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11:48 |hdl|   He will be but only tomorrow
15:51 kados   hi there osmoze
15:51 kados   osmoze: did you happen to see my message to koha-devel requesting updates on work for 3.0?
15:51 kados   osmoze: are there any projects you're working on that I should include?
15:52 kados   indradg: same question for you :-)
17:34 indradg hi
17:34 indradg kados, was away
17:36 akn     hello people
17:36 indradg akn, hi
17:38 akn     I'm working on searching with the z3950 client in v.2.2.4.  Are there known issues that make this more than a no-brainer?
17:38 indradg akn, well.. it works out of the box for me...
17:40 indradg akn, what is processz3950queue script showing in your case... when u try a z39.50 search?
17:42 akn     let me check and get back with you.  The z3950 log didn't seem to be too helpful.
17:45 akn     This is what I get running it after a search:  Can't locate C4/Context.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.6/i586-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.6 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/i586-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.6/i586-linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.6 /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl .)...
17:45 akn     ...at ./processz3950queue line 5.'
17:45 indradg aah
17:46 indradg akn, where have u installed Koha?
17:46 indradg brb... disconnecting this comp
17:47 akn     at 'usr/local/koha'
17:48 indradg akn, can u tell me the path to the folder where u have installed koha?
17:49 akn     it's at '/usr/local/koha/' etc
17:49 indradg ok
17:50 indradg so before you try to run the ./processz3950queue script do this -> export PERL5LIB=/usr/local/koha/intranet/modules
17:50 indradg akn, and then invoke the script
17:51 indradg for example in my case when I search for "Schindler's List"... i get the following output from the script ->
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : Processing title=Schindler's List at LibraryOfCongress z3950.loc.gov:7090 voyager MARC21 (1 forks)
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : 2 >>
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : creating and 11202/9 : working on results entry 9
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : connected to LibraryOfCongress
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : LibraryOfCongress : 46 records found, retrieving them (max 80)
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : LibraryOfCongress : z3950.loc.gov:7090 records retrieved 46 SPEED: 0.5
17:51 indradg 11202/9 : z3950.loc.gov:7090 search done.
17:51 indradg akn, of course YMMV if you use a different server
17:52 akn     Here is the latest:
17:52 akn     4963/8 : creating and 4963/8 : working on results entry 15
17:52 akn     4963/8 : connected to LOC
17:52 akn     4963/8 : LOC : 1 records found, retrieving them (max 80)
17:52 akn     4963/8 : z3950.loc.gov:7090 search done.
17:52 thd     akin: you also need to export the KOHA_CONF environment variable.
17:52 akn     4953/5 : LOC : 29 records found, retrieving them (max 80)
17:52 akn     4951/4 : LOC : z3950.loc.gov:7090 records retrieved 29 SPEED: 0.85
17:52 akn     4951/4 : z3950.loc.gov:7090 search done.
17:52 akn     4953/5 : LOC : z3950.loc.gov:7090 records retrieved 29 SPEED: 0.82
17:52 akn     4953/5 : z3950.loc.gov:7090 search done.
17:52 akn
17:53 indradg akn, it works!
17:54 akn     indradg, what am I missing?  What about thd's export suggestion?
17:54 thd     akin the part people have difficulty with seems be getting the results to appear in the browser popup window.
17:55 akn     thd, exactly!
17:56 thd     akin: KOHA_CONF should have the same value that it has in /etc/koha.conf
17:58 thd     akin: what OS are you running Koha on?
17:59 akn     thd, SUSE 9.3
17:59 akn
18:00 kados   indradg: you still here?
