Time  Nick      Message
11:40 griffjon  OK, so I've used the marc import tool to get my old Access DB loaded into the bilbio table -- but I can't figure out how to "activate" these records so that they appear in the catalog?
11:06 paul_away see you later
11:02 pierrick  read you tomorrow, I'm leaving (paul, I'll commit itemtypes tomorrow)
10:51 thd       paul: my French is mostly serviceable for buying and simple cataloguing.of books.
10:46 thd       paul: I can guess at the text of a few languages, mostly French,  but I cannot follow the spoken language in any language but English :)
10:42 paul      (but my accent is really poor, jean pierre's highly better)
10:41 paul      (or maybe i will as well)
10:41 paul      I won't, but jean pierre will
10:41 thd       paul: Will you provide an oral translation from French into English as well?  I had noticed paper translation of text previously.
10:40 paul      but I asked everybody to send presentations 1 week before to have it on paper too
10:40 paul      yes
10:39 thd       paul: Is that an oral translation?
10:39 paul      translated by jp sakoun & me.
10:39 paul      yep.
10:39 thd       paul: From the presenters, it would seem that 3 May will also mostly be in English.  Is that correct?
10:37 thd       paul: I told him that the 3rd day was likely to have the best detailed information.
10:36 paul      (for instance, it's only 30places)
10:36 paul      for 3rd, we may need to move to a larger room !
10:36 paul      for the 1st day, no risk : there are more than 100
10:35 thd       ?
10:35 thd       paul: Is the any real risk of the places for convention in Paris becoming over full.  I have been trying to have someone from Madrid come to Paris but his plans keep changing.
10:32 thd       paul: kados:has given me some work which has kept me busy and under communicative recently.
10:30 thd       paul: I only have to pester the US state department to ensure that my passport arrives in time,  There should be no danger even if they took the maximum time from my application but I do not have it yet.
10:26 paul      the mediteranean sea is on the west
10:26 paul      Marseille is N/S oriented.
10:26 paul      that's a mistake everybody does...
10:26 thd       paul: I thought there was more sea to the south :)
10:26 paul      and on the west a part of the city, then "calanques"
10:25 paul      on the left is the sea.
10:25 paul      the hotel being in the center !
10:25 paul      (and the CMI is on the north)
10:25 paul      (south of)
10:25 paul      I live in Marseille !
10:25 thd       paul: Do you live near Marseille?
10:24 paul      don't worry, i'll take care of this.
10:24 thd       paul: I made the change with hdl about a week ago when I found that the hostels had all been booked but I believe there is public transport in Marseille.
10:21 paul      mine + hdl one
10:21 paul      yep
10:21 thd       paul: do you mean cars between the hostel and the conference location in Marseille?
10:21 paul      thanks, I go back to bug hunting
10:20 paul      i'll try to find a solution to this problem...
10:20 paul      (+ we now have a problem, as we will be 11 for 2 cars !)
10:19 paul      ok, great
10:19 thd       paul: hdl was kind enough to change his room in Marseille for a twin to share with me
10:19 paul      (for Marseille I mean)
10:19 paul      did you reserve an hotel ?
10:18 thd       yes, I merely had neglected to register for the convention
10:18 paul      (for devWeek ?)
10:17 paul      do you plan to come to Marseille too ?
10:17 paul      just saw your registration for 2/3 may.
10:17 paul      hi thomas.
10:17 thd       hello paul
10:16 paul      (or is it an auto reconnect ?)
10:16 paul      hi thd.
10:16 paul      to report the authority value.
10:15 paul      i explain what i'm doing : i pass the tag$id to be able to find all <input> (that are the subfields of the tag)
10:15 paul      kados: how to get all <div> that are childs of an object ?
10:04 kados     I'm not sure
10:01 paul      kados : do you know if thd will stay for the devWeek ?
