Time  Nick     Message
12:04 tim      Is owen around?
12:04 owen     Yes
12:04 tim      Thanks again for the quick fix yesterday.
12:04 owen     Sure
12:05 tim      Our call numbers weren't showing on that page, but I remembered how kados said you got it working before, so I made the change.
15:48 owen     kados: are you around?
15:48 kados    owen: yep
15:48 kados    owen: what's up?
15:48 owen     I finally figured out that stupid error with the opac-dictionary
15:49 kados    yea?
15:49 kados    what was it?
15:49 owen     I felt like smacking myself when I realized what the problem was.
15:49 kados    heh
15:49 owen     The javascript is writted to reference numbered form fields.  The npl templates have the fields in a different order, so it wasn't working
15:50 owen     I re-wrote it to reference field names instead of numbers, and I'm testing it now.
15:50 kados    cool
15:50 kados    brb
15:54 kados    mmmm ... cookie :-)
15:55 owen     That's the problem with working in Chauncey... If I get a snack attack and I didn't come prepared I'm screwed.
16:01 owen     Hmm... still some bugs to work out I see... the headings are getting pasted in as URL-encoded for some reason...
16:03 owen     "Butterflies%20in%20literature" instead of "Butterflies in literature"
16:13 kados    huh
16:13 kados    isn't that in the template var?
16:13 kados    I remember seeing that in there
16:13 kados    ESCAPE HTML or something
16:13 owen     It's the string that Javascript is sending back to the parent window from the dictionary popup
16:13 kados    ahh
16:13 owen     Wait... maybe you're right.
16:16 owen     Yeah.... though I don't know why it changed that aspect of its behavior when I changed the javascript.
16:25 chris    those web4lib guys love to talk about google
16:28 owen     ?
16:29 chris    the web4lib mailing list, the only threads that get any traction are the ones arguing about google
16:29 owen     :) Is it the libraries-are-better-than-google argument?
16:30 chris    it always degenerates into that
16:30 chris    starts as something like is your opac discoverable by google
16:31 kados    hehe yea
16:32 kados    morning chris
16:32 kados    I need a nap
16:32 owen     Too many cookies?
16:32 kados    hehe yea, probably :-)
16:34 chris    is there such a thing as too many cookies?
16:40 owen     kados: give the updated dictionary popup a try when you get a chance and let me know if you run into any problems.
16:41 kados    owen: will do
16:44 kados    owen: hmmm, doesn't seem to work
16:44 kados    owen: anything to update asside from opac-dinctionary.tmpl?
16:45 owen     opac-search.tmpl as well
16:46 kados    ahh, yes, working now
16:47 kados    thanks!
16:47 kados    really, that dictionary search should work much differently IMO
16:48 kados    it should fill the search with the correct values for an authority search
16:48 kados    maybe it could be done behind the scenes
16:48 kados    with a hidden input or something
16:48 kados    I need to give that some thought
16:49 kados    but right now I'm gonna head out for a bit
16:49 kados    be back soon
21:32 kados    thd: are you around?
21:40 thd      kados: yes, I am here
21:40 thd      kados: I had tooo much sleep to recover earlier today
21:44 kados    :-)
21:47 thd      kados: last night I added the University of Alaska, Fairbanks Z39.50 server to my targets, but it times out every time.  Many of the best targets of all timeout from lack of maintenance or excessive load.
21:52 kados    too bad
21:56 thd      kados: there is a union catalogue for Alaska but Z39.50 access requires an OCLC account.
21:57 thd      kados: I had already added more Canadian targets.  They are at least close enough for some records.
22:01 kados    ok
22:40 thd      kados: do you have some MARC::Record code for the following equivalent:
22:40 thd      my $copylabel;
22:40 thd      if (scalar(@952t) > 1 && $952t > 1) {
22:40 thd          $copylabel = 'c.' . $952t;
22:40 thd      }
22:40 thd      }if ($050a && $050b) {
22:40 thd          $952k = join(' ', $050a, $050b, $copylabel);
22:40 thd      } elsif ($090a && $090b) {
22:40 thd          $952k = join(' ', $090a, $090b, $copylabel);
22:40 thd      }
22:40 thd      } elsif ($852h && $852i) {
22:40 thd          $952k = join(' ', $852h, $852i, $copylabel);
22:40 thd      }
22:40 thd      kados: show me some example code to do that and save the record
22:41 thd      s/\}if/if/
22:42 thd      kados: are you still there?
22:48 kados    thd: are all your MARC records in a single file?
22:48 kados    or are they in separate files?
22:49 thd      kados: they will be in a single file and in an array
22:50 kados    ?
22:50 thd      kados: the array will be written to file
22:50 thd      kados: redundancy
22:50 kados    are you calling the php script from perl?