18:00 indradg kados, yup... but fairly sleepy ;)
18:00 thd     There are several issues for the popup
18:00 kados   indradg: I'm wondering whether you had a chance to read the latest mail i sent to koha-devel
18:00 kados   indradg: and whether you had any commitments i should know about for 3.0
18:00 akn     thd, here's my koha.conf
18:00 akn     database=Koha
18:01 akn     hostname=localhost
18:01 kados   (so I can be sure to include them on the roadmam)
18:01 akn     user=kohaadmin
18:01 akn     pass=v1i9g9o7r
18:01 akn     intranetdir=/usr/local/koha/intranet
18:01 akn     opacdir=/usr/local/koha/opac
18:01 akn     kohalogdir=/usr/local/koha/log
18:01 akn     kohaversion=2.2.4
18:01 akn     httpduser=wwwrun
18:01 akn     intrahtdocs=/usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl
18:01 akn     opachtdocs=/usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl
18:01 akn
18:01 indradg kados, i did... and i felt it was vainly disguised attempt to get dumb (PHP) folks like me in learning to perl coding ;-)
18:01 kados   indradg: hehe
18:02 indradg kados, but seriosly... the few things i've playing around with are
18:02 indradg kados, a) web-based installer (like wordpress and moodle)
18:02 kados   interesting
18:03 indradg rather I shud say "configurator"
18:03 kados   right
18:04 indradg b) a module to generate member ID cards from inside Koha -- i'm using glabels to generate the template
18:04 kados   could you expand on that one a bit?
18:04 kados   what exactly does it do? print out the card itself?
18:05 kados   that'd be a killer feature to demo at a con :-)
18:05 indradg yes... thats the objective... using the users table
18:05 kados   nice
18:05 thd     kados: I will commit to to providing MARC-8 to and ISO 5426 to UTF8 support by April.
18:05 indradg parse the file and generate the PDF...
18:05 kados   indradg: anything else?
18:05 kados   thd: excellent!
18:05 kados   thd: thanks
18:05 kados   thd: have you been following the MARC::Charset discussion on perl4lib?
18:06 thd     kados: Are we losing contributions from paul for six months?
18:06 kados   thd: not sure
18:06 kados   thd: you'll have to ask paul or hdl
18:06 kados   thd: (I hope not :-))
18:07 thd     kados: no, I only pay attention to that list very retrospectively.
18:07 kados   thd: it's a good converstaion, might be worth looking at
18:07 kados   thd: subject is "MARC-8 to UTF-8 conversion"
18:08 thd     kados: I will have a look.
18:08 indradg kados, yes... a set of scripts to grab ISO images of CDs and hosted on a web-server using loopback and autofs and linked to MARC field 856 u (for CDs accompanying books)
18:08 indradg kados, right now its an ugly hack... i'm trying to clean it up for a client
18:09 akn     indradg and thd:  thanks for your help; I'll dig about a bit and see if I can iron it out.
18:10 kados   indradg: nice
18:11 kados   indradg: so think you can clean up this stuff enough for our schedule for 3.0?
18:11 kados   indradg: (ie, can you make it into 3.0?)
18:11 kados   indradg: http://www.saas.nsw.edu.au/koha_wiki/index.php?page=KohaRoadmap3.0
18:11 kados   indradg: planning is at the bottom of the page
18:13 thd     kados: I have been trying to download the Koha CVS tree from Savannah using async.  I have not got around my error messages yet.
18:14 kados   thd: doing it anonymously?
18:14 kados   thd: using pserver?
18:14 kados   thd: or just cvs co -d:thd@...
18:14 thd     kados: I have been trying to capture the CVS in place for maintaining a local copy with all revisions.
18:14 indradg kados, the CD imaging + loopback + autofs + MARC linkup has to roll out by end Jan 2006... should be done much before that
18:15 kados   thd: you may need to tell savannah about your server's rsa key
18:15 kados   indradg: any chance you can commit it to HEAD so I can take a look?
18:15 thd     kados: I had told savannah my key.
18:15 indradg kados, gimme a week
18:16 kados   indradg: great, thanks!
18:16 indradg np :)
18:16 kados   indradg: how about another livecd? can I put you down for that too?
18:17 indradg kados, sure thing!