09:49 kados     ahh, thanks
09:48 paul      )
09:48 paul      (in AuthoritiesMarc.pm
09:48 paul      AUTHaddauthority
09:48 kados     paul: I see 'newNEWbiblio', but no NEWauthority
09:48 kados     paul: where is 'NEWauthority' method?
09:40 kados     I'll give that a shot
09:40 kados     thx
09:38 kados     yep
09:38 paul      (assumed the links are correct & in $9)
09:38 kados     great!
09:38 paul      and that should be enough.
09:38 paul      thus you should just have to modify bulkmarcimport to do an NEWauthority instead of a NEWbiblio !
09:37 kados     authors.mrc, subjects.mrc, etc.
09:37 kados     each type of auth record is a separate file
09:37 kados     yes
09:36 paul      are the auth records in an iso2709 file ?
09:35 paul      it should not be too hard I think
09:34 kados     paul: how difficult would it be to import auth records assuming that all the links were correct (and in $9)
09:33 kados     paul: but we don't have a bulkauthimport.pl script, correct?
09:33 kados     paul: they are of the form: A123456.1 in the Bib record, and 123456.1 in the Auth record
09:32 kados     paul: one of my clients has bib + authority data _with_ linking numbers
09:31 kados     docs++
09:31 paul      & we could improve our js skills with some understandable docs...
09:31 kados     we could really improve Koha quite a bit with some nice javascript
09:30 kados     excellent!
09:30 paul      is my friend now !
09:30 paul      getElementsByTagName
09:30 kados     cool :-)
09:30 paul      a very good day ;-)
09:30 paul      Yo, Ithink I just started to walk the DOM.
09:27 kados     I'm not very good at it myself, only having done it once or twice
09:26 kados     hehe
09:26 kados     http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/tutorials/javascript/domstructure
09:26 paul      yo ! i'll become a walk the DOM man if you explain me how to do !
09:26 kados     so you can 'walk the DOM'
09:26 paul      (that is unique)
09:26 kados     right
09:26 paul      "under" subfieldid
09:25 paul      it's the value of the object named "subfield_value"
09:25 kados     that's it then
09:25 kados     ahh!
09:25 paul      so, what i'm looking for is not an attribute of defaultid.
09:25 paul      the defaultid should contains some other objects (1 for each <input>)
09:25 kados     hmmm
09:24 paul      (as expected : as defaultvalue is null, it has no .value)
09:23 paul      js errove : defaultvalue has no properties
09:23 kados     alert("DEF"+defaultvalue.value);
09:22 kados     woops
09:22 kados     alert("DEF"+defaultid.value);
09:22 kados     defaultvalue=defaultid.getAttribute("name");
09:21 kados     try:
09:21 kados     it's ok as ""
09:21 kados     no, I'm wrong
09:21 paul      ??
09:20 kados     as that converts a var to a string
09:20 kados     don't put it in ""
09:20 kados     http://www.mozilla.org/docs/dom/domref/dom_el_ref38.html
09:20 kados     it should work
09:19 kados     hmmm
09:19 paul      but it doesn't work either
09:19 paul      no, you wrote "getAttribute("name")
09:19 kados     did I write that?
09:19 kados     hehe
09:18 kados     how does it know "subfield_value"?
