Time  Nick     Message
11:59 kados    tim: will that work for now?
11:53 kados    tim: hopefully we'll have a fix for it soon
11:53 kados    tim: in the meantime, could you delete from the MARC view?
11:53 kados    tim: ok, I'll file a bug report
11:53 tim      That worked.
11:52 tim      I don't know how we got so many in there.
11:52 kados    tim: try deleting from the marc view
11:52 kados    I bet the template is wrong for the simple view
11:51 tim      I added an item to the first one I told you about to see if it would let me get rid of it.
11:51 kados    ahha
11:51 kados    ok, 19557 donesn't have items
11:51 tim      or 19636
11:51 kados    tim: it looks pretty complete to me
11:51 tim      try 19557
11:51 kados    tim: and how is this a 'partial record'?
11:50 kados    tim: Koha shouldn't let you delete records that have items attached
11:50 kados    tim: looks like it's still got an item attached to it
11:50 tim      Yup.
11:50 kados    tim: same record?
11:49 kados    tim: The giants and the Joneses?
11:48 kados    thx
11:48 tim      biblionumber 19559
11:45 kados    could you give me an example?
11:45 kados    hi tim
11:39 tim      We have some partial records on our system that won't delete.   Anyone know how we can get rid of them?
11:19 hdl      bye
11:19 hdl      byr
11:19 hdl      kados : I will read the logs.
11:06 kados    pierrick: i already announced it for 19:00 GMT today
10:37 pierrick then I'll leave office and won't look at my emails until the meeting
10:37 pierrick kados, my only wish is that a decision is taken in the next 20 minutes
10:29 kados    it's very difficult to plan these meetings
10:29 kados    well 20GMT might prevent Tumer ...
10:29 kados    arrg
10:23 pierrick kados, don't place meeting at 19h00 GMT if it prevents chris and russ from attending
09:55 hdl      Some Improvements on Authorities should be designed.
09:55 hdl      Tomorrow and the day after, we are with a client.
09:52 kados    of course
09:52 hdl      would you mind sending email on devel. So that we could have a look at it before Thursday ?
09:52 kados    and maybe even report via bugzilla ;-)
09:51 kados    I will compile a list of bugs and present them at the meeting
09:51 hdl      Say ?
09:51 kados    (IMO)
09:51 kados    I'm afraid these bugs will delay 2.4 (or they should at least)
09:51 kados    wow, quite late in the week
09:50 kados    hdl: so I can discuss these bugs with him?
09:50 hdl      On Thursday.
09:50 kados    cool
09:50 kados    hdl: will paul be around later in the week?
09:50 hdl      today.
09:50 hdl      We are working together pierrick and me.
09:50 kados    pierrick: great
09:50 kados    hdl: I have discovered some additional bugs in Authorities
09:50 pierrick I will
09:50 kados    pierrick: will you attend?
09:50 kados    as 19:00 GMT was for EU attenders :
09:50 hdl      pierrick: ???
09:49 kados    if no frenchies will attend, perhaps we should have the mtg at 20:00GMT
09:49 hdl      I am away from home and no internet connection.
09:49 kados    hdl: also good to know ;-)
09:49 hdl      kados : I wo't be able to attend also.
09:49 kados    hdl: ok, thanks
09:48 hdl      kados
09:48 hdl      But I doubt it.
09:44 kados    hdl: will paul be attending the meeting today?
09:43 kados    hdl: hi hdl
09:43 kados    pierrick: I'll send a mail to koha-devel as a reminder
09:43 kados    pierrick: I can
09:43 pierrick who can confirm meeting is at 19h00 GMT today?
09:39 hdl      kados
09:39 hdl      yes
08:55 kados    hdl: are you around?
08:26 kados    owen: to be honest, it's been so long since I used Koha's default install directories I can't remember ;-)
08:25 owen     kados: any thoughts about pierrick's comments about itemtype images?
08:02 hdl      chris : thanks
05:48 chris    bob or richard at katipo would be better people to ask about it, ill get them to take a look
05:47 chris    ill leave those decisions to others
05:47 chris    im not an expert on html at all
05:47 chris    yeah
05:42 |hdl|    chris: some functionnality such as itemtype add/modify, you have an input type="button", which seems to be a casual way to do things.
05:41 |hdl|    chris: and tell what you think on koha-devel.
05:40 |hdl|    chris : you could look at what he did on stopwords pages.
05:40 |hdl|    chris : pierrick tries to propose somehting about ergonomy and use of javascript in buttons.
05:00 chris    salut
05:00 chris    or should i say
04:59 chris    hi
04:59 |hdl|    chris ?
04:59 |hdl|    hcris
03:15 |hdl|    hello