Time  Nick  Message
08:50 kados hdl: hi hdl
08:49 hdl   kados : hi
07:23 kados paul: we missed you ;-)
07:23 kados paul: welcome back
05:01 thd   paul: I understand that you are busy now :)  Answer, when you are able.  I may have gone to sleep again by the time you return from lunch :-)
04:52 thd   paul: you had posted that you had a fix for the data structure aspect working on your desktop.
04:51 thd   paul: when are you likely to commit your fix for the data structure aspect of bug 997?
04:49 paul  (then lunch in few minuts)
04:49 paul  (on phone atm)
04:49 paul  it seems yes ;-)
04:48 thd   paul: Have you returned from holiday?