09:18 kados     defaultvalue=defaultid.getAttribute("subfield_value");
09:18 kados     right
09:18 paul      (at the beginning of js)
09:18 paul      missing : function Dopop(link,subfieldid) {
09:18 kados     hmm
09:17 paul      the 2nd one answer : NULL
09:17 paul      object HTMLDivElement
09:17 paul      the 1st alert gives me :
09:17 paul      	alert("DEF"+defaultvalue);
09:17 paul      	defaultvalue=defaultid.getAttribute("subfield_value");;
09:17 paul      	alert("DEF"+defaultid);
09:17 paul      	defaultid=document.getElementById(subfieldid);
09:17 paul      here is my js :
09:17 paul      </div>
09:17 paul      	</p>
09:17 paul      	<input type="hidden" name="tag_mandatory" value="0"/>
09:17 paul      	<input type="hidden" name="kohafield" value=""/>
09:17 paul      	<input type="hidden" name="mandatory" value="0"/>
09:17 paul      	<input type="hidden" name="subfieldYYY" value="a" size="2" maxlength="1"/>
09:17 paul      	<input type="hidden" name="tag" value="600"/>
09:17 paul      	<a  style="cursor: help;" href="javascript:Dopop('../authorities/auth_finder.pl?authtypecode=SAUT&index=subfield600220','subfield60220')">...</a>
09:17 paul      	<input type="text" name="field_value" value="" size="70" maxlength="255" DISABLE READONLY>
09:17 paul      <div style=";" id="subfield600220"><p>
09:16 paul      here is my HTML :
09:16 paul      kados: it doesn't work
09:12 pierrick  (paul, with symlink itemtypes images work like a charm)
09:11 kados     otherwise, forget it!
09:11 kados     js can be fun when only dealing with firefox
09:11 kados     hehe
09:11 kados     name will probably just be a var containing value already
09:11 paul      (I already succeeded to enjoy Perl, so, hope is permitted ;-) )
09:11 kados     in fact, you might not need name.value
09:11 paul      maybe i'll end by enjoying javascript...
09:10 paul      ok, i try this.
09:10 kados     yes
09:10 paul      name.value ?
09:10 kados     and 'name' should contain 'value'
09:10 kados     name = defaultid.getAttribute("name");
09:09 kados     so :
09:09 kados     'name' is an attribute
09:09 kados     right
09:09 paul      how to do this ?
09:09 paul      I want to get the value of the field <input name="value"> in this object
09:08 paul      I get an object containing some <input>
09:08 paul      	defaultid=document.getElementById(subfieldid);
09:08 paul      If I write :
09:08 paul      (still javascript)
09:08 paul      kados: another question
09:01 pierrick  OK paul, IMO it can't work, I'll force to have a symlink between OPAC and intranet templates
09:01 paul      (you'll have to investigate alone because I have a big problem with cloneTag that must be solved ASAP)
09:00 pierrick  Perl finds the pictures (with the filesystem) but Apache can't find them
09:00 paul      sorry, but you'll have to investigate alone. Maybe it's buggy, it was commited soon in head.
09:00 pierrick  paul, even with default it doesn't work
08:53 paul      yep
08:53 pierrick  paul, do you have a separate virtual server for OPAC and intranet ?
08:52 pierrick  sorry, I took the code from "default" not "css"
08:52 paul      it was, at least when I commited it ;-)
08:51 pierrick  I'v taken the code from css template, but I didn't check if it was working
08:51 paul      did you try to switch to default template to see if/how it works ?
08:51 pierrick  (without creating symlinks)
08:50 pierrick  paul, images are in OPAC template, how can I display them in the intranet
08:50 paul      ok, I think i see how to do kados. i'll beep you if I need more help.
08:49 kados     in fact
08:49 pierrick  paul, sorry to disturb, but I have a problem with itemtypes images
08:49 kados     subfieldid = subfield.getAttribute("id");
08:49 paul      mmm...
08:49 kados     hi pierrick
08:48 pierrick  hi kados
08:48 kados     subfield.getAttribute("id") should do the trick
08:48 kados     ahh
08:48 paul      I don't want to set if for instance, I want to GET it ;-)
08:48 kados     subfield.setAttribute("id", newid);
08:47 kados     you can set any attribute with 'setAttribute()'
08:47 paul      (on the left)
08:47 paul      how to get the id on the right of the ... now ?
08:46 paul      I see how to do it & even how to clone it.
08:46 paul      ok, I will have to put a div id=... on the subfield.
08:46 kados     hehe
08:46 paul      if he already did, he did it again !
08:46 kados     didn't Thomas already register?
08:45 paul      conference.mai06 just registered Thomas Dukleth !
