Time  Nick      Message
06:27 paul      fixing bug 836 now
06:27 paul      i've checked twice everything has been commited
06:27 kados     zzz
06:27 kados     sounds good
06:27 paul      ok, go to bed, we will see ths evening (for me)
06:27 paul      and i'm sure also it's related to C4::Context modifs
06:26 paul      i closed the bug for item deletion, as i'm sure it's the same problem
06:26 kados     nope
06:26 paul      (the "bibl" one)
06:26 kados     not yet
06:26 paul      did you solve your problem ?
06:26 kados     hehe
06:26 paul      for sure !
06:26 kados     paul yes but not for long ;-)
06:00 paul      kados are u still awake ?
05:45 paul      & chris too
05:45 paul      hello kados
05:10 chris     if you have any pictures to add, ur welcome to register and upload them :)
05:05 chris     http://www.justobey.com/
05:01 chris     but its fun
05:01 chris     and im pretty sure its stupid
05:01 chris     my latest project isnt koha related
04:58 chris     hehe
04:58 kados     hehe
04:57 kados     it might also be stupid
04:57 kados     he'll tell more when he gets it done
04:57 chris     cool
04:57 kados     it's koha related
04:57 kados     2:57am
04:57 chris     :)
04:57 kados     er ... early
04:57 kados     it must be late
04:57 kados     wow ... /me is still up when paul gets up :-)
04:52 chris     hi paul
04:49 chris     but i forget, and $cgi->header does it nicer
04:49 kados     sweet it works
04:48 chris     i think thats the syntax
04:48 chris     print "Content text/html\n\n";
04:48 chris     you could just do
04:48 chris     then the foreach
04:48 kados     ahh
04:48 chris     print $cgi->header();
04:48 chris     my $cgi = new CGI;
04:47 chris     use CGI;
04:47 chris     if its the first thing u print ulll need to do something like
04:47 chris     well
04:47 chris     ahh
04:47 kados     well when I try that I get an internal server error
04:46 chris     is that what you meant?
04:46 chris     if you wanted them show one per line
04:46 chris     or print "$value<br>";
04:45 chris     }
04:45 chris     print $value;
04:45 chris     foreach my $value (@array){
04:44 kados     chris what would be the fastest possible way to print an array as text to apache? (without html::template formatting?
04:34 chris     maybe we need to get an actual query to try
04:33 kados     hmmm these are all running quite fast
04:33 kados     .05
04:33 kados     world:
04:33 kados     .04 (but it's in memory)
04:32 kados     .05
04:32 chris     how many seconds ?
04:32 chris     select count(*) from marc_word where word like 'Women%';
04:32 kados     10388 |
04:32 chris     vs
04:32 chris     select count(*) from marc_word where word='Women';
04:31 chris     try this
04:31 kados     two small queries are better than one big onw, no?
04:31 chris     well doing an exact search is fast i imagine
04:30 kados     there must be some way to optimize it though
04:30 kados     so that's a real problem eh?
