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00:44 kados    thanks ... read you soon. later si thanks again.
00:44 chris    :) sleep well
00:44 kados    :-)
00:44 kados    but /me is getting tired and will have to look at that tomorrow ...
00:44 chris    cool
00:43 kados    looks pretty simple
00:43 kados    http://api.openoffice.org/basic/man/tutorial/tutorial.pdf
00:43 kados    thanks ... that guide is pretty windows centric but it links to the StarOffice Programmers Tutorial
00:36 si       http://udk.openoffice.org/common/man/tutorial/office_automation.html
00:35 kados    ahh
00:35 kados    do you know where the docs are si?
00:35 si       although I've never played with it
00:35 kados    right
00:35 chris    which'd be the thing to do, set it up so we can just point it at a directory
00:34 kados    ooh tha'd be nice
00:34 chris    yep, si thinks there is some way to script openoffice
00:33 kados    especially on my P1 :-)
00:33 kados    right but it's not good for batch jobs
00:32 chris    theres an export as pdf in the file menu eh?
00:32 kados    hmmm ...
00:31 kados    it's mostly for converting old star office docs into openoffice xml
00:31 kados    hmmm this doesn't quite do what I had in mind
00:28 chris    plan
00:27 kados    I'm gonna try it out on a gutenberg text ...
00:26 kados    it will take text files in
00:26 kados    in openoffice file->autopilot->document converter
00:25 kados    yep
00:25 chris    just text eh
00:24 chris    right
00:24 kados    hmmm ... looks like the actual e-texts aren't in xml ... just the catalog is
00:19 kados    I'll see if I can find info on it
00:19 kados    cool
00:18 chris    si was just saying that he thinks open office has a programmatic interface that we could perhaps use to automate creating pdfs
00:12 chris    it can make pdfs
00:12 chris    i wonder if we can run it through openoffice
00:11 chris    since adobe like to patent the world
00:11 chris    i think thats gonna be the problems with pdf's
00:10 kados    too bad it's proprietary
00:02 kados    :-)
00:02 chris    :)
00:02 kados    owen could do our css
00:02 chris    woo that does sound promising
00:01 kados    Prince is a batch formatter for converting XML into PDF and PostScript by applying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It prints any XML document, with special support for XHTML, DocBook, and SVG, which can be used in combination with other XML languages.
00:01 kados    http://freshmeat.net/projects/prince/
00:01 kados    this looks promising:
23:58 kados    www.altova.com/StyleVision
23:57 kados    nonfree:
23:54 chris    not off the top of my head
23:54 kados    unless you already know of a good way to do this I'll try to track down something
23:54 chris    and the license allows for that too, so thats all good
23:54 chris    yep
23:54 kados    or just some way to convert the xml to pdf format and store it on the server and point the link to that file
23:53 kados    it'd be nice to find a web-display pdf builder that would allow the document to be read in pdf format
23:53 kados    yep :-)
23:53 chris    then you could do things like, "sorry all copies of this are currently on loan .. you can read the ebook here though"
23:52 chris    it would be pretty darn cool
23:51 kados    right
23:51 chris    you may want to prompt the user perhaps
23:51 kados    I tried to find some isbns in the records or an isbn->ebook num but to no avail
23:51 chris    then store the gutenberg data as a biblioitem of type web associated to the appropriate biblio
23:50 chris    with the title and the author
23:50 kados    yea that looks to be the simplest way to approach it
23:50 chris    i was thinking youd parse the gutenberg rdf catalog, and query the database
23:50 chris    and a file number
23:49 chris    hmm or maybe just the title and author
23:49 chris    you can get the title, the author, and the publication date
23:48 chris    yep, that shouldnt be too tricky
23:48 kados    oops
23:48 kados    erm sph
23:48 kados    and it would be really cool if we could figure a way to associate real items in the catalog with their eb00k equivils
23:47 kados    chris: right ... have you thought about display at all?
23:47 chris    (i was gonna grab the xml file of their catalog, and write a script to load it into Koha)
23:47 rach     rain and wind
23:46 rach     but it's all gone to custard today :-)
23:46 chris    cool, ill hold off on my idea until i hear yours :-)
23:46 rach     um we had a lovely summery day on saturday
23:46 kados    :-)
23:46 kados    rach: how about yours :-)
23:46 kados    rach: not too cold yet ...
23:46 kados    chris: yea ... we've got some neat ideas
23:45 rach     how's winter coming along?
23:45 chris    heya joshua, owen left a note on my blog about talking with you about the project gutenberg stuff
23:45 kados    hi rach
23:45 rach     hi
23:45 kados    what's new?
23:45 kados    hey there
20:37 tungsten I have my stuff on the wiki under migration MICROLIF Marc21 852 holdings
17:30 tungsten thanks
17:30 tungsten hey you centered it
17:30 rach     back again :-)
16:42 rach     :-( no route to host
16:40 rach     If you don't think it's bold enough. then you can put <b>SCES</b>
16:39 rach     sorry I didnt' understand the question
16:39 rach     np
16:39 tungsten thanks
16:39 rach     you don't need the <i> or the <b>
16:39 rach     Just put that in - take out everything else
16:38 tungsten SCES
16:38 rach     what is the line of text you want?
16:38 rach     ahh i see
16:37 tungsten yes but I'm unfam with the syntax
16:37 rach     It's on the page that has most of the preferences on
16:37 rach     I think is what you want
16:37 rach     > library name
16:37 tungsten there is a string to define what is it written in?
16:37 rach     Administration > system preferences
16:36 rach     Ah - yes you can do that
16:36 tungsten I'd like it to read SCES not koha the default
16:35 tungsten in 2.01
16:34 tungsten no I'm referrring to param settings
16:34 rach     I believe
16:34 rach     ah yep - you can choose a different set of templates
16:33 tungsten under parameters
16:33 tungsten I'm not fam with the stntax of how to customize the opac page in 2.0.1
16:33 rach     it won't have been me :-)
16:33 rach     hmm - which html?
16:32 tungsten migration from follet
16:32 tungsten I'm in the process of updating wik
16:31 tungsten nice job on the html
16:31 rach     hello