08:45 kados     you need to find and replace the ids of all subfields within it
08:45 kados     so while cloning a tag
08:45 paul      I thought it was easy, but i was wrong...
08:45 paul      right !
08:44 kados     cloneTag is definitely trickier than cloneSubfield :-)
08:44 paul      I must get rid of this hardcoded index & find it dynamically.
08:44 kados     right
08:44 paul      if I add one, everything becomes false.
08:44 kados     still not a prob as each subfield containing a ... has an id
08:44 paul      index = the number in the array of values.
08:43 kados     gotcha
08:43 kados     ahh
08:43 paul      mmm... no, as the index is related to SUBFIELD, while the id is related to TAG
08:43 kados     (or, you can do index + index to get it (+ in javascript == . in perl)
08:43 kados     to get the new number
08:42 kados     newindex = clone.getAttribute("id");
08:42 kados     now you can do:
08:42 kados      clone.setAttribute("id", index + index);
08:42 kados     see this line:
08:42 paul      as I don't know the number of the clone !
08:42 kados     to the new index :-)
08:42 paul      to point where ?
08:42 paul      yep
08:42 kados     so just change the href
08:42 kados     so it always points to the original
08:42 paul      yep
08:41 kados     but when you clone a tag, the href for the '...' doesn't change
08:41 paul      yep.
08:41 kados     index is needed to identify which tag to clone
08:41 paul      because index is hardcoded & i think i must get rid of it
08:40 kados     hehe
08:40 paul      nope
08:40 kados     make sense?
08:40 kados     maybe use 'getAttribute to put the new 'index' in a variable
08:39 kados     clone.setAttribute('href', "the long href string");
08:38 paul      yep.
08:38 kados     so in clonetag
08:38 kados     <a  style=\"cursor: help;\" href=\"javascript:Dopop('../authorities/auth_finder.pl?authtypecode=".$tagslib->{$tag}->{$subfield}->{authtypecode}."&index=$i',$i)\">...</a>";
08:38 kados     in addbiblio, we have:
08:37 paul      and the report is done on subfield, not on the ...
08:37 paul      no, the ... don't have an id.
08:37 kados     I don't think that the '...' has an id now but I'll check
08:35 paul      yep
08:35 kados     if so, clonetag must do the same
08:35 kados     in previous 'addfield', was a blank tag put inbetween two identical tags?
08:35 paul      and who can you find the id ?
08:34 paul      mmm... good suggestion...
08:34 kados     (well, change the 'index' value for it)
08:34 kados     and when cloning, we should change the id for that as well
08:34 kados     we need to be able to identify the '...'
08:34 paul      so, the clone must create an empty AFTER.
08:33 kados     to fix your authortiies prob
08:33 paul      as usually, the librarian type the most important subject 1st, then..
08:33 kados     right
08:33 paul      but in this case we should empty the clone tag, not the original one.
08:33 paul      maybe you're right.
08:33 kados     instead of now, where it's duplicated exactly
08:32 kados     the duplicate should be blank
08:32 kados     so if I type something in the field, then duplicate the field
08:32 kados     I also think we want to clear the value out of the clone
08:30 paul      so, cloneTag is now very small
08:30 paul      I have removed the code that empty the values.
08:30 paul      that div is duplicated by cloneTag
08:30 paul      I added a <div id="tagXXX">
08:29 paul      yep.
08:29 kados     did you use cloneSubfield as a guideline?
08:29 kados     wait ... I better see how you did it first
08:29 kados     I think
08:29 paul      thus, I search a js function that give me the entry number dynamically !
08:29 kados     the way to get around that
08:28 kados     hmmm
08:28 paul      except that when you duplicate the field, the number changes !
08:28 paul      index contains the number of the field in the area.
08:28 kados     right
08:28 paul      my question is fairly simple : when the user clic on ..., I send the "index" as parameter.
08:28 kados     I can take a look
08:27 paul      are you a geek at javascript ?
08:27 kados     hmmm
08:27 paul      as the reported tag number don't change !