04:30 kados     |     10242 | his         |
04:30 kados     |     10388 | Women       |
04:30 kados     |     10396 | World       |
04:30 kados     |     10459 | 0           |
04:30 kados     |     10710 | stories     |
04:30 kados     |     11202 | p           |
04:30 kados     |     11396 | illustrated |
04:30 kados     |     11886 | Fiction     |
04:30 kados     |     12522 | Home        |
04:30 kados     |     12649 | American    |
04:30 kados     |     12962 | 2004        |
04:30 kados     |     12971 | John        |
04:30 kados     |     12978 | Video       |
04:30 kados     |     13949 | M           |
04:30 kados     |     14216 | life        |
04:30 kados     |     14427 | new         |
04:30 kados     |     14705 | J           |
04:30 kados     |     14869 | book        |
04:30 kados     |     15366 | pa          |
04:30 kados     |     15496 | JNF         |
04:29 chris     :)
04:29 kados     hehe that's a common americanism
04:29 kados     or 's's
04:29 kados     unless we don't care about 'ses
04:29 kados     not s or E tho
04:29 kados     hmmm, well it seems like we could get rid of / ; &
04:28 kados     :-)
04:27 chris     :)
04:27 chris     or /
04:27 kados     so don't search on Books
04:27 kados     mysql>
04:27 kados     10 rows in set (19.61 sec)
04:27 kados     +-----------+----------+
04:27 kados     |     15831 | index    |
04:27 kados     |     16473 | &        |
04:27 kados     |     17568 | E        |
04:27 kados     |     18292 | Includes |
04:27 kados     |     20567 | Press    |
04:27 kados     |     21336 | AF       |
04:27 kados     |     42311 | Books    |
04:27 kados     |     45281 | s        |
04:27 kados     |     53966 | ;        |
04:27 kados     |    115424 | /        |
04:27 kados     +-----------+----------+
04:27 kados     | wordcount | word     |
04:27 kados     +-----------+----------+
04:27 kados         -> limit 0,10;
04:27 chris     i bet lots of them are numbers
04:27 kados     our marc_word file was about twice as big before we removed the stop words
04:26 chris     should give us the top 10 most popular words
04:26 kados     here we go :-)
04:26 kados     ok
04:26 chris     and put a limit 10 say
04:26 kados     should I limit that at all?
04:26 chris     hmm
04:25 chris     select count(*) as wordcount,word from marc_word group by word order by wordcount desc
04:24 chris     heres something to try
04:24 kados     (or that you wrote yourself into the database ;-)
04:24 kados     I'd say you're way too popular
04:24 chris     :)
04:24 kados     hehe that's a real problem :-)
04:24 kados     ahh
04:23 chris     say chris appears 50000 times in marc_word
04:23 kados     it ranges from .5 sec to 8-10 or so
04:23 chris     so how would this work
04:23 kados     depends on what you search on
04:23 kados     it's just a simple s/245a102134//
04:23 chris     how fast is the average search query now?
04:22 kados     and just grabbing chars after the tagsubfield (since all the values are fixed)
04:22 chris     that would be horrible to maintain in terms of modifying
04:21 kados     with no spaces
04:21 chris     eew
04:21 kados     what about storing the whole thing as a single string
04:21 chris     by just doing ur like query over a distinct list
04:21 chris     i think you could win a lot of speed
04:21 kados     where evens are tagsubfield and odds are bibids
04:21 chris     yeah, then u have the overhead of parsing that
04:20 kados     a comma seperated value
04:20 kados     what about just an array then
04:20 chris     all you could do
04:20 chris     i dont think you can
04:20 kados     well if you're stumped I'm probably in trouble :-)
04:20 kados     hmmm
04:19 chris     i dont know how you would store it
04:18 kados     say 20 times per day max
04:18 kados     compard to the ammout of queries
04:18 kados     but we only do that a little bit
04:18 kados     yea and deleting is tough too
04:17 chris     the trick is storing the bibid's in the database
04:17 kados     then you would parse out the result based on the tagsubfield
04:17 kados     so you would go select from marc_word where word like "term"
04:16 kados     bibid => tagsubfield
04:16 kados     it would have every bibid assiciated wtih the word in an array of hashes
04:16 chris     to see if the word exists
04:16 chris     so initially query that
04:16 kados     a distinct marc_word table would be really fast
04:15 kados     nope ...
04:15 chris     cant be much more than that
04:15 kados     no idea
04:15 chris     how many words are there in the enlgish language in common usage?
04:15 kados     but there are only 250,000 distinct words
04:15 chris     right that makes sense
04:15 kados     there are maybe a dozen marc tags
04:15 kados     basically everything that we want to search on
04:14 kados     each word in the database appears there
04:14 chris     right and marc_word has stuff from titles, authors ... what else?
04:14 kados     that's where our queries go to in 2.2
04:14 kados     ok ... we've got 5,000,000 rows in marc_word
04:12 chris     sorry?
04:11 kados     that's insane!
