 chris    heh
04:32 tumer    you can come to cyprus anytime no need to speak
04:33 tumer    has anybody noticed a bug with addbiblio.tmpl
04:33 paul     what kind of bug ?
04:33 tumer    you cannot repaeat a subfield more than once
04:34 tumer    or is it a windows problem?
04:35 chris    ahh i think i remember kados talking about that
04:35 chris    i think he may have fixed it somewhere, maybe it was in head?
04:36 tumer    i think paul also made some changes recently but dont know which version now (having 3!)
04:37 chris    ill take a quick look
04:37 tumer    so yours ok than paul?
04:38 chris    http://cvs.savannah.nongnu.org/viewcvs/koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/default/en/acqui.simple/addbiblio.tmpl?rev=1.42&root=koha&view=log
04:39 tumer    thanks chris
04:56 tumer    paul: yours seems to have the same problem. Once duplicated it can not be moved or repeated again
05:14 Comete   paul: did you see the url i gave you this morning ?
10:05 paul     kados around ?
11:31 paul     bye world.