22:51 kados    it would make more sense in that case to handle the record modification on the fly in the perl and discard the array
22:51 thd      kados: there will be a single file with all the records and a delimited record file with the records and more information to be added to the records
22:52 thd      kados: the files except the log files are written by PHP currently and through Thursday :)
22:53 kados    :-)
22:53 kados    that's gonna be challanging then
22:53 kados    you'll have to open both files and try to merge the data
22:54 kados    how do you plan to match the record and the array? is there a unique identifier?
22:54 thd      kados: Perl calls PHP.  PHP writes to file.  A new Perl script opens delimited file and updates record then writes to a new MARC only file.
22:55 thd      kados: the delimited file includes the captured MARC record.
22:56 thd      kados: There is another file written by PHP with only the captured records as a fail safe.
22:56 kados    where is the array>
22:57 thd      kados: the array is created in PHP and then written as a delimited file then recreated in Perl when the delimited file is read with a second Perl script.
22:58 kados    so the second perl script reads the array and the marc file?
22:58 kados    how does it know which array goes with which marc file?
22:59 thd      kados: the MARC records are all embedded in the delimited file as one column.  There is an extra file with only MARC records just in case of badness.
23:03 thd      kados: there is no need to match the delimited file created by PHP with the MARC record only file created by PHP but if you really wanted to they would have the first record in the MARC only file would match the first row in the delimited file etc.
23:03 thd      kados: However, the delimited file contains the records already.
23:04 thd      s/records/MARC records/
23:05 thd      kados: If processing the delimited file failed within the time constraint then we still have the MARC records only file as a failsafe.
23:06 kados    if you don't mind my saying so, this sounds like a nightmare :-)
23:06 thd      kados: why, It seems very simple for me?
23:07 thd      kados: or it does, given that I am fully awake :)
23:08 thd      kados: It may not be the best possible solution but I think it will work just fine for now and if it does not we still have all the MARC records in a file.
23:09 kados    ok ... sounds good
23:09 kados    so long as I get the MARC records tonight or tomorrow so I have a couple of days to load them in
23:10 thd      kados: I have plenty of experience working with files like this.  I am short on experience with MARC::Record because it did not exist when I was writing applications for working with MARC records.
23:10 thd      kados: I just need some example code for MARC::Record.
23:12 thd      kados: I could learn it properly but I can manage with some example code within the time constraint without pouring over examples embedded in Koha and elsewhere :)
23:13 kados    thd: http://search.cpan.org/dist/MARC-Record/
23:13 kados    thd: some good stuff there
23:13 kados    the POD docs are better than anything I could show you
23:14 thd      kados: I was hoping that you could show me an example for the pseudo code that I had posted.
23:15 kados    I'm a little tied up at the moment
23:15 thd      kados: no problem.  sorry, that I was not awake yet in mid-afternoon.
23:16 thd      kados: I really needed the sleep for my thinking cap to work again :)
23:16 kados    I know what you mean :-)
23:18 thd      kados: My thinking cap does work very well when I am fully rested, however, it had gone past the completely non-functional state for performing even the most trivial task by the previous night :)
01:20 Genji    Greetings all.
02:14 pierrick hello #koha
02:14 pierrick is mason here?
03:02 mason    hiya pierrick
03:02 mason    i am here
03:19 pierrick hi mason
03:20 pierrick why do you commit a new feature on HEAD in "npl" template?
03:22 mason    because i am stupid
03:22 mason    :)
03:23 mason    it was a mistake
03:23 mason    i meant to commit them to rel_2_2
03:24 mason    new features should use the PROG templates?
03:24 pierrick yes mason, the only official template currently on HEAD is "prog"
03:26 mason    thanks, i will fix this by removing my commits files from HEAD and commiting some new ones in prog
03:27 pierrick OK :-) thank you mason
03:27 mason    s/commits/commited
03:27 mason    i am still learning cvs
03:27 pierrick :-)
03:28 pierrick ask help if you need it, I will be pleased to give some
04:00 mason    ta, thanks for chatting
08:58 pierrick salut Antoine
09:01 ToinS    salut !
09:05 pierrick tu t'en sors avec le MARC editor
09:05 pierrick ?
09:05 ToinS    euh... oui...
09:06 ToinS    je reprends bcp de chose dejà faite.
09:06 pierrick tu fais ça en XUL finalement ?
09:06 ToinS    XUL + AJAX
09:06 pierrick ???
09:06 ToinS    l'interface est en XUL
09:06 ToinS    tous les webservices en AJAX
09:06 pierrick L'intérêt de XUL était selon mes connaissances limitées (pour le moment) de ne pas utiliser des technologies instables comme AJAX
09:07 pierrick tu fais du XUL alors, pas de l'AJAX
09:08 pierrick tu rafraichis tes listes via des RDF qui sont regénérés par un appel de webservice SOAP ou XMLRPC, c'est ça?