18:17 thd     kados: you would have had some bug fixes from me a month ago except that I have not had any significant experience with CVS previously.
18:19 thd     kados: I have been using rsync.  CVS will not capture the revision files only the state at a particular time.
18:21 thd     kados: I had not realised previously how bad a problem it is that CVS is not a distributed system.
18:24 thd     kados: If you have no experience using rsync against a CVS archive, I will ask the Savannah people after some more experimentation.
18:25 kados   thd: I don't sorry
18:27 thd     kados: Do you know any other method for capturing all revisions for a local copy instead of just one state?
18:30 kados   thd: I'm not sure what the purpose is
18:32 thd     kados: I want to experiment with the CVS revisions on my own system to understand better how it works and compare my own diffs locally against historical versions before committing..
18:32 kados   thd: I think you're making it too complicated
18:33 kados   thd: just grab the latest stuff, get it working, and put your revisions in and commit it back
18:33 kados   thd: (my opinion of course :-))
18:35 thd     kados: I know that is the CVS way which is why distributed systems have great advantages.  I am trying to obtain some distributed advantages even on CVS without having them actually built in to the revision control system itself.
18:36 thd     kados: I make it no more complex than what it should be in the first place :)
18:38 thd     kados: I do not complexify, the CVS system oversimplifies an intrinsically more complex process with which I have inadequate experience.
18:44 thd     kados: Ordinarily under CVS, some complexity is transferred to user behaviour in working with the system.  I do not understand for example how to best ensure that my revision marked rev XX will be recognised as XX if someone else is also committing to the same file.  Is it merely infrequency of revision that protects against this?
18:47 thd     kados: I mean code is marked as corresponding to a revision by revision comment when there is no guarantee that CVS will a sign that revision number if anyone else may be committing.
18:50 thd     kados: revisions have numbered cements within the file.  CVS assigns revision numbers to the file.  What ensures that both numbers match?
18:50 chris   you let cvs make the comments
18:50 chris   in the file
18:51 kados   thd: if someone else commits (or is in the process of committing) you have to update your version before you can commit
18:51 thd     chris: I was suspecting that but wanted to see that actually work before committing the wrong way.
18:51 chris   it works fine
18:51 chris   i do it every day :)
18:52 thd     kados: That much I did understand.
18:52 chris   # $Log:$
18:53 chris   for the revision log
18:53 chris   # $Id: $
18:53 chris   # $Id: Biblio.pm,v 1.131 2005/09/22 10:01:45 tipaul Exp $
18:53 chris   thats what the Id expands out too
18:54 thd     kados: Your last point is but one of the arguments for a distributed system where the system partly addresses the currency itself.
18:58 thd     chris: All my previous coding has been non-collaborative and I have never had to think carefully about how revision control works in practise.  I maintained my own archive tree that I understood better than any revision control system.
18:59 chris   righto
19:00 chris   the main thing .. and this goes with whatever system you use .. is good comments
19:00 chris   if you write good comments explaining what you were seeking to achieve and why .. that plus the diff allows people to follow what you were doing
19:00 chris   (cvs commit comments im talking about)
19:04 thd     chris: I had read that CVS did not support some type of comments so my expectation that you provided had been mislead.  I expected that there had to be some functional way that users controlled this in their own behaviour in including CVS comments directly within the file.
19:05 thd     chris: I am pleased to know that works as I had originally expected before I was mislead.
19:06 thd     chris: As we discussed before most code itself needs more comments "warning insufficient POD"
19:10 chris   yep always
19:22 thd     akn: If you have an email address for me, I can send you a list of things to check based on my experiences helping people with Z39.50 in Koha.  They will also be in the FAQ in future but the Red Hat users seem to give up on Z39.50.  This should also work much more easily in Koha 3.0.
19:24 thd     akn: Sorry, I had posted that message earlier but it seemed to have not been recognised.
19:26 thd     akn: I know that you are using SUSE so everything must be fine :)
20:33 akn     thd, thanks much; I am up and running.  Now to put some of my experiences into documentation form....