08:27 paul      kados:  I just discovered that my cloneTag is buggy when applied to an authority entry...
08:27 kados     hehe
08:26 paul      wow, 5 hours in bed. that's really too much joshua !
08:25 kados     morning guys
08:18 pierrick  paul, I've commited stopwords, waiting for your feedback (when you have time of course)
08:18 paul      pierrick: right
08:17 pierrick  hi owen
08:17 pierrick  so I'll look into template "css" how it's managed and report it to template "prog"
08:17 paul      right. That's because I did it before PROG.
08:17 pierrick  OK, because itemtypes.pl requires the current template to have these images (I've found them only in tempate "css") and template "prog" does not use them
08:12 paul      * an external image, available on a given URL
08:12 paul      * an image provided with the template (there are some for default)
08:12 paul      it can be :
08:12 paul      the image depends on the itemtype.
08:11 paul      that will enable an image to appear on result list (& bibliodetail)
08:11 paul      it's a new feature (uncomplete)
08:11 pierrick  please do
08:11 pierrick  :-)
08:11 paul      oui, moi !
08:11 pierrick  is there anybody to explain me what are itemtypes images?
04:08 paul      oki
04:05 pierrick  tu me diras ce que tu penses de la nouvelle structure de stopwords.pl, ce sera une base de discussion concrète
04:05 pierrick  Je vois ce que tu veux dire maintenant que je suis plongé dans le code
04:04 paul      bref, plein de petits trucs pas graves mais pas cool non plus.
04:03 paul      oui, mais un a un searchstring pas tjs bien d'aplomb, que l'on néglige parfois. On a un redirect-> à la fin des suppressions qui n'est pas tjs bon. On ne lit pas tjs les variables CGI au début, parfois oui, parfois au milieu du code
04:03 pierrick  hop, je retourne à mes stopwords ;-)
04:03 pierrick  à base de if ($op eq 'operation1'){}elsif ($op eq 'operation2')
04:02 paul      mais le script perl pour la section /admin/ est pas organisé le mieux du monde. Je nettoierai bien des choses si j'avais le temps.
04:02 paul      ouaip, exact.
04:02 pierrick  les pages semblent toutes construites à peu près de la même façon
04:02 pierrick  pour moi, il y en a déjà un
04:01 pierrick  ah... un template de page ?
04:01 paul      comme on a aujourd'hui dans /admin/, mais en plus efficace.
04:01 paul      rien de particulier, juste avoir une structure commune dans l'organisation de tous les scripts.
04:01 pierrick  à quel type de framework penses-tu ?
04:01 paul      mais maintenant tout va mieux, je suis un génie enfin éclos...
04:01 paul      ne t'inquiète pas, je ne me vexe pas, je suis même très conscient de mes limites passées.
04:00 pierrick  paul, je ne te fais aucun reproche, je ne sais pas qui a écrit les pages. De plus, le code que j'écris maintenant, je le trouverai nul dans 1 an certainement.
04:00 paul      n'hésites pas à écrire un espèce de "framework" pour l'administration que l'on pourrait recopier ensuite pour tous les modules d'admin.
04:00 pierrick  je pars sur le 'x' alors :-)
04:00 osmoze    au fait, j ai toujours pas compris le vendengeur...
03:59 osmoze    pierrick, c est plus le vendengeur mais le nettoyeur
03:59 paul      si tu parles surtout de /admin/, comme je l'ai dit, c'était mes débuts en perl et en Koha. donc c'est très mal écrit, j'en suis parfaitement conscient !
03:59 pierrick  dans le code que j'ai eu l'occasion de lire, je vois beaucoup de variable inutile, de for construit comme en C (alors qu'un for écrit en Perl est bien plus lisible).
03:58 pierrick  il faut écrire du code propre et maintenable, c'est l'objectif
03:58 paul      (grand crainte était aussi un peu fort, c'est donc équilibré au final !)
