Time  Nick  Message
04:54 chris hi paul
04:54 paul  hello chris.
04:54 paul  good evening
04:55 paul  what's new with Rachel ?
04:55 paul  (i've seen the album162)
04:55 chris shes at home now
04:55 chris and everything sounds like its going ok
04:56 chris (apart from her being sore and tired (to be expected I guess :-))
04:57 paul  no surprise then ;-)
04:57 chris baby boy, 3.2kg
04:58 chris at 5.30am on the 10th
07:35 genji okay.. here i start development again, after so long. Hopefully i won't have to do too many manual merges.
07:57 genji first task, find out what modifications i made to koha... specifically looking for my right side search bar.. on the searchresults and detail pages..
07:58 genji then get current cvs, make those changes, implement new features.... creating a simple excel format exporter. user ticks off what fields they want.. perl gets them, saves them to a file. easy for biblio, biblioitems, items... not so easy for additionalauthors and bibliosubjects i think....
07:59 paul  good programm...
08:00 paul  hello Genji
08:00 paul  (going to lunch soon. back in something like 2 hours)
08:00 genji hiya paul. yup.. doing all this in prep for 2 to 4 weeks ill have without net access.
08:00 paul  you should also get zebra & Perl zoom
08:00 genji perl zoom?
08:00 genji zebra?
08:01 paul  indexdata tools we will use in 3.0
08:01 genji ahh.
08:01 paul  http://search.cpan.org/~mirk/Net-Z3950-ZOOM-1.01/
08:01 paul  http://www.indexdata.com/zebra/
08:02 genji no idea how to use them. right. umm.... will comment on my searchbar query, and get your help later.
08:02 paul  The problem is that your searchbar will probably fail because of zoom/zebra cvs broken
08:02 paul  but it's cvs head ;-)
08:03 genji hmm.. my searchbar currently runs on pure mysql .. using old-db.
08:03 paul  yes, but you may have a compilation error anyway
08:04 genji should really seperate the tmpl into a #include instead of a modif to the searchresults.tmpl.
08:04 genji anyway.. will see. gotta figure out where all my code is first.
08:04 paul  + try to look at PROG templates. We are supposed to work on this in HEAD
08:05 paul  (even if i'm still unsure it's the best decision we took...)
08:05 paul  (let's try & say joshua if you have problems with them...)
08:07 genji Prog templates..... you mean there are people out there making templates for us?
08:13 genji another development i was once working on. Member pictures.
08:14 genji and Physical virtual shelves.
08:19 genji another development that may not of reached head.... Itemtypes that reflect itemcategories... like... AVNF for Adult Non fiction video or something like that.. can't remember exactly. gotta look at my database...
08:20 genji JNFB ... Junior non fiction book.
08:20 genji etc....
08:48 genji think im running out of time tonightt... in fact this may be the last chance i get to get koha cvs head stuff..... making new koha directory.
09:15 genji current savannah cvs downloaded. yup!
09:46 paul  i'm back.