20:33 akn     I hope to get it into the wiki before too long.
05:24 osmoze  hello
05:28 thd     hello osmoze
05:35 |hdl|   hello
05:37 thd     |hdl| Did you see the forwarded copy of the message I sent to Paul enquiring about his six month absence from Koha?
05:40 thd     good morning paul
05:42 thd     paul: would you expect your absence from Koha to lead to a delay for 3.0 or a feature reduction?
05:43 |hdl|   Sorrythd for there was a misunderstanding.
05:45 thd     |hdl| Did I take an unwarranted conclusion from the #koha log?
05:46 |hdl|   Yes.
05:47 thd     |hdl| Can you clarify what I should have understood?
05:48 |hdl|   paul is not leaving the project.
05:49 thd     |hdl| I had not assumed that paul was leaving the project, merely that he would be absent for 6 months.
05:50 |hdl|   He wil not be absent.
05:50 |hdl|   he will be there.
05:50 |hdl|   he will work, as he previously did.
05:50 thd     |hdl| What was it your intention to convey yesterday?
05:52 |hdl|   I wanted to say that paul will be busy with some contracts over the next 6 months.
05:53 thd     |hdl| And simply not logged in to #koha during that time?
05:54 paul    no. Just means i'll have 80% of my time on migrations/installations/teachings.
05:54 |hdl|   And was out yesterday.
05:54 paul    but i'll stay here of course. And still plan to release a 2.2.x every quarter !
05:55 |hdl|   and kados seemed to be in a hurry to get information about planning.
05:55 thd     paul: until 2.2.x gives way to 3.0 :)
05:55 paul    not necessary. 3.0.0 will be for courageous libraries only I thinks.
05:56 paul    thus, I plan to have koha 2.2.x releases for at least 6 months after 3.0
05:56 paul    (s/plan/think)
05:58 thd     paul: Do you mean that 3.0.0 will be expected to pose migration hurdles and new bugs lurking that all but the courageous will be wary of confronting?
05:59 paul    thd : 3.0 means new technology (zebra / zoom mainly). So, for sure there will be new bugs !
06:00 paul    (+ core rewrite & cleaning that may be sometimes a little bit too generous ;-) )
06:03 thd     |hdl| paul: I am pleased to be concerned about phantom problems any day :)  I hope that at least the later sections of my message after concern over paul's non-absence are still modestly informative about my intentions for Koha.
06:04 |hdl|   thd : hope so.
06:06 |hdl|   But before making such a long e-mail on a public list, maybe you could ask the person responsible of your fear (here me) before.
06:06 |hdl|   And I promise to take care about my words in the future.
06:06 |hdl|   I am truly sorry.
06:07 thd     |hdl| I wrote only to paul privately and forwarded a copy to you.  Maybe I used the wrong address for you.  The message was not intended for any list.
06:08 |hdl|   ok.
06:08 thd     |hdl| was that your list reading address?
06:09 |hdl|   yes.
06:09 |hdl|   for koha world.
06:10 thd     |hdl| If you supply me with another address I would be happy to use that if it might save future confusion.
06:13 thd     I also wrote paul about his system possibly posting koha list replies from last year in recent days.  That certainly gave me some confusion until I realised :)
06:15 paul    at 1st glance. Then realised it was a 2 years old message
08:15 Sylvain hi
08:23 Sylvain am I wrong or the renewal date isn't stored in table issues although there is a field for it
08:33 paul    hi sylvain.
08:33 paul    chris (katipo) is circulation & reserves & renewals author.
08:33 paul    sleeping actually.
08:33 paul    so you won't get an answer from him.
08:34 paul    but iirc, in issues, you have the number of renewals already done & the return date.
08:34 paul    & nothing more.
