Time  Nick      Message
23:29 kados     hey rach
17:36 russ      hiya kados
17:35 kados     morning russ and rosa
15:00 kados     have a good evening
15:00 kados     maybe even 7PM would be better for you, I"ll ask the kiwis
15:00 paul_away this time really leaving screen
14:59 kados     ok ...
14:59 paul_away (on monday, not on tuesday)
14:59 paul_away yep
14:59 kados     paul_away: 8PM for france is 2PM in US and 8AM in NZ ... will that be ok for you?
14:57 paul      just updater/updatedatabase.Requires less than 1mn for me
14:57 paul      let's give it a try if you have some time.
14:56 paul      ok, time to leave. I've commited some foreign key stuff...
14:55 kados     hehe
14:55 paul      & not a lunch time for you ;-)
14:55 paul      (a little soon for kiwis or us, a little bit late for us or kiwi, but always possible)
14:54 kados     ok
14:54 paul       8PM or AM  GMT seems a good time
14:54 paul      thanks a lot !
14:54 kados     meaning it's your turn for a nice meeting time :-)
14:53 kados     but you're right, EU is up for a nice time :-)
14:53 kados     http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meetingtime.html?month=1&day=24&year=2006&p1=195&p2=43&p3=264&p4=-1
14:53 kados     there's no good way to do it :-)
14:51 kados     ahh ... good point
14:51 paul      do you think owen cuold be here ?
14:51 kados     ok I will discuss it with the kiwis
14:51 paul      9AM would be really great !
14:51 kados     I can suffer a little :-)
14:51 paul      would be ok for us, but not for you.
14:51 kados     or 9:00 am in EU and 9:00pm in NZ?
14:50 kados     like 8:00 am in europe ... 8:00pm in NZ?
14:50 paul      all previous chats were btw 10PM and 3AM for us :-(
14:50 paul      hehe. I suggest, to change a little, to have a decent time in Europe.
14:50 kados     wow, that's tricky
14:49 kados     but Wed 6:48 AM for NZ :-)
14:49 paul      right.
14:49 kados     now it is  6:48 PM for you
14:48 kados     paul: so what times are best for you (that NZ can also do? ) :-)
14:48 kados     paul: right
14:48 kados     can you ping INEO ... it might be good to have one rep from there as well right?
14:48 paul      remember we are GMT+1 atm
14:48 kados     ok good
14:48 paul      iirc hdl should be OK too
14:47 kados     hdl: ?
14:47 kados     ok
14:47 paul      the last possibility this week is ... tomorrow.
14:47 kados     ok ... Monday works well for  me too
14:47 paul      (like monday)
14:47 paul      I prefer early next week
14:47 kados     (or early next week)
14:46 kados     what's your and hdl schedule like this week?
14:46 kados     I'd like to have one mtg before that to make sure we're all on the same page
14:46 kados     paul: I think its time to schedule a organizational mtg since chris will begin coding in about a week
14:38 kados     (and may only work in firefox)
14:38 kados     (no xul there though)
14:37 kados     (here is the opac: aule.metavore.com)
14:37 kados     my installation of evergreen does not include the staff client part yet ... maybe by next week I can demo it to you
14:36 paul      XUL is probably a good way to go.
14:36 kados     paul: hmmm, not sure there is one
14:36 paul      an url ?
14:36 kados     paul: Evergreen has a very nice XUL MARC editor
14:36 kados     paul: have you seen any examples of XUL interfaces?
14:35 kados     only viewed
14:35 kados     for instance, no records can be saved :-)
14:35 kados     not really useful yet
14:35 kados     and _very_ minimal
14:35 kados     it's stand-alone
14:35 kados     it's not integrated into Koha at all ...
14:34 paul      commit what is already done, i'll give it an eye.
14:34 kados     right
14:34 paul      the actual one really has reached it's limits.
14:34 paul      yes.
14:34 kados     new MARC editor?
14:34 paul      that's a must have for me !!!
14:34 kados     a new class will work on it in the spring, I'm afraid it won't finish in time for Koha 3.0
14:33 kados     unfortunately, no ... the project is on hold
14:33 paul      (I'm interested by a cvs commit ;-) )
14:32 paul      is there something new with MARC editor ?
14:32 kados     I need to pull in the argentine code anyway, perhaps I should examine how they handle it
14:31 kados     yep
14:30 paul      + the new package will be useful to deal with closed-days in the library.
14:29 paul      (& choose another package !)
14:29 kados     good point, for testing
14:29 paul      to have enough time to deeply test it.
14:28 paul      my opinion is that it should be done asap.
14:28 kados     it should be on the roadmap
14:28 kados     I think if noone else does it, chris or I will before 3.0
14:27 paul      mmm... do you think to someone volunteering to get rid with this module ?
14:27 kados     its a very large module
14:26 kados     hdl: when chris and I timed it ... even with _no_ lines used ... if 'use Date::Manip' was in the code, it would consume 70% of proc :-)
14:21 hdl       		$datedue = UnixDate(DateCalc("today","$loanlength days"),"%Y-%m-%d");
14:21 hdl       and this one in renewbook
14:20 hdl       &Date_Cmp(&ParseDate($borrower->{expiry}),&ParseDate("today")
14:20 hdl       now, there is only two lines using date::Manip
14:02 kados     tested with dprof a while back with chris
14:02 kados     yep, it's consuming about 70% of the time for circulation :-)
13:25 hdl       I loved Date::Manip Date manipulation was so easy.
13:24 hdl       Really ? I didnot know.
12:59 kados     sorry ... that's confusing english syntax :-) (I mean we want to get rid of date::manip because it's expensive for the processor)
12:58 kados     hdl: while you're in there, see if we can't get rid of Date::Manip ... it's really proc intensive
12:54 hdl       kados, paul : it seems in Circ2.pm / when issuing that 2006-5-8 is found greater than 2006-10-01 maybe right, but in real life, it is not so.
12:52 hdl       kados, where is gt function for dates used in Circ2.pm defined ?
12:45 hdl       Congratulations were for both of you :)
12:44 kados     hdl: no, paul is :-)
12:18 hdl       you're blinding fast :)
12:16 kados     http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1042
12:16 kados     hdl: sorry, paul and I pmsged a solution :-)
12:15 hdl       kados can you detail ?
11:49 kados     some circulation.pl screens seem to truncate ... items are missing from the list, though they are counted in the count
11:49 kados     also not sure if it's 2.2.5 strictly
11:49 paul      (+SIP soft phone)
11:49 kados     (great!)
11:49 kados     paul: I've come up against a strange problem with 2.2.5 ... not sure how to troubleshoot it
11:49 paul      working on indexes & foreignkeys today.
11:48 paul      hello joshua.
11:48 kados     morning all