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13:52 owen  This place sure is quiet lately
05:21 thd   hdl: have you returned?
07:26 hdl   yes thd.
07:53 thd   hdl: What is the difference between the Koha UNIMARC electronic resources framework and the default framework?  Except for the name, I do not notice a difference.
07:56 hdl   Do there may be no difference at all. These are ancient frameworks.
07:57 thd   hdl: do you have less ancient frameworks? :)
08:00 thd   hdl: Are your libraries usually using different frameworks that are not in CVS?
08:00 hdl   osmoze sent me one designed for CDs. I have one For local library. But we always craft them one by one.
08:02 thd   hdl: only default, electronic resources, and serials are in CVS.
08:02 thd   hdl: complete with the major non-repeatable fields defined as repeatable :)
08:04 hdl   yes... Nobody asked for them... And it needs two or ther operation to generate them... :)
08:05 hdl   Somteimes, we have hard time to get things work.
08:05 thd   hdl: The koha-fr.org Koha demonstration seems to reset itself to English instead of French.  Is that a feature or a bug?
08:06 hdl   It is a feature.
08:06 thd   hdl: Why?
08:07 thd   hdl: Is koha-fr.org not a French site?
08:07 hdl   Yes.
08:08 hdl   But demonstration is quite international.
08:08 hdl   And since features are first designed in English, som translations should be made.
08:09 hdl   such as user-flags, and so on..
08:11 thd   hdl: Yes, except that the UNIMARC Koha frameworks are only in French.  There has not been enough non-French interest in UNIMARC Koha for anyone to have translated the UNIMARC frameworks.
08:12 hdl   I'll ask paul what he wants to do about that when he returns.
08:14 thd   hdl: I have been including links to particular pages in demo.koha-fr.org for the analytical feature list that I am finishing.  I have assigned French titles to the links but they do not stay French :)
08:16 thd   hdl: You should have koha-unimarc.org for an international demonstration that defaults to English.
08:19 thd   hdl: What is the browse path to serials subscription management from the intranet home in with the French default templates?
08:20 thd   hdl: I mean what browse path do I use to create a new subscription with the default templates?
08:22 hdl   catalogue>périodiques>Enregistrer périodique
08:29 thd   hdl: I see the option now.  That second line of options is one that I have usually ignored :)
08:30 hdl   you shouldn't have.
08:30 hdl   :)
08:31 thd   hdl: I had mostly used the npl templates when learning to use Koha where that menu line does not exist.
08:36 thd   hdl: The npl templates try to put child links within the main body of the page.  The navigation bar method in the default templates is better expect that the size seems fixed and could only hold a few child or sibling links.
08:38 hdl   I never used npl :S
08:39 thd   hdl: Do you and paul have any plans to fully support recommendation 995?
08:40 hdl   It is mainly done, unless peculiar requirements that our clients do not have.
08:41 thd   hdl: It is only a special adaptation for Koha holdings.
08:45 thd   hdl: Some extra subfields for Koha holdings are added, some coded fields are non-standard to support the coded values that Koha expects, many subfields are ignored.  There seem to be no plugins to support standard usage or some filter to export records with standard usage.
08:48 thd   hdl: My question involves whether you have plans to support Recommendation 995 to exchange record information for interlibrary loan purposes?
08:59 thd   hdl_away: when will you return?
09:00 hdl   Back :)
09:02 thd   hdl: did you see my questions about whether you plan to support subfield usage that is compliant with Recommendation 995 for record export to interlibrary loan systems?
09:08 thd   hdl: Is my question clear?
09:09 hdl   afaik, it is neither asked by customers nor planned.
09:10 thd   hdl: you need more customers with more needs :)
09:11 hdl   No only some but with strong requirements and big wallets :)
09:12 thd   hdl: That is what I should have said :0
09:12 hdl   Anyway, adding an auhtorised calue list is not that complicated.
09:12 hdl   What is more troublesome is coded areas such as homebranch, holdingbranch.
09:13 thd   hdl: Certainly, except that there is a little problem with at least one very important subfield.
09:13 hdl   which name is... ?
09:14 hdl   $b and $d ?
09:14 thd   hdl: items.notforloan has numeric values unrelated to the coded values for recommendation 995.
09:15 hdl   yes $o
09:16 thd   hdl: exactly, I have not memorised the Recommendation 995 subfields yet :)
09:17 thd   hdl: There may be other required subfields with problems but that one is very obvious.
09:17 hdl   When it will be the time, there will be a solution.
09:19 thd   hdl: The values for the 95 $o would need to be translated to the coded values for record export upon an external request to support an interlibrary loan application using Recommendation 995.
09:20 thd   hdl: I did not ay that well but you know what I meant :)
09:20 thd   s/ay/say/
10:21 thd   welcome back kados
10:28 thd   kados: It seems very primitive, although, it may be standards compliant underneath.
11:27 hdl   thd : Your language selection problem with demo.koha-fr.org is over.
11:35 hdl   kados: hi
11:35 kados hi hdl
11:35 hdl   How is the argentinian code ?
11:35 kados hdl: I still am missing a module ... I must bug them further
11:36 kados so much to do ;-)
11:36 hdl   Yes.
11:36 kados I need three of me ;-)
11:36 hdl   Thats's 72H a day.
11:37 hdl   Paul is still in ouaga.
11:37 kados right ;-)
11:37 hdl   Taking good time and good contacts.
11:37 kados how's that going ... any news to report
11:37 kados great!
11:37 hdl   contacts in Tunisia, Madagascar and Senegal.
11:38 hdl   He plans Koha's Future over several decades ;)...
11:39 kados hehe