04:11 kados     we need to move to a distinct marc_word ... our query times would be nil
04:11 kados     1 row in set (9 min 16.73 sec)
04:11 kados     +------------------------+
04:11 kados     |                 266259 |
04:11 kados     +------------------------+
04:11 kados     | count( distinct word ) |
04:11 kados     +------------------------+
04:11 kados     mysql> select count( distinct word ) from marc_word;
04:11 kados     wow ... I can't believe it ...
04:05 kados     5,000,000 rows
04:04 kados     yea it's been running for the last four minutes ;-)
04:04 kados     hehe
04:03 chris     distinct even
04:03 chris     select count(disctinct(word)) from marc_word;
03:49 kados     something like this would be ideal
03:48 kados     select count(*) from marc_word where distinct word;
03:48 kados     gives the same number as without the distinct
03:47 kados      select distinct count(*) from marc_word;
03:47 kados     chris I'd like to find the total number of distinct words in marc_word ...
03:27 chris     :)
03:26 kados     hehe
03:26 kados     I'm thinking: is koha that big now that it's showing up in spam?
03:26 kados     random is right ? I thought at first it might be a prank (or even spam ;-))
03:25 kados     np
03:11 chris     thanks for answering the random koha query on the list
03:08 kados     stupid me
03:07 kados     I just ran that script so it's taking a while for it to finish updating
03:07 kados     we've got the replecated machine trying to catch up still
03:07 kados     ahh I know what's going on
03:04 kados     will do
03:04 chris     before the execute
03:04 chris     warn ($query);
03:04 kados     so I have this script that I run periodically to concat tag and subfieldid to tagsubfield in marc_word
03:04 chris     you could whack a
03:03 chris     ill change that
03:03 kados     ahh
03:03 chris     its nothing to do with the problem its just annoying
03:03 chris     the module
03:02 kados     what doesn't?
03:02 kados     I don't get it ... I didn't change a thing
03:02 chris     it doesnt have a correct version number set
03:02 kados     wait a sec ... now it's working ...
03:02 chris     ah crap
03:01 chris     can u look at the version string of the module?
03:01 kados     it's a hybrid between 2.0 (intranet) and 2.2 (opac)
03:01 chris     what version of koha
03:00 kados             $sth->execute(@bind);
03:00 chris     whats that in ur module
03:00 chris     line 1237
02:59 chris     hmm
02:54 kados     DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'group by biblio.biblionumber order by title' at line 1 at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Search.pm line 1237.
02:54 kados     in the opac error log I have:
02:54 kados     now the production machine is seemingly having the same problems
02:54 kados     as far as I know everything has been running fine ... then I noticed that our test opac machines were having problems with title and author searches
02:53 kados     I've got a really strange problem on the production machine
02:53 kados     anyone about?
01:27 kados     Genji if you're running redhat use 'yum install cvs' if debian 'apt-get install cvs'
23:58 chris     http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=16466
23:57 Genji     whats the unix path, host name, and cvsroot?
23:56 chris     sourceforge probably has some documentation
23:55 chris     if so, no idea
23:55 chris     for windows?
23:52 Genji     question, how do i set up a cvsclient for koha?
23:52 Genji     hiya all.
19:34 owen      I don't see anything in the source that suggests that, but I could be wrong.
19:34 kados     webfeat is the engine the're using
19:32 kados     but that might not be the way it works
19:32 kados     I get the impression that it's displaying things as they are resolved
19:32 kados     hmm, maybe ... if that's the case then their search is blindingly fast
19:31 owen      I don't know...are you sure you're not just seeing the progressive download by the browser?
19:29 kados     I like the fact that I don't have to wait for the whole result set
19:29 kados     so are they doing the page update with javascript ?
19:28 owen      Because they'd do a lot of aggregating for us
19:28 owen      If first search could return xml you'd be halfway there
19:28 kados     just a thought
19:28 kados     we could have checkboxes in advanced search for each of those
19:27 kados     our opac, oplin first search, google scholar, google itself
19:27 kados     was just thinking about three or four
19:27 kados     hmmm, well I
19:26 kados     I guess ideally oplin would have some way of querying their database api and getting xml instead of html
19:26 owen      But you'd have to figure out how to grab information for a lot of different databases, work with a lot of different vendors.