09:08 ToinS    disons que je fais du XUL mais que je me sers de xmlHTTPrequest
09:08 pierrick OK, bon, il faut que je lise mon bookin sur XUL, avant la KohaCon, de préférence
09:09 ToinS    je suis debutant la dessus aussi...
09:09 pierrick comment tu trouves ça de construire des interfaces en XUL ?
09:09 pierrick par rapport aux interfaces HTML?
09:09 ToinS    c'est facile et pratique !
09:09 pierrick (là je suis en train de reprendre complètement l'interface des budgets, et le HTML impose de nombreuses lignes de code :-/)
09:09 ToinS    en html tout est très vite limité
09:10 pierrick en XUL, tu as un widget pour choisir une date dans un joli calendrier?
09:11 ToinS    je ne sais pas... je n'ai pas eu a me poser cette question.
09:14 pierrick tu seras avec nous pour la semaine des développeurs (8 au 12 mai)
09:14 pierrick ?
09:14 ToinS    oui !
09:14 pierrick cool :-)
09:14 ToinS    j'habite marseille... donc autant en profiter
09:15 pierrick et tu n'as pas de voiture?
09:15 ToinS    a priori non
09:15 pierrick c'est vrai que tu es étudiant
09:15 ToinS    eh oui... :)
09:15 pierrick (j'ai eu ma première voiture pendant ma première année de boulot)
10:01 owen     For a perfect example look at the problem of deleting a duplicate reserve
10:36 owen     kados: what do you know about the new barcode and label printing stuff?
10:43 kados    owen: well, I sponsored it :-)
10:44 owen     Then I'm talking to the right guy :)
10:44 owen     How does it relate to the old barcode generator?
10:45 kados    it replaces it
10:45 kados    it adds the ability to print barcodes and spine labels simaltaneously
10:46 kados    yea, template could use some tinkering
10:46 kados    looks like mason didn't commit the updatedatabase stuff
10:46 kados    which would be needed before you could test it on your box
10:46 owen     I was just about to ask if it required updatedatabase
10:47 kados    yea ... lemme get you the sql you'll need, should be pretty painless
10:48 owen     Are the menu options across the top the steps in the process?  (1. label options, 2. add labels, 3. web preview, 4. generate pdf) ?
10:49 kados    yep
10:49 kados    first you pick the type
10:49 kados    then you add items
10:49 kados    then you do a preview
10:49 kados    then you print a pdf
10:49 kados    sql sent
10:50 kados    you can just run that manually in the sql monitor on whatever machine you're working on (101 still having auth probs?)
10:50 owen     Got it
10:50 owen     Only with HEAD
10:50 kados    ahh
10:50 kados    man, that's strange
11:08 tim      Hey kados and owen.  I think I found a bug in one of our templates.
11:08 tim      I checked and it's in the NPL template too.
11:09 owen     What's the scoop?
11:09 tim      line 41 of catalogue/detail.tmpl needs </form> at the end.
11:10 tim      and the TMPL_VAR name="biblionumber" should be "bibid"
11:10 tim      Double check my work of course.
11:14 owen     But I think the biblionumber thing is okay. You're talking about line 41 still right?
11:15 tim      Yeah
11:16 tim      I wouldn't get any item info unless I changed it to bibid
11:17 owen     But still missing the form tag right?
11:17 tim      Yeah.
11:18 owen     I think the form tag is the only problem
11:18 tim      When I click on edit items, I don't get any item information, but if I go to edit items from the edit records screen, I get the information.
11:19 tim      That's what I had to change to get it so the Edit Items button worked in details.pl?bib=nnnnn
11:20 tim      What I was trying to do was make it work the same as when you click on Save Bibliographic Record and go to Items in the marc edit screen.
11:21 tim      Because edit items didn't work from detail
11:21 owen     I've committed the corrected version
11:22 tim      Was the bibid thing right or am I missing something?
11:23 owen     When I click the 'Edit Items' button in the corrected version, the URL it sends me to is '/cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/additem.pl?bibid=16595'
11:24 owen     The form field /name/ is bibid. It's just the template variable that is named biblionumber
11:24 owen     i.e. the form field /value/
11:30 tim      Mine comes up with "Items for (Record#)" at the top and no item information for the original item.
11:31 tim      Unless I change biblionumber to bibid
11:34 tim      Isn't it supposed to show the title and record number at the top and item info for the items that are already in the record?
11:35 tim      Like it does when you edit items after editing marc?
11:35 tim      It also doesn't add any records when I try to add it.
11:37 tim      I mean it doesn't add any items to the record.
11:39 owen     Honestly I don't know what is going wrong. Even without the closing form tag the form works fine for me. It still takes me to the right screen
11:40 tim      it's taking me to the page, but not with the right info.  Did you check it on our system to see what I'm talking about?
11:40 kados    tim: so what's going on?