03:58 paul      ;-)
03:57 pierrick  mongueur... tu y vas un pu fort
03:57 pierrick  OK, je retiens que tu aimes l'astuce du 'x' :-)
03:57 paul      ah, c'était ma grande crainte : qu'on récupère un jour un mongueur dans l'équipe noyau de développement... bon, on va faire avec ;-)
03:56 paul      l'autre, c'est un join de map de boucle...
03:56 pierrick  Paul, je risque d'utiliser ce genre de choses souvent, je veux savoir ce que je peux me permettre de faire et ce qu'il faut que j'évite
03:56 paul      cela dit, le IN (',?' x scalar) me plait
03:56 pierrick  mais c'est vrai que si on ne maîtrise pas le map, c'est plus compréhensible
03:55 paul      mmm... la capillotraction nous guette...
03:55 pierrick  mettre puis enlever... bof bof :-/
03:55 pierrick  franchement, le chop, ça fait bidouille, non?
03:55 paul      chop
03:55 paul      ouaip, remarque, la 2eme option est plus lisible.
03:55 pierrick  dans ton foreach, comment tu fais pour enlever le dernier ',' après le dernier '?', il va générer une erreur
03:54 paul      et autant sur des modules très critiques, utilisés souvent, je pense qu'il faut optimiser à la microseconde, autant sur un module d'admin, qui est peu utilisé, mieux vaut privilégier la lisibilité. Enfin, c'est mon avis.
03:54 pierrick  ni l'un ni l'autre ?
03:53 pierrick  (faut imaginer ça avec de la coloration syntaxique
03:53 paul      franchement ? non, je trouve ca peu lisible.
03:53 pierrick  IN (?'.(',?' x (scalar(@words) - 1)).')
03:53 pierrick  (oups, j'ai oublié un -1
03:53 pierrick  sinon, je peux proposer ... IN (?'.(',?' x scalar @words).') (mais je trouve ça moins classe
03:49 pierrick  paul, tu trouves ça lisible pour un non expert : $query = 'DELETE FROM stopwords WHERE word IN ('.join(",", map {"?"} (1 .. scalar @words)).')' ?
03:33 pierrick  je retourne dans le code :-)
03:33 pierrick  (bib impressionnante)
03:32 pierrick  (oui très)
03:32 paul      (à propos : ta visite était intéressante hier ?)
03:32 pierrick  c'est parfois difficile de trouver la limite entre du code propre et du code lisible
03:32 paul      et en même temps, faut quand même assumer le langage que l'on a choisi !
03:32 pierrick  oui, c'est pour ça que j'évite d'utiliser le $_
03:32 paul      et il y a déjà assez peu de codeurs pour Koha pour que l'on ne décourage pas trop les bonnes volontés.
03:31 paul      intéressante remarque : j'hésite tjs à simplifier mon code, parce qu'à un certain moment, le néophyte est totalement perdu. Déjà, le $_ est un peu "obscur" pour le débutant...
03:31 pierrick  enfin, pas come ça
03:30 pierrick  ton foreach est inutile
03:30 paul      zyva
03:30 pierrick  je peux me permettre une remarque technique sur ton exemple ?
03:29 paul      TRES nettement mieux même :-D
03:29 pierrick  (je l'écrirais pas comme ça, mais je comprends le principe)
03:29 paul      (ces quelques lignes montrent que je maitrise nettement mieux perl qu'en 2002 ;-)
03:29 paul      ...
03:29 paul      $query.=')';
03:29 pierrick  OK, comprendo :-)
03:28 paul      chop $query;
03:28 paul      }
03:28 paul      push @values,$_;
03:28 paul      $query.="?,";
03:28 paul      foreach (split / /,$input->wordlist) {
03:28 paul      $query='insert into stopword (word) values ('
03:27 paul      tu peux aussi utiliser des arrays et faire un truc du genre :
03:27 paul      à propos des bindings
03:27 paul      hello pierrick
02:50 osmoze    excuse
02:50 osmoze    oups
02:50 osmoze    whois paul,
02:48 paul      bye
02:48 paul      so: kados => bed
02:48 paul      (+ tina may find bad to have such a man that never go to bed with her !)