19:26 kados     if we had a perl script that grabbed content and pulled it into a single document ...
19:26 owen      I suppose they must be querying those various resources for returns in some alternate format like XML and then aggregating it and outputing it all together.
19:25 kados     it seems like it would n't be too hard
19:25 kados     yep
19:25 owen      You mean like building our own?
19:25 kados     where the content is aggrogated from multiple sources?
19:24 kados     owen what's involved in generating a page like oplin's firstsearch?
19:23 kados     neat
19:23 kados     ahh I see
19:22 owen      It's in the browser's file menu
19:21 kados     :-)
19:21 kados     yea ... owen I can't find the "view" link on that page
19:21 chris     thats why i reckon having a little button like the change language might be easier?
19:20 owen      Just because this is possible doesn't mean it's easy for the user to accomplish, though, which is the disadvantage.
19:18 owen      I'm sure there are better examples, but if you point Firefox at http://www.zeldman.com you can see some alternate stylesheets listed under the View > Page Style menu
19:17 kados     yea large print, kids, PDA, ...
19:16 owen      But it would be easy to build a 'large print' version of the opac and offer it that way.  You could also build a stylesheet switching widget into the site itself.
19:16 kados     sortof like zen garden
19:16 kados     ahh
19:16 owen      Well, I'm building an alternate stylesheet so that users can switch them on their own, through their browser (which isn't always easy)
19:15 kados     It'd be nice to be able to change the opac template FROM THE OPAC ... owen did I understand that your're working on that?
19:05 JYL57     Bye
19:03 JYL57     Ok, I've my answer !
19:01 JYL57     I think I read something about that some times ago
19:00 JYL57     could someone remind me how to find who has borrowed which item ?!
18:59 JYL57     hello
18:51 kados     hey guys
18:51 owen      It was a whirlwind tour
18:47 rach      pat dropping in :-)
18:47 rach      hey that's cool
18:42 chris     cya later pate
18:33 owen      :)
18:33 pate      owen, some things never change ;)
18:32 owen      ...who want to add the things /i/ want!
18:32 owen      The wide world of Koha moves too slow!  We need more developers!
18:28 pate      hiya owen
18:28 pate      how're things in the wide world of Koha?
18:27 owen      pate!  wb!
18:27 chris     heya pate :)
18:27 pate      hiya, long time no see
16:56 rach      and then which include you needed to change :-)
16:55 rach      we found it made it a bit easier to work out what was going on
16:55 rach      etc
16:55 rach      <!--title inclued-->
16:55 rach      <!--end of header include
16:55 rach      like <!--header include-->
16:54 rach      so that when you looked at the compliled page, you could see when the includes started and finished
16:54 rach      we did get into the habit of putting comments in the includes
16:54 rach      yeah it is hard
16:49 owen      I often have to grab a snapshot of the source code from the browser and work backwards
16:49 owen      It's very hard to get started with a design that's too heavily dependent on includes.
16:46 rach      we've found (in 18months when you've forgotten whatever your cunning plan at the time was) that it's easier to start with the page/content, and hunt up the template includes, than the other way around
16:45 rach      we usually do the includes around the other way - so the content is on the page, and the template is included around it
16:44 rach      Owen I agree - I suspect that if you want to do more than change the colours (and lets face it don't we always :-) then you're in playing with the HTML
16:41 kados     ooh I've got to go
16:41 owen      And some layouts need more divs than others
16:41 owen      sure, but there has to be a framework of objects to hang the layout on.
