Time  Nick   Message
18:07 osmoze hello
18:10 kados  hi osmoze
21:38 audrey Chris: what is the test site's URL?
21:38 audrey Thanks for all of the work!
21:39 chris  koha.hlt.katipo.co.nz
21:39 audrey thanks!
22:41 audrey Chris: Is there a special cardnumber and password for getting onto the test site?  I am stuck at the login presently, unable to get in.  Is this supposed to be my HLT cardnumber and password?
22:45 chris  um yeah, ive forgotten it though, rosalie or jo should know one
22:45 chris  i think hltadmin is the username
00:16 russ   he is working on some of them - yes
00:17 russ   the ones that we talked about last week
00:19 Rissa  Chris, have you got a minute to come into the hlt channel, I have a problem with overdues
10:43 |hdl|  paul : bonjour
10:44 paul   hello