02:47 kados     g'night #koha
02:47 kados     ok :-)
02:47 paul      ok, so go to bed & have a nice sleep ;-)
02:47 kados     anything else?
02:47 kados     I should probably stop for the day, I'm starting to make mistakes :-)
02:47 kados     paul: they are for the Zebra Plugin
02:47 paul      kados: ++
02:47 paul      ah, ok.
02:47 kados     paul: as they are not needed in rel_2_2
02:46 kados     paul: sorry, I meant to commit to head
02:46 paul      about your marc_time.pl scripts : they are fine. BUT, you must remember that packaging them for 2.4.0 means :  put them in default templates /  create a menu entrey / * translate them / check & check again.
02:46 kados     listening
02:46 paul      yep :
02:46 kados     paul: did you have another question?
02:46 kados     paul: so I can test with real data
02:45 kados     paul: I have EMN system running
02:45 paul      that's OK for me :-D
02:45 kados     paul: yes
02:45 kados     paul: it's on perl4lib list
02:45 paul      so I do nothing & just wait for your fix ?
02:45 kados     I'll forward it to you
02:45 paul      I don't see this mail from miker with this subject & date.
02:45 kados     and I will work on it tomorrow
02:45 kados     it should be quite simple to fix in fact
02:44 kados     and for UNIMARC we let the record decide the encoding
02:44 kados     so for 2.4 we require UTF-8 for MARC21
02:43 kados     it's currently implemented as 8859-1, but this is wrong for MARC-8
02:43 kados     we _don't_ currently support MARC-8 as no browser can display MARC-8 chars above ascii range
02:43 kados     because it's the only valid encoding we can support
02:43 kados     in 2.4 MARC21 Koha should require utf-8
02:42 kados     hi hdl
02:42 hdl       hi kados
02:42 kados     we can use it to ensure that UNIMARC records are not re-encoded
02:41 kados     that thread
02:41 kados     Mar 16 Mike Rylander   ( 129) Re: Unimarc, marc21, Unicode, and MARC::File::XML
02:41 paul      which one ?
02:41 kados     because you responded that KOha now has no utf-8 probs
02:41 kados     in fact you did
02:41 kados     did you read his email carefully?
02:40 kados     we use miker's new MARC::Record Options
02:40 paul      let me know.
02:40 kados     well ... I have a good plan in mind
02:40 paul      ah, ok, i'll try to investigate a little bit today.
02:40 kados     it fixes labels
02:40 kados     no
02:40 paul      was this enough to fix everything ?
02:40 kados     paul: still needs more fixing though
02:40 kados     paul: fixed I hope
02:39 paul      yep.
02:39 kados     paul: addbiblio.pl
02:39 paul      hi, i won't be too long.
02:39 kados     paul: did you see the commit? :-)
02:39 paul      (I saw a commit 10mn ago)
02:39 kados     paul: briefly yes
02:39 paul      kados around ?
02:32 kados     pierrick: to make sure it didn't ruin anything else :-)
02:31 kados     pierrick: but it still needs some testing
02:31 kados     pierrick: when paul arrives, let him know I committed a fix for his prob
02:31 kados     morning pierrick
02:31 kados     it seems paul's not here
02:31 kados     of course I meant paul :-)
02:31 kados     pate-away: up yet?
02:25 pierrick  hi chris :-)
02:10 chris     salut
02:05 pierrick  bonjour :-)
02:04 osmoze    bonjour
00:34 rach      howdy
23:24 kados     pate-away: hey pate
22:14 kados     thx
22:10 kados     chris: in case you get kicked off
22:10 kados     chris: so we don't lose that again :-)
22:10 kados     chris: can you give me oper?
21:11 chris     probably