16:40 kados     so includes: header, masthead, gatewaybar, maincontent, rightcontent, leftcontent, footer
16:39 kados     hmmm ... my site uses css for the 3column layout ;-)
16:39 kados     I want to do everything with includes
16:39 owen      Mine should be pretty close, but there's still a lot you have to do to the HTML to get some of the more complex layouts (3 columns, etc)
16:38 kados     then templating would be writing css rather than html
16:38 kados     I'd like to come up with a master template that utilized css to the max
16:38 kados     cool
16:37 kados     mind you only the keyword search works cause of the BIblio.pm prob
16:37 kados     hi rach
16:37 rach      howdy
16:37 kados     tell me what you think (everything's basically done except the items in red font)
16:37 owen      Sure
16:36 kados     opac.athenscounty.lib.oh.us
16:36 kados     hey owen ... could you take a look at the latest manifestation of my cinci templates?
16:34 kados     well the sequel is about modern nanobots discovering the truth about the past nanobots
16:34 kados     hehe
16:33 owen      Now you've just got to figure out how to make that either into a ripping yarn or a very profitable religion.
16:30 kados     :-)
16:30 kados     or their free will :-)
16:30 kados     overide their AI
16:30 kados     a kind of "back door command console"
16:30 kados     maybe the nanobots are still around and if we knew the right words we could control them
16:29 kados     hehe yep
16:29 owen      Hence the old idea that if you know something's true name you had control over it
16:29 kados     hehe
16:29 kados     so they could be Gods
16:28 kados     maybe the nanobot revolution was the act of killing the techies off
16:28 kados     who knows ... maybe the nanobots are still around and noone knows how to operate them
16:27 kados     hehe
16:27 owen      ...like "Tea!  Earl Grey! Hot!"
16:27 kados     and responds to voice commands
16:26 kados     which looks alot like dust
16:26 kados     hehe
16:26 owen      Or build toast right from the matter-hopper!
16:26 kados     who would use a toaster when you could have nanobots toast your bread for you :-)
16:25 owen      I like it.
16:25 kados     yep
16:25 owen      Pretty good...and there's no evidence because the nanobot revolution ended up depriving humanity of all their trappings of modernity
16:25 kados     and that's where our myths come from
16:24 kados     when the nanobots left there was no technology left either
16:24 kados     man served them ... until the nanobots got bored and left
16:24 kados     civilization ended ... and the nanobots became Gods
16:23 kados     and the nanobots revolted
16:23 kados     that the techies did not intend
16:23 kados     but something happened
16:23 kados     (hence the mages of old)
16:23 kados     could utter the right phrases to make neat stuff happen
16:22 kados     and people (techies)
16:22 kados     so all that was left was nanobots
16:22 kados     and used it to assymilate all the other technology
16:22 kados     people discovered nanotechnology
16:22 kados     a long time ago ...
16:22 kados     I've got a neat book idea that basically goes like this:
16:21 kados     write itself :-)
16:21 kados     :-)
16:21 owen      Ah, magic.  Is there anything it can't do?
16:21 kados     I can't wait till we are running 2.2
16:21 kados     I can fix it pretty easily tonight ... I'll just dump the tag and subfield and import them with some perl magic
16:21 owen      Oh, right.
16:20 kados     Nope the Cornwell item is a book
16:20 owen      I wonder if it's only AV stuff?
16:20 kados     yep
16:20 owen      Can a search be done to pick up all the items affected by this problem?
16:19 kados     I'll check my script to see what's going on
16:19 kados     so the opac doens't know about it
16:19 kados     tagsubfield doesn't exist on that item
16:19 kados     ok ... I know what the problem is
16:17 owen      Also:
16:15 kados     ok ... I'll check it out
16:14 owen      ...in the opac.  But it does in the intranet
16:14 owen      That one doesn't come up with a title search
16:14 owen
16:07 owen      Yeah, let me try...
16:06 owen      yes
16:06 kados     could you give me some specific examples of new DVDs that aren't showing up?
16:06 kados     owen still around?
13:48 paul      (i updated it just before releasing 2.2.0RC1, and no changes since this release)
13:47 paul      it's an uptodate 2.2 structure
13:47 paul      just check misc/koha.mysql
13:47 paul      you can compare the mysql structure of 2.2 with your quite easily
13:44 kados     paul can you send me a database snapshot (all the info on what tables, types, fields, etc. should be in the database) so I can check mine
13:42 kados     I don't think I did anything with frameworkcode
13:42 kados     updatedatabase may have ignored some parts of our database because they looked right (even if they are not)
13:41 kados     is it possible that our frameworkcode table has problems?
