Time  Nick      Message
11:21 kados     morning owen
11:22 owen      Hi
11:22 paul_away hello everybody
11:22 paul      i'm back
11:22 paul      (from a meeting with SAN)
11:22 kados     afternoon paul
11:22 kados     how did the meeting go?
11:23 paul      quite well.
11:23 paul      They advance.
11:23 kados     great!
11:23 paul      slowly, but they are still moving to the goal...
11:23 paul      i'll help them a little bit more in the next 2 weeks.
11:24 paul      + do QA checks, to see how things could be ported to CVS head
11:24 kados     right
11:25 paul      one interesting thing they have done is IP filtering : depending on IP address, default branches is automatically different & search in OPAC too.
11:25 paul      you define an IP range for each branch, and that's all.
11:26 paul      if a user connect as a librarian and is in branch X, even if he is usually in branch Y, he will be declared as in branch X for instance.
11:26 paul      in OPAC, if a user logs in one branch he will automatically limit the catalog search to the branch where he is.
11:26 paul      (but can always select "any branch" if he want)
11:28 kados     interesting
11:47 paul      kados ?
11:48 paul      did you read the membership request from Bernard Shiundu ?
11:48 paul      do you know him ?
11:56 kados     paul: yes, I did read it, no I don't know him
11:57 kados     paul: perhaps we should be judicious about membership?
11:57 kados     paul: maybe try to get him to come to #koha so we can get to know him
11:57 kados     what do you think?
11:59 paul      (on phone)
12:07 paul      back
12:07 paul      I 100% agree with your suggestion. I let you the ball, OK ?
12:20 kados     paul: yep
12:20 kados     yay chris:
12:20 kados     http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/0/3F65C01EAB666AC6CC25710F00805997?OpenDocument
12:48 kados     paul
12:48 kados     hdl
12:48 kados     can you forward me a few sentances describing this week's activity
12:48 kados     as well as what's planned for next week?
12:49 kados     that way, I can include it in the '3.0 Update' tomorrow
12:49 kados     heh
12:49 hdl       Wil do
12:50 kados     thanks
13:19 paul      does hdl follow CAN final on the web ?
13:19 paul      0-0 for instance
13:19 paul      (ivory coast being hdl wife homeland)
13:20 hdl       I didn't Follow But I shall
13:20 paul      www.sport24.com has a link on realtime info