08:35 Sylvain | lastreneweddate | date       | YES  |     | NULL              |       |
08:35 Sylvain is issues
08:36 Sylvain but not used by sub renewbook :(
08:36 chris   actually im not sleeping yet, but im about to
08:36 chris   and steve tonessen wrote circulation
08:36 chris   but ive fixed/changed lots of it
08:37 chris   i wrote reserves ... and non web based circulation and renewals
08:37 chris   but i didnt write the web based issues and renewals
08:41 Sylvain good night !
09:50 kados   Sylvain: hi there
09:51 kados   Sylvain: did you see my message to koha-devel a couple days ago?
09:51 paul    hi kados. Good morning
09:51 kados   Sylvain: I was wondering whether you're working on any new functionality for 3.0 that you'd like included in the roadmap
09:51 kados   paul: afternoon paul, you were missed :-)
09:52 paul    (was lunch time)
09:52 kados   paul: same question for you, and also wondering whether INEO has a timeframe for completing their projects, or whether SAN does ...
09:53 paul    about SAN : a meeting should be done (very) soon, according to tech CEO
09:53 paul    but no other news (except for some code around borrowers table that is being done)
09:53 kados   good, please keep me posted, I have never recieved any email from any SAN folks
09:54 paul    I had some phone news & question, but that's almost all.
09:54 paul    & still no decision to involve me deeper in their devs
09:54 kados   :(
09:54 paul    about Ineo : i'm afraid we will have to wait until pierrick starts his new job (march, 1st)
09:55 kados   right, it seems that's too late for 3.0 :(
09:55 kados   it might take him a month to get oriented
09:55 paul    right.
09:56 paul    i'll try to organise a meeting with Ineo in january.
09:59 kados   do you have any additional functions to add to 3.0?
10:00 thd     kados: I assume you read the logs that the suggestion of Paul's absence about which I had asked you was greatly exaggerated.
10:02 kados   thd: nope, i didn't :-)
10:03 thd     kados: hdl's comments from yesterday morning were not stated correctly.
10:04 kados   thd: I had assumed that :-)
10:04 thd     kados: you have more experience with such confusions :)
10:07 paul    (thd, don't remember we are not english natives. So sometimes we write something that you can understand not exactly as we wanted to see it !)
10:08 paul    just an example : after my trip to Athens, in march, I wanted to say "I was very happy to meet joshua physically". Which would be perfect in french, but has a strong different meaning in english if I don't mind.
10:08 kados   hehe
10:08 paul    ;-)
10:08 thd     paul: English is also a second language for me.
10:08 kados   thd: what's your first language?
10:09 paul    so : NO, I didn't met joshua physically, but YES, j'ai rencontré physiquement Joshua :-D
10:09 kados   paul: hehe
10:09 thd     paul: I do not know how to write in thought though :)
10:10 kados   paul: the roadmap is progressing, there are just a few folks I'm waiting to hear from
10:10 kados   paul: like you and hdl :-)
10:10 thd     paul kados: thought has no alphabet :)
10:10 kados   paul: I see commits almost every day so I know you're busy coding :-)
10:27 Sylvain kados, I have no new functionnalities for 3.0. All I'm doing right now is bug correction on 2.2.x
10:29 kados   Sylvain: ok ... thanks
10:41 kados   osmoze: hi there
10:42 osmoze  heelo :)
10:49 kados   osmoze: I'm wondering, did you see my message to koha-devel?
10:49 kados   osmoze: could you let me know if you are working on any projects that you want to be included in 3.0?
10:50 kados   Sylvain: will your bug correction be ported to HEAD (I hope :-))
10:51 Sylvain yes kados, when I'll have understood how savanah works :) When I've started working with koha, our cvs was configured bug now that I have to configure it I can't get it work ;)
10:51 kados   Sylvain: let me know if I can help
10:51 Sylvain pv
10:54 osmoze  kados>  i don't see the mail, but i don't working on dev :) i m just a testing man :)
10:55 kados   osmoze: so I'll put you down as a tester then :-)
10:57 osmoze  ok :)