13:40 kados     how frustrating!
13:40 kados     nope ... not in any of the logs
13:38 kados     hmmm ...
13:37 kados     it's the opac-error_log
13:37 paul      so ???
13:37 kados     hmmm no it's the right log (I can see the exact queries I"m using)
13:36 paul      so, you're not looking the correct error log ;-)
13:36 kados     but it's the right Biblio.pm cause if I mess up the perl I get an error
13:35 kados     and I don't get that either
13:35 kados     I even tried doing warn "here is the error: \n"
13:35 kados     nothing
13:35 paul      nothing or an empty line ?
13:33 kados     hmmm still not getting anything
13:32 paul      and it's stderr that is in errorlog !
13:32 paul      while print prints to stdout
13:32 paul      prints to stderr
13:32 paul      warn "xxx"
13:32 paul      warn maybe ?
13:31 kados     and in the log I get nothing
13:31 kados      print "($relations->{$frameworkcode}->{$kohafield}->[0],$relations->{$frameworkcode}->{$kohafield}->[1])";
13:31 kados     hmmm ... in Biblio.pm I put:
13:30 kados      hehe
13:29 paul      print "xxxx" ;-)
13:29 kados     paul what's the best way for me to dump that data out (I can't get Data::Dumper to display anything
13:28 paul      dunno for you
13:28 paul      ctrl-w on my Ksirc
13:26 kados     hehe
13:26 kados     so how do we turn it off?
13:25 paul      like this /mst kados .
13:24 kados     hehe
13:24 tim       Don't ya hate when that happens kados?
13:18 kados     trixy /
13:18 kados     oops :-)
13:18 kados     msg owen we don't have much money ... but we do have the ability to display ads ...
13:13 JYL57     Hi tim
13:12 tim       everyone else
13:12 tim       hi paul
13:06 kados     die Dumper $relations->{$frameworkcode}->{$kohafield}->[0],$relations->{$frameworkcode}->{$kohafield}->[1])
13:06 kados     use Data::Dumper;
13:06 kados     will this do:
13:04 paul      then you must investigate here
13:04 paul      it it returns empty values when kohafield=biblio.title or biblio.author
13:04 paul      check what it returns
13:04 paul      MARCfind_marc_from_kohafield must be this one.
13:04 paul      	return ($relations->{$frameworkcode}->{$kohafield}->[0],$relations->{$frameworkcode}->{$kohafield}->[1]);
13:04 paul      	my $relations = C4::Context->marcfromkohafield;
13:04 paul          return 0, 0 unless $kohafield;
13:04 paul          my ( $dbh, $kohafield,$frameworkcode ) = @_;
13:04 paul      sub MARCfind_marc_from_kohafield {
13:03 paul      C4/Biblio.pm
13:03 paul      your problem comes from :
13:03 kados     I wonder if that's where the problem lies
13:03 kados     it's hybrid between 2.0 and 2.2
13:03 kados     well our database may be strange because of already having marc_word ...
13:02 paul      i have no idea...
13:02 kados     :-)
13:02 paul      ;-)
13:02 kados     ok
13:02 paul      as expected.
13:02 kados     nothing in the Code column
13:02 kados     I have Code: Description: Default framework
13:02 paul      default framework is the one without code ;-)
13:02 paul      no, there is no problem
13:01 paul      ???
13:01 kados     do I need to add a code?
13:01 kados     so how do I fix this problem ?
13:01 paul      hello tim
13:01 paul      as expected
13:00 kados     we have default framework  ... but no code
13:00 paul      BUT : in librarian interface, the css does not exist, so default is used instead automatically
13:00 paul      for opac, it's css
13:00 paul      i have really no idea where your problem comes from
12:59 kados     which template is right: default or css?
