Time  Nick   Message
21:13 thd    walter: chris is in the US?
21:14 walter right he's on holiday
21:14 walter where do you access logbot from usually?
21:15 thd    walter: I never access logbot except for the logs
21:15 walter that is what i mean
21:15 walter where do you access the logs from?
21:15 thd    http://koha.org/cgi-bin/logs.pl
21:17 walter groovy, looks fine
21:19 thd    welcome back logbot
21:20 thd    walter: do you know about the koha list server sending messages dated 1970?
21:22 walter nope
21:22 walter did that start happening today?
21:23 thd    walter: I have noticed that off and on during the past week or two
21:26 thd    walter: In the past 3 or more weeks an occasional message from the distant past, 2 years, 6 months, etc. has been reposted to the list.
21:27 walter cood by someone's email client
21:27 walter could be someone's email client
21:28 walter i.e. their individual email is badly dated
21:28 thd    walter: that is what I had thought at first.
21:28 walter thd: so it's inconsistent?
21:29 walter or is it across the board?
21:29 thd    walter: too many different users for 1970
21:30 walter have you sent an email about it to the list?
21:31 thd    walter: seemed consistent, then corrected, then consistent again.
21:32 thd    walter: No I thought it best to not pollute the list with messages about what is wrong with this list
21:34 walter i think a tech note is probably ok, but maybe a direct email is better
21:34 thd    walter: like testing, or please unsubscribe me, best avoided if you can contact the list administrator directly
21:34 walter right
21:34 walter have you done that?
21:34 walter i'm not the list admin at the moment
21:35 walter although it may end up on my todo list evenutally
21:35 thd    walter: I had hoped that I was doing that now, although I had tried a few days ago at the wrong hour for NZ
21:35 walter i would send an email to rach or si
21:36 thd    walter: would it usually be chris if he were present?
21:37 walter right, but in his absense
21:37 walter i think an email is best bet
21:37 walter they may be able to put it in complete context
21:37 walter whereas i don't know where the mailinglist lives, etc
21:38 walter all right, i have some other tasks to get back to
21:39 thd    thanks walter
21:39 walter yep
21:39 walter cheers
22:42 rach   sorry not watching
22:43 rach   will be back in 15 mins and will read back
23:38 rach   um I haven't noticed the 1970 thing, and none of the messages that I've saved from the koha list come as 1970
23:39 rach   next time can you send a mail about it - I'm on IRC less and less (8 months pregnant & weeks before christmas don't leave much time for IRC)
23:40 rach   but do it when there are some on the list so we can check up
23:40 rach   The koha archives don't think there are any from 1970
23:40 rach   http://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/
23:42 rach   thats the archive for koha@lists.katipo.co.nz  - the main koha list, so perhaps it's another list that it's happening on? koha-devl or the windows one?
23:43 rach   which I don't have admin on
05:29 osmoze hello
05:30 osmoze Paul ?
05:30 paul   pas loin...
07:15 hdl    Eh Mais non je ne suis pas au lit :)))
07:15 hdl    hello world
07:39 osmoze hello montpellier :)
08:16 paul   bye world
08:16 paul   leaving for 1 week the internet !