Time  Nick  Message
12:37 paul  hello owen
12:37 paul  (did you read my mail)
12:37 owen  Hi paul
12:37 owen  About the prog templates? Yes
12:37 paul  (the today one I mean)
12:38 paul  finally I'm OK with prog.
12:38 owen  No, I just sat down to my computer for the first time today
12:38 paul  (& just commited xhtml valid working templates for acquisition... almost 3 hours !)
12:40 paul  if you want to test acquisitions :
12:40 paul  http://bureau.paulpoulain.com:8080/cgi-bin/koha/acqui/acqui-home.pl
12:40 paul  (insecure=ON, so no auth needed)
12:43 owen  I'm not sure I understand about the id="1" and id="2"
12:43 paul  the idea could be to have "invariant sections" in a template.
12:43 paul  as many as needed.
12:43 paul  those invariant are not template related but invariant whatever the template.
12:43 paul  the idea beiing to help template designers to update their templates.
12:44 paul  but this could work only if the designers uses them, thus the warning & my question : i'm not sure it's useable idea...
12:49 kados hi guys
12:49 kados I'm in a meeting this morning
12:49 kados I did read your message paul
12:50 kados I'd like to get some feedback from Owen and katipo designers
12:50 paul  (phone ring)
12:50 owen  kados: ping me when you get some time
12:50 owen  paul: I'm grabbing the latest from CVS to take a look
12:51 paul  (kados : i've sent another message. finally i'm ok with prog. hélas, savannah is really too slow at delivering mails :-( )
12:51 owen  worse than sourceforge?
12:52 paul  yes it seems.
12:52 kados seems to be :-)
12:52 paul  (however CVS is highly faster on savannah)
12:52 kados yep
13:56 kados owen: I've got a bit of time ... are you around?
13:56 owen  Yes
13:57 paul  joshua : a good news, that's only 90% sure : a french studend (22 years) will work with me for 2 months (apr-may), and could continue during summer
13:57 paul  he's a developper, enjoying OSS, knowing a little Perl.
13:58 paul  however, the bad news is that ZOOM still don't work for me :-(
14:04 owen  So paul, you say the prog templates would only work if "template designers plan not to modify invariant blocs, even for some spelling reasons (like "book bag" in NPL template where default says "basket"
14:04 paul  nope
14:05 paul  I say that inveriant trick is useful only if ...
14:05 paul  that's why i'm not sure it is useful !
14:05 kados paul: great news!
14:05 kados paul: (strange about ZOOM)
14:06 paul  yes. I've spend more than 2 full days on this...
14:06 paul  and begin to be not happy...
14:08 kados owen: what's up?
14:08 kados owen: kronolith working?
14:12 owen  paul, it looks like your prog templates are really an attempt to make a new default template that is more flexible for customization
14:12 owen  ...which is  good idea!
14:13 paul  mmm... that was not my intention ;-)
14:13 paul  I tried to do as clean HTML as possible.
14:13 paul  with as little tags as possible.
14:14 paul  owen, i've some problems with tfoot :
14:14 paul  the w3c validator always report an error. do you know how to solve this ?
14:14 paul  (for instance, i just have removed the tfoot tags
14:14 owen  I've had problems with it too.  Do you have an example page?
14:15 paul  http://bureau.paulpoulain.com:8080/cgi-bin/koha/members/boraccount.pl?bornum=12
14:15 paul  for example
14:19 owen  I think the specs say that your table structure has to be <table><thead><tfoot><tbody>. the <tfoot> renders at the base of the table. But I don't see an opening <tfoot> in that example link.
14:19 paul  (reload, you may have loaded it when it was deleted)
14:19 paul  (now there is one)
14:24 paul  owen, a question/suggestion :
14:25 paul  what about adding in prog a <div id="XX"> instead of the KOHA id="XX" trick.
14:25 paul  that would regroup blocs logically
14:25 paul  and help desiging a CSS
14:33 owen  do we need the <div>'s if the template is going to be only for programmers?
14:34 paul  they could be useful in 2 cases :
14:34 paul  * if someone just want to CSS the prog templates
14:34 paul  * to help understanding logical blocs when a designer creates it's own set of tmpl
14:34 paul  (the 2nd being more important I bet)
14:35 owen  yes, the second sounds like a convincing reason...but how would the div's be named?
14:35 paul  because, for example, in member detail page, there are some logic informations : borrower, reserves, pays...
14:35 paul  something like templatename + an id
14:36 paul  isn't there a "note" in HTML ?
14:37 paul  (we could have <div id="borraccount1" note="this bloc is for...">)
14:37 owen  I don't think there's a note attribute
14:39 owen  Is there a reason why the div's shouldn't be named something meaningful?  something related to their function?
14:41 paul  nope
14:42 paul  i leave now. I've commited members templates.
14:42 owen  Then let's try that
14:42 paul  do you have some time to spend on prog ?
14:42 paul  (i'll try to work on cataloguing tomorrow. It's badly broken atm because I reorganize directories... acqui.simple for cataloguing is quite silly ;-) )
14:43 owen  I like the way you've been reorganizing.  I think it will be a great improvement
14:44 paul  i thought it was important to reorganise things BEFORE coding new features. otherwise, it will never be done !
14:44 paul  savannah : excatly 3 hours to deliver a mail :-(
14:49 paul  ok, I leave, see you tomorrow.
17:10 kados owen: you around?
17:10 owen  Yes
17:11 chris hi gues
17:11 chris guys even
17:11 kados hey chris ... welcome home :-)
17:11 kados things busy enough for you? :-)
17:11 chris hell yeah :)
17:11 kados for the week ... get back Fri morning
17:11 chris ahh cool
17:11 chris liblime work?
17:12 kados yep ... Evergreen (PINES)
17:12 chris cool
17:12 owen  In the bosom of the enemy!! ;)
17:12 kados basically whiteboarding the whole system
17:12 kados hehe
17:12 kados there's a lot of good stuff we can use here ... just design wise
17:12 kados for instance ... remember we talked about using ISBD?
17:12 kados well ISBD is great for MARC ... for nonmarc we may want to look at MODS
17:13 kados which will give us some specific classes like title,author,subject,series,keyword
17:14 kados http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/
17:15 kados owen: I'm browsing the backends.php file ... what am I looking for?
17:15 chris sweet
17:15 chris any way we can make it simple to display the data in multiple ways, so the library can choose is all good with me
17:38 owen  Fancy that... crashed Firefox
19:00 kados russaway: you about?
19:00 chris hes in dorkland at a wedding
19:00 kados ahh ...
19:01 chris (auckland that is)
19:03 chris ah yes, i made some comments on that to him i think he has to read thru and work out an estimate
19:04 kados cool
19:04 chris i remember thinking the tricky bit was person belonging to multiple institutions and choosing which one when they borrow .. that was the thing that would involve quite a bit of changes
19:04 kados right
19:04 chris everything else it pretty much does now
19:07 kados not sure whether it uses SIP or something else ...
19:07 kados but either way, it'd be a cool feature to have
19:08 chris sure would