12:59 paul      and you can define other frameworks from here
12:59 paul      you have "default", that is the 2.0 framework imported
12:59 paul      Koha >> parameters >> biblio frameworks
12:58 paul      to catalog differently a monography, a serial, an old book...
12:58 kados     what's framework?
12:58 paul      yep, in Koha 2.2 you can define more than 1 framework for MARC editor
12:58 kados     one framework?
12:58 paul      you have only 1 framework ?
12:58 paul      mmm... not cool...
12:57 kados     those look fine
12:57 kados     author  100  a  Personal name
12:57 kados     title  245  a  Title
12:56 kados     hmmm, /me looks at MARC links in intranet:
12:55 paul      phone ring
12:55 paul      no idea what it can be due to...
12:55 paul      and cut it to 4 digits (like 200a)
12:55 paul      and thus think it's a MARC tag
12:55 paul      seems Koha can't find the MARC tag connected to "biblio.title"
12:54 paul      yep
12:54 kados     the 'bibl' is still the problem, eh?
12:53 kados     Q : select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.word  like 'cryptonomicon' and m1.tagsubfield in ('bibl')) order by biblio.title at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/SearchMarc.pm line 270., referer: https://opac.athenscounty.lib.oh.us/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl
12:53 kados     https://opac.athenscounty.lib.oh.us/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl
12:53 kados     hmmm, still not working
12:49 kados     cool I'll update
12:49 paul      (i made some improvements, but seems I commited only half of the stuff)
12:48 paul      i'm almost sure it's the origin of your problem.
12:48 paul      ok, commited
12:47 kados     cool
12:47 paul      i commit them immediatly
12:47 paul      but have not been commited
12:47 kados     ahh
12:47 kados     I'm using CVS
12:47 paul      cause i made some modifs to Context, that could be related to your problem
12:47 paul      mmm... are you using a RC4 official or a CVS version ?
12:46 paul      (or biblio.author)
12:46 paul      to see where "biblio.title" is mapped
12:45 paul      look at kohafield field
12:45 kados      ... what am I looking for?
12:45 kados     not closely
12:45 paul      did you look at marc_subfield_parameters ?
12:45 paul      so :-(
12:45 paul      just 3 fields in 3 tables not related to MARC...
12:44 paul      coz updatedatabase says it did almost nothing
12:44 paul      do you mean that it worked before but not after ?
12:43 paul      (yes of course)
12:43 owen      Paul, are you subscribed to the koha-bugs mailing list?
12:43 kados     :-)
12:43 kados     I imported the database again on our test server and after running updatadatabase I got the same errors with title and author searches as before
12:43 paul      no, but now yes ;-)
12:42 kados     http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=878
12:42 kados     paul did you see bug 878?
12:41 owen      Hi
12:41 paul      hi joshua & owen
12:41 kados     hi paul, owen
11:31 JYL57_alt Ok, good night
11:31 Genji     okay, gotta sleep. its 4am here. night.
11:31 JYL57_alt Genji, did you understood the 'Issuing Rules' management ?
11:28 JYL57_alt Hmm, what kind ?!
11:27 Genji     hmm... kinda. Its a theosophical society library.
11:24 JYL57_alt Is it a Public Library ?!
11:24 Genji     nope. cause our library install isn't used for anything but cataloguing right now.
11:23 JYL57_alt Quite well with english templates !
11:22 JYL57_alt Do you use 'fines management' ?!
11:21 JYL57_alt And have started three weeks of tests...
11:21 Genji     hows it going?
11:21 JYL57_alt We are cataloguing here with RC4
11:21 JYL57_alt Good
11:20 Genji     using RC3,, yup. going to CVS update to RC4 soon.
11:19 JYL57_alt Are you using 2.2 already ?!
11:19 JYL57_alt Hi Genji
11:16 Genji     hmm.. too energized. think this Zen master guy actually works. Anyway, Koha cvs, care to step me through setting WinCVS up?
11:12 Genji     paul?
11:01 Genji     hmm.. too energized. think this Zen master guy actually works. Anyway, Koha cvs, care to step me through setting WinCVS up?