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11:47 paul    osmoze h├ęsite... il reste, ou il part. non il reste. non il part...
11:47 paul    bref, un vrai breton...
16:33 vivekvc Hello anyone around ?
16:34 vivekvc rach: Koha is set up on my system, i am not able to access the URL
16:35 vivekvc rach: I get an internal server error
16:35 rach    but when you look in the directory the barcodes.pl script is there?
16:41 vivekvc rach: the /usr/local/koha-error_log is pasted at http://www.rafb.net/paste/results/IsSi4J33.html
16:43 vivekvc rach: I can see the barcode.pl script in the misc directory
16:43 vivekvc barcodes.pl*
16:44 rach    but I see you have our old friend "premature end of script headers"
16:44 rach    and do you have a network printer configured?
16:45 vivekvc rach: no, this is a home system connected to the net, with Koha configured for the localhost.
16:45 paul    hi rachel & vivekvc
16:46 rach    whew - someone with more clue shows up in the nick of time :-)
16:46 paul    the problem is probably due to PDF::API2
16:46 paul    you need a specific version (0.37 iirc) of PDF::API2.
16:46 paul    in fact, you can consider that PDF generator is buggy in 2.2.x
16:46 vivekvc paul: hi
16:47 paul    & we have problems with maintaining it, as the developper that wrote it is no more involved in Koha
16:47 paul    (came from argentina)
16:48 vivekvc paul: ok.
16:49 vivekvc paul: I am new to Koha, so pardon me for my ignorance.
16:49 vivekvc What is PDF::API2 ?
16:49 paul    no problem, we are here also for newbies ;-)
16:49 paul    it's a package you should have installed before installing Koha
16:49 paul    (like MARC::Record, HTML::Template...)
16:51 vivekvc paul: I think, i have followed the standard Koha Installation procedure provided in Koha Docs so i recon the PDF::API2 package must be installed correctly.
16:51 vivekvc must be=must have been*
16:51 paul    yes, but the guys working on it have changed a lot of things in the package.
16:52 paul    thus, we have found that Koha <=> PDF::API2 does not work unless you have PDF::API2 version 0.37
16:52 paul    that's  a shame, I agree.
16:53 vivekvc ah, how do you suggest that i rectify this by installing PDF::API2 version 0.37 from CPAN ?
16:54 paul    you can try this, it should work
16:54 paul    who are you and where are you from vivekvc ? (/me curious)
16:54 vivekvc http://vivekvc.nipl.net
16:55 paul    nice guy that has the holy bible as favorite book, like me ;-)
16:55 vivekvc Vivek Varghese Cherian, 26 Year old mechanical engineer from Cochin,Kerala, India, now into Unix Systems Administration.
16:56 paul    mmm... a quick question about savannah, if you have some seconds.
16:56 VivekVC sure
16:56 paul    (as i read you were involved in savannah)
16:57 VivekVC I am no longer involved with them because of time constraints.
16:57 paul    a guy called steve tonnesen opened koha project on savannah. now he has left the project, has completly disappeared, and is the owner of koha project on savannah
16:57 paul    (project that is empty, as we use sourceforge)
16:57 VivekVC paul: ok..
16:58 paul    but sourceforge is really slow, and we planned to move to savannah
16:58 paul    is it possible to "claim" koha on savannah & move here ?
16:58 VivekVC paul: possible, need to talk to the active savannah hackers.
16:59 paul    how to find them ?
16:59 VivekVC #savannah on Freenode
16:59 paul    who could I find here ?
17:00 paul    (& how to know the guy is a savannah hacker)
17:00 VivekVC Well that channel is not for user assistance but for communication between savannah hackers. But it's work a try.
17:00 VivekVC The other option is to file a request via the savannah support request option.
17:01 paul    ok, I'll try one then the other if the 1st fails ;-)
17:01 VivekVC There is a mailing list called savannah-hackers-public which is where the public can interact with the savannah hackers.
17:02 VivekVC indradg: wb, you are early today ;)
17:02 paul    hi indradg
17:02 VivekVC It's only 1.32 AM lol
17:02 indradg hi paul VivekVC
17:02 VivekVC indradg: hey
17:06 VivekVC paul: https://savannah.gnu.org/support/?func=additem&group=administration
17:12 VivekVC paul: I was talking to a savannah admin team member now and even he agrees with me on the suggessions i have you 1) File a support request via the URL i gave you 2) Subscribe to the Savannah Hackers Public and raise the ownership issue there.
17:12 VivekVC I feel you or any active member of the Koha team can claim the project.
17:13 VivekVC paul: ok
17:13 chris   the trick is going to be migrating the mailing lists
17:13 paul    hello chris. let's claim savannah project, then we could plan what to do next ;-)
17:13 chris   yep
17:16 VivekVC ok folks, i'll call it a day.
17:16 VivekVC laters tc and bye.
17:16 paul    bye.
17:16 chris   cya
17:17 indradg ciao
18:14 barbara Hi Russ - yesterday I edited the book of the week part of our Opac.  Triggered it this morning but it isn't appearing on the OPAC.  Not sure where it's gone??
18:15 barbara also - I'm unsure where to go to change the book of the week image on the front page of the Opac.
05:49 osmoze  hello
07:35 indradg hey osmoze
07:42 hdl     hi indradg
07:42 hdl     what about KohaCD ?
07:47 osmoze  bye