Time  Nick      Message
12:33 paul      hello owen
12:33 paul      good morning
12:33 owen      Hi
14:12 JYL57     Hi all
14:13 JYL57     I wonder if I use bulkmarcimport several times ?!
14:13 JYL57     Does it stop on existing notices or continue neglecting the existing ones ?!
14:17 JYL57     Ok, if someone got an idea of the result... I'll read the logg...
14:17 paul      jyl57
14:17 JYL57     Salut Paul
14:17 paul      on phone
14:47 owen      paul, it looks like popup-top.inc and popup-bottom.inc are missing from the OPAC, called from opac-addbookbybiblionumber.tmpl
14:47 owen      Or perhaps it doesn't require those includes at all, and can use the existing ones?
15:34 paul      ok, fixed, update your CVS copy
15:54 kados     ok ... all updated ... backup at /build/koha.01-11
16:30 kados     slef ... while you're at it ... I seem to recall that there are some variables to add to allow a complete autoinstall ... I don't have any details tho so that's probably not too helpful :-)
02:26 kados     chris around?
02:26 kados     I'm working on getting a koha installation up on kados.org/intranet and kados.org/opac using ssl ... but I think that it's impossible since /cgi-bin/koha needs to point to two places ...
02:29 kados     I would do a self-signed wildcard cert for *.kados.org but that still requires more than one IP address ... unless I'm not understanding things right ... so it appears it's not possible to operate an entire koha system using only one certificate ... mainly because of the naming convention /cgi-bin/koha being used for both the intranet and opac ... or am I overlooking something?
02:29 kados     ahh ... correction ... It's not possible to operate an entire koha system using only one certificate and one IP address ...
02:30 kados     maybe we should consider changing that for koha 2.4?
02:34 kados     I suppose some of the blame can be leveled on apache too ;-)
05:27 paul_away kados, you can use the same adress, but 2 different ports. wouldn't solve the problem ?