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03:29 osmoze  from france :)
03:29 osmoze  hello
16:26 chris   catch ya later
16:23 chris   im tempted to go do a proof of concept right now, but i really should go pay for my airline tickets and do some bug fixing for the go live instead :)
16:22 chris   can define even
16:22 chris   and then some logic the library can defined, so that older than some time get cleaned out
16:21 chris   last_accessed
16:21 chris   whack another column in
16:21 owen    I wonder if you'd have to worry about keeping track of what searches were being used and what weren't?
16:20 chris   so its all nice and dynamic
16:20 chris   gets u an rss feed of ur search
16:20 chris   then something like http://opac/cgi-bin/rss-search.pl?id=1
16:19 owen    exactly, so that if anything new is added that would come up in your search your feed would get updated
16:19 chris   would just need a table in the db, that has an id number, then a field where the sql is saved,
16:18 chris   and choose, save as rss feed ?
16:18 chris   you are thinking, do a search on the opac
16:18 chris   thats pretty easy too
16:18 owen    We also need feeds for custom searches
16:17 chris   it wouldnt be hard to do, just create a frontend that rights the config files
16:17 chris   yep
16:17 owen    RSS seems to be a big selling point for ILSes these days.  It'd be nice if Koha's were more librarian friendly
16:16 chris   its kinda hidden away
16:16 chris   and told ppl about it more, it would get more use
16:16 chris   i think if we built a nice web interface to it (setting it up)
16:15 chris   none of clients in production, i play with it on our document manager (which is built on koha and kea)
16:14 owen    I wonder if anyone else is using Koha's RSS.
16:09 owen    :D
16:09 chris   its an upgrade this weekend, which is in fact a little trickier, as they know koha well already so you dont have the couple of days grace while they go "wow this is cool" to fix anything you missed :-)
16:08 chris   so far so good
16:08 chris   its kinda hard to increment downwards
16:08 owen    Sounds like your Koha rollouts are going well?
16:08 chris   as the biblionumber increments upwards
16:07 owen    Hi chris
16:07 chris   ata marie owen
11:23 Sylvain tu vois mieux le ° la ?
11:22 Sylvain je viens de voir que le pb était présent sur demo.koha-fr.org mais après réflexion c'est un viel import j'imagine
11:21 Sylvain j'avais la 2.2.3 mais en repassant avec les corrections du char_decode, j'ai toujours le problème ...
11:21 paul    dans la 2.2.4, j'ai corrigé pas mal de choses.
11:21 paul    ?
11:21 paul    sur quelle version .
11:21 paul    et degré, un A deux points avec un copyright.
11:20 paul    je vois un A avec un accent et un petit rond.
11:20 Sylvain degré
11:20 Sylvain '°'
11:20 paul    le quoi ?
11:20 paul    dis donc, ca chauffe sur biblio-fr entre PMB et archimag ...
11:20 Sylvain je viens pour une petite remarque sur le char_decode, le ° passe mal !
11:20 paul    (hi owen too)
11:20 Sylvain salut !
11:19 paul    coucou sylvain.