11:41 kados    tim: this was working a few days ago right?
11:41 tim      I think the main problem is I'm terrible at explaining what's going on.
11:41 tim      Could be.  It was jut brought to my attention when I got here today.
11:42 kados    tim: so is it that you can do everything from MARCdetail but not everything from detail?
11:42 kados    hey shedges
11:42 tim      The cataloger's gone for a while, so I can't ask her if it was working before.
11:42 tim      Yeah.  Edit Items doesn't work from detail.
11:42 kados    shedges: how are things in the big city?
11:42 shedges  hey kados
11:42 kados    tim: if they work from MARCdetail I'd say that's a good temporary workaround
11:43 kados    until we resolve whatever the bug is
11:43 shedges  kados: busy -- did you see the OPLIN 4cast?
11:43 kados    shedges: yea, that your work?
11:44 tim      I noticed that from MARCdetail, it uses bibid, so when I changed it in detail, it seemed to work.
11:44 tim      I'm just wondering if that was the right thing to do.
11:44 kados    interesting
11:44 shedges  kados: nope, just my idea
11:44 kados    cool
11:44 owen     OPLIN 4cast?
11:45 shedges  www.oplin.org/4cast/index.php
11:45 shedges  put it in your Live Bookmarks!
11:45 kados    woo hoo, wordpress
11:46 shedges  yep -- saved the day!
11:46 tim      owen says that it's the way it should be and he'd know a whole lot more about it than I do.  But for some reason it doesn't work for me without the change.
11:46 kados    we're using it for our newsletter too
11:46 kados    tim: that's truly bizzar
11:47 kados    bizarre even :-)
11:49 kados    tim: have you changed detail.tmpl recently?
11:50 kados    when I view source on the detail page I see:
11:50 kados    <form action="acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="oldbiblionumber" value="16607" /><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Edit Record" /></form>
11:50 kados    		<form action="acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="oldbiblionumber" value="16607" /><input type="hidden" name="op" value="duplicate" /><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Duplicate Record" /></form>
11:50 kados    		<form action="acqui.simple/additem.pl" method="get" /><input type="hidden" name="bibid" value="16607" /><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Edit Items" /></form>
11:50 kados    		<form action="/cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="op" value="delete" /><input type="hidden" name="bibid" value="100609" /><input type="submit" class="cancel" value="Delete Record" onclick="confirm_deletion(); return false;" /></form>
11:50 kados    I assume it's that 'Edit Record' button that's causing trouble
11:50 tim      Yup.  I added the </form> at the end of line 41
11:51 kados    Edit Record works fine
11:51 kados    looks like Edit Items doesn't though
11:51 tim      Yup.  I was thinking the biblionumber should be changed to bibid because that's how it works from MARCdetail
11:51 kados    hmmm
11:51 kados    lemme check the script
11:52 kados    yea, additem.pl seems to want bibid
11:52 kados    my $bibid = $input->param('bibid');
11:53 owen     It /is/ passing bibid
11:53 owen     ...based on what kados pasted above.
11:53 owen     "<input type="hidden" name="bibid" value="16607" />"
11:53 kados    and edit items works fine from MARCdetail
11:53 kados    lemme find that form
11:54 kados    <div id="controls"><form action="/cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/addbiblio.pl" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="oldbiblionumber" value="16607" /><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Edit MARC" /></form> <form action="/cgi-bin/koha/acqui.simple/additem.pl" method="get"><input type="hidden" name="bibid" value="100609" /><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Edit Items" /></form> <form name="duplicate"><h4>Duplicate</h4> using <select name="Frameworks" size
11:54 tim      It's passing "bibid" but the number isn't the bibid.
11:54 kados    right
11:55 kados    it's probably the itemnum
11:55 tim      It's passing biblionumber in place of the bibid
11:56 kados    huh, here's the template:
11:56 kados    <form action="acqui.simple/additem.pl" method="get" /><input type="hidden" name="bibid" value="<!-- TMPL_VAR name="biblionumber"-->" /><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Edit Items" /></form>
11:56 kados    so what happens if we chage that to bibid
11:56 tim      I just checked with one.  It's passing 16258 when it should be passing 100260.
11:56 tim      That will work kados
11:57 kados    that seems to have done it
11:57 kados    so owen ...
11:57 kados    on your box you can pass in biblionumber and it works?
11:57 tim      select * from marc_biblio where bibid=100260 shows biblionumber=16285
11:57 kados    right
11:58 tim      Nope.  I have to change biblionumber to bibid to get it to work.
11:58 tim      In line 41
11:58 kados    I'm just wondering how this one slipped past ... ie, whether owen can pass in biblionumber to get it working
11:58 owen     The 'Edit Items' button works fine for me from detail.tmpl. This is on 101 with fresh CVS from this morning.
11:59 kados    weird
11:59 